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Kihalin was a noble of great renown, holding titles such as Duke of the Dark Mountains, Marquis of Shrine of Seeklander, and Baron of Chrysantalys Mines. He was also a former member of the Warders of the Island Citadel and a Marshal of the Defenders of the Blood Stars. His skill with a sword was unmatched, being a three-time champion of sword-fighting tournaments and considered one of the best swordsmen of his time. He even joined the crusade against the Saxons of Thulsoma.

Kihalin's passion for sword arts began in his childhood and he dedicated himself to mastering the craft. Seeking greater challenges, he left his home in Sirion to travel to Dwilight, where the monsters and undead were renowned for their strength and cunning. He eventually found his way to the great realm of Astrum, where he swore an oath as a knight of Chrysantalys. Under the command of Duke Sergio, he fought for three years before being appointed as Baron of Chrysantalys Mines. The mines were in a state of disrepair when he took over, but he worked tirelessly to restore them to their former glory.

Despite his initial defeat in a tournament held in Storms Keep, Kihalin was determined to improve. He trained diligently against the monsters and undead of the mountain of Remorse and his hard work paid off when he emerged victorious as the Champion of the Valkyrja tournament. He had proven himself as one of the greatest swordsmen of his time and his reputation as a skilled warrior and leader continues to be remembered to this day.


  • The First Tournament: The Tournament in Storms Keep (Prize: 400 gold), Lost to Sir Jonn from Pian en Luries in the round 3. (40%)
  • The Second Tournament: The Tournament in Valkyrja (Prize: 1000 gold), Defeated Sir Greg from Morek Empire and won the tournament. [1st] (65%)
  • The Third Tournament: The Tournament in Golden Farrow (Prize: 1200 gold), Lost to Sir Greg from Morek Empire in the Final. (600 gold). [2nd] (70%)
  • The Fourth Tournament: The Tournament in Valkyrja (Prize: 500 gold), Lost to Sir Larkin from Caerwyn in the Final. (100 gold). [2nd] (70%)
  • The Fifth Tournament: The Tournament in Paisly (Prize: 1000 gold), Lost to Lady Katrina from Morek Empire and achieved the second place (500 gold). [2nd] (75%)
  • The Sixfth Tournament: The Tournament in Nifelheim (Prize: 1000 gold), Lost to Sir Garad from Morek Empire in the round 1. (75-80%)
  • The Seventh Tournament: The Tournament in Mimer (Prize: 2000 gold), Lost to Lady Katrina from Morek Empire in the round 2. (80%)
  • The Eighth Tournament: The Tournament in Donghaiwei (Prize: 400 gold), Lost to Sir Maxter from Libero Empire in the round 1. (80-85%)
  • The Nineth Tournament: The Tournament in Eidulb (Prize: 1000 gold), Defeated Lady Alana from Corsanctum and won the tournament. [1st] (85%)
  • The Tenth Tournament: The Tournament in Giask (Prize: 1400 gold), Lost to Lady Moanna from Summerdale in the round 4. (80-85%)
  • The Eleventh Tournament: The Tournament in Golden Farrow II (Prize: 500 gold), Defeated Sir Sancto Draco from Astrum and won the tournament. [1st] (85-90%)

Total Gold Earned: 3700 gold.


  • 1st - 3 times
  • 2nd - 3 times

Highest Sword-Fighting Skill Level Reached: 97% (81% Personal Skill + 16% Unique Item)

  • You enter the training arena and show your Swordfighting skill. The crowd estimate your skill at 90%. They are cheering at you after you showed them your incredible sword-handling skill.

Tournaments II - After 10 months of pause

  • The Twelfth Tournament: The Tournament in Askileon (Prize: 2500 gold), Defeated by Sir Gordon from Astrum in the round 3. (70-75%)
  • The Thirteenth Tournament: The Tournament in Gelene (Prize: 1000 gold), Lost to Sir Linden from Astrum in the round 1. (75%)

The Crusade

Kihalin, a skilled swordsman and leader, was captured during the siege of Storms Keep. However, he saw an opportunity to escape and seized it, killing a warden in the process. He then rejoined the battle, leading his men to victory against the Saxons. For his bravery and success in the second crusade, he was awarded the prestigious title of Knight Crusade within the Church of Sanguis Astroism.

Marshal of the Defenders of the Blood Stars

As a Marshal of the Defenders of the Blood Stars, Kihalin was tasked with protecting Astrum from the monstrous threats that lurked in the western regions. When he first took on the role, the DotB was severely undermanned, with only a few active members. Together with Duke Sergio, he set out to rebuild and strengthen the army. Kihalin's strategy was to strike at the monsters before they could reach Astrum's inner regions. However, when he ordered his troops to attack the Mountain of Remorse, he discovered that the monsters were already on the move towards Chrysantalys Mines. Quickly turning his army around, he fought to defend the region. Despite his efforts, with only a handful of active soldiers, it was impossible to secure the mountain regions. The DotB remained undermanned until the invasion of Caerwyn.

Siege of Valkyrja

The Allied armies of Astrum, Morek Empire, Corsanctum, Libero Empire, and Summerdale set out to march towards the capital of Averoth at the beginning of Spring. It was a brutal battle, with both sides suffering heavy casualties. The siege of Valkyja proved to be a bloody affair, as the Allied forces fought tooth and nail to breach the city's walls. In the end, over 800 men lost their lives in the battle, with a total of 1,200 men perishing on both sides.

The Astro-Caerwynian War

The war between the Sanguis Astroism alliance and Caerwyn escalated when Duchess Allison of Morek seceded and formed the realm of Entai, presenting a strategic opportunity for Caerwyn to expand their territory and weaken the Sanguis Astroism. Seeing this opportunity, Caerwyn quickly acted, invading Duil and cutting off the Chrysantalys regions from the rest of Astrum. Kihalin, Sir Cerber, and Duke Sergio were left stranded in the Chrysantalys regions, while the rest of the Defenders of the Blood Stars were stationed in the Eidulb Outskirts, awaiting reinforcements. However, Sir Zor Ironfist disobeyed orders and launched an attack on Duil, but his small force was easily overpowered by the Caerwyn army, which then turned their attention to the Chrysantalys Mines. The trapped members of the DotB were forced to retreat to the fortified city of Chrysantalys to protect themselves from the enemy's advance.

After a ruthless takeover of the Chrysantalys mines, the Caerwynese army retreated to Walefishire. Stratego Sergio ordered an attack on the mines. In the ensuing battle, Kihalin encountered Lord Brom, whom he had previously met in tournaments and at the guild house of Path of the Sword. Kihalin challenged Lord Brom to a duel, but the request was denied. Following the battle, Kihalin stepped down from his position as marshal and became a vice-marshal of the defenders, as Lady Allison took over the role.

After laying waste to Averoth, the SA alliance set their sights on Caerwyn, vanquishing their opponents in the strategic townland of Walefishire. Despite months of successful battles, the SA alliance ultimately succeeded in driving Caerwyn to the brink of starvation, leading to widespread rebellion and turmoil within the kingdom. As the situation in Caerwyn worsened many of its nobles chose to leave their homeland to join other realms in the south. With the fall of Golden Ferrow, the capital of Caerwyn, the kingdom quickly crumbled. It was clear that Caerwyn was no match for the formidable SA alliance and their threats proved to be empty and unable to provide a worthy challenge. In comparison, Averoth had proven to be a more formidable opponent. With Caerwyn conquered, the SA alliance gained control of the northern half of the central sea routes, paving the way for further expansion to the south through the central sea.

During the conflict, Kihalin primarily focused on defending the northern regions against relentless waves of monstrous invaders.

Duke of Shrine of Seeklander / Duke of the Dark Mountains

After earning second place in his fifth tournament held in Paisly, Kihalin was appointed as the Duke of Shrine of Seeklander. In his new role, Kihalin was tasked with preventing waves of monsters from entering the eastern plain regions. As the council reformed the Defenders, Kihalin joined the army to aid in the defense of the southern regions and the retaking of Chrysantalys regions. During his reign, Kihalin oversaw the construction of five recruitment centers and nine infrastructure projects in Shrine of Seeklander, making the stronghold one of the most militarily significant regions in Astrum. After winning the second tournament of Golden Farrow (the first tournament held by Kabrinskia), Kihalin began a period of meditation and resigned from all his positions.

Return to Astrum

Kihalin returned from a long period of meditation (10 months) to fight against the heathen realm of Asylon. However, by the time he reached the battlefield, Vasilif Sergio was already negotiating a peace treaty with Asylon. Kihalin and some of his younger peers disagreed with Vasilif Sergio's decision, but Sergio gave them only a brief explanation for why Astrum was signing the treaty.

After returning from the campaign, Kihalin was appointed as the new Count of Ammando to oversee the region. However, soon after his appointment, Kihalin joined a new Crusade led by the new regent Mordaunt, which ended abruptly. Realizing the campaign had ended before he even reached Terran, Kihalin decided to participate in a tournament held by Queen Alice of Luria Nova.

After the Lurian tournament, Duchess Gelene held a tournament in her city to celebrate Duke Karibash's 80th birthday. Kihalin participated in the tournament to honor his friend, but unfortunately lost to Lord Linden.


The First Term

Upon hearing of King Leopold's declaration of war and the immediate invasion of Forguthrie by the kingdom of Niselur, Astrum's armies were ordered by Strategos Antierre to be stationed in Duil. However, as days passed with no sign of the enemy, Kihalin, feeling a sense of restlessness, decided to take matters into his own hands. He formed a new army, the Judgement of Austere, with the purpose of combating Niselur. Kihalin recruited nobles, lords, and knights from the northern regions of Astrum to fill the ranks of his army, but unfortunately, it took some time for him to gather all his members.

While Kihalin was waiting for his army to be fully assembled, Strategos Antierre stepped down, allowing Kihalin to take command of Astrum's armies. He ordered the Defenders of the Blood Stars in Duil to gather in Eidulb Outskirts to prepare for an offensive campaign against Niselur. Once the armies were ready, Kihalin assembled them in Gelene Outskirts, where they joined forces with Exarch Justus of Corsanctum and his men. Together, the combined armies marched to Jorradith, where they launched a surprise attack on Gaston Farms, ultimately engaging in a fierce battle against the Niselurian army.

After a thorough restocking and refitting of their forces, Kihalin ordered Astrum's armies to launch an attack on Walefishire. Unfortunately, the Battle of Walefishire resulted in a defeat for Astrum, as they lost 45% of their mobile forces, while Asylon suffered only half of that. Despite this setback, Kihalin remained steadfast in his strategy and ordered both armies to focus their efforts on dealing with Niselur. He directed the Defenders to retake Zereth, and the Judgement to engage the Farronites in Libiddo. The Judgement achieved swift victory in the Skirmish of Libiddo, and by the time they finished preparing to move north, the Niselurians impatiently launched an attack on the Defenders in Zereth. The Niselurians were decisively defeated in the Battle of Zereth, with most of their forces being slaughtered, while Astrum's and Corsanctum's armies stood strong. Kihalin then ordered the Defenders to continue their takeover.

After the successful takeover, Kihalin ordered the Defenders of the Blood Stars to return while the Judgement was dispatched to attack Jorradith. However, Niselur was able to quickly refit their forces, much faster than Kihalin had anticipated. Niselur's vanguard launched a surprise attack on the vanguard of the Judgement, resulting in the defeat of a few nobles from the Judgement. However, Lord Adrian was able to kill Lord Zach of Under Darfix before the Judgement was forced to retreat. Kihalin immediately recalled his forces to deal with the new threat from Asylon and the Farronite Republic in Duil, following this small skirmish.

Upon arriving in Eidulb Outskirts, Kihalin discovered that Marshal Turin had ordered a premature attack on Duil, which had 14,000 CS of enemies, with only 9,000 CS of Astrum's and Corsanctum's forces. Kihalin immediately ordered those who were about to arrive in Duil to turn back, and ordered those already in Eidulb Outskirts to prepare for a full day attack on Duil. Unfortunately, Marshal Turin and some members of Corsanctum were unable to turn around in time, and were forced to fight a hopeless battle. This event helped the Farronites to realize that they were still at peace with Corsanctum which disallowed them from fighting Astrum and Corsanctum. Farronites adjusted their diplomatic relation with Corsanctum to neutral before the battle. At sunset, 19,000 CS of Astrum and Corsanctum attacked 14,000 CS of Asylon and Farronite Republic in a battle later known as the Massacre of Duil.

After the Massacre of Duil, Astrum launched an attack on Walefishire to pursue the scattered armies of Asylon and Farronites. Astrum emerged victorious once again in the Battle of Walefishire II, capturing and wounding several Asylonian and Farronite nobles. This major victory for Astrum bought them the necessary time to focus on their ongoing conflicts with Niselur, who had been posing a threat to their northern regions. Kihalin led a small group of his men to hunt down the retreating Asylonians, engaging in the Skirmish of Dunnbrook. However, the King of Asylon managed to flee the region before Kihalin and his men could capture him. The southern campaign came to an end with this skirmish, and Astrum's forces returned to Eidulb for a full refit.

With the refit, Astrum's mobile CS surpassed 25,000, giving them greater flexibility as they now had enough men to effectively utilize both of their armies. When Astrum gathered in Sabadell, they learned that Niselur was currently looting the region of Ygg d'Razhuul. Kihalin ordered the vanguard of his armies to attack Gaston Farms. Niselur attempted to beat Astrum to the region, but both realms arrived at the same time, resulting in a fierce Skirmish of Gaston Farms and Battle of Gaston Farms II. As more men arrived in Gaston Farms over the following three days for Astrum, Niselur's divided army was forced to go through Gaston Farms, ultimately leading to their complete destruction, forcing them to rebuild their army from scratch. While Niselur was rebuilding their army, Astrum took the opportunity to loot Gaston Farms, Jorradith, Ienith, and Asurbanipal. Gaston Farms and Jorradith eventually went rogue after a few days.

In the following campaign, Kihalin split his forces, sending the Judgement to the north, and the Defenders to the south. The Judgement primarily focused on retaking Zereth, while the Defenders concentrated on looting the Farronite Republic. The Defenders successfully plundered Knyazes, Grazne, and Mozyr. They eventually launched an attack on Farrowfield, where they engaged in the Battle of Farrowfield and the Battle of Farrowfield II. Unfortunately, the Defenders were unable to hold their ground in Farrowfield long enough to cause significant damage to the region. While Astrum was occupied with their conflicts with Niselur and the Farronite Republic, the Asylonians seized control of Wallershire and Vyanar.

After the southern campaign against the Farronite Republic, the Armies of Astrum turned their attention northwards to confront Niselur. The northern campaign began with the takeover of Forguthrie, which took the armies of Astrum four days to accomplish, forcing them to march into Niselur during the winter months. Following the takeover, Astrum's forces moved into Gaston Farms where they encountered little resistance from Niselurian forces. From Gaston Farms, Astrum split their armies into two, sending one force towards Darfix, while the rest targeted rural regions of Niselur. Within four days, the Judgement reached Under Darfix, where they easily overcame the poorly equipped guards. After a few hours of looting, the Judgement moved on to attack Darfix. However, due to a sudden blizzard, they were unable to reach Darfix until two days later, when they engaged in the Siege of Darfix. By the time the Judgement began looting Darfix, the Defenders arrived in Under Darfix, also looting the region. For a couple of days, both armies of Astrum plundered Darfix and Under Darfix, but due to starvation caused by the constant looting, Kihalin ordered everyone to gather in Under Darfix before heading back to Astrum. Interestingly, Niselur decided to attack the Defenders in Under Darfix, while the Judgement was moving out of Darfix to return home. Both the Judgement and the Defenders met Niselur in the Battle of Under Darfix, where Niselur was heavily outnumbered. Without the protection of walls, Niselur was quickly defeated. After the battle, Astrum's forces began their long march back home. On the way back, they prevented Niselur from taking Gaston Farms by attacking their takeover force.

In the following campaign, Astrum sent the majority of their forces to engage Asylon in battle. Asylon had amassed a formidable army of 17,000 soldiers in Walefishire, ready to face Astrum's 20,000 troops. Despite having enough siege engines, Kihalin devised a strategy to outmaneuver the Asylonian forces by leading his marshals and troops to encircle and pressure the Asylonian fortification in Walefishire. However, as Astrum gathered their forces in Knyazes, the Asylonians had already retreated to Dunnbrook. With only 16,000 soldiers at his disposal, Kihalin ordered an attack on Dunnbrook, but many of his troops were delayed, leaving Astrum to fight with only 80% of their strength. Kihalin ordered his troops to hold their ground and fight until the last man. The ensuing battle, later known as the Massacre of Dunnbrook, saw Astrum emerge victorious, decimating the Asylonian army and chasing them to Elets. Tragically, Kihalin was wounded by an Asylonian archer, and unable to lead the final assault on Walefishire. While Kihalin recovered, Astrum's army chased the remaining Asylonian forces further south, leaving Northern Astrum vulnerable to looting by Niselurians. To combat this threat, Duke Karibash led a small force to deal with the Niselurian raiders and successfully attacked Zereth, where Duchess Melania was able to defeat the infamous Kas the Mad in a skirmish. Following the campaign, Kihalin retired due to his injuries and Marshal Turin succeeded him as the Strategos of Astrum.

The Second Term

After returning to his homeland after several decades, Kihalin set out to restore Astrum to its former glory. However, Luria Boreal unexpectedly declared war on Astrum without any clear cause. Kihalin quickly mobilized Astrum's armies and set sail towards Luria Boreal with the intention of striking at the heart of their enemy. Despite facing resistance on the shore, Kihalin led his army deeper into Luria Boreal with the goal of capturing their capital city. However, as they breached the walls of the city, Kihalin was gravely injured by a poisoned arrow. Despite this setback, his vice-marshal, Phillip, stepped in to re-organize the army and focus on damaging the city's infrastructure while minimizing looting and pillaging. Once Kihalin recovered, he put an end to the looting and ordered his troops to focus on destroying the walls of the city.

With the city of Shinnen in ruins and the Borealian army in disarray, Luria Boreal's nobles sought a way to end the conflict. They reached out to Kihalin and his army, offering to surrender in exchange for leniency. Kihalin, still recovering from his injury, agreed to the terms and the war came to an end. Despite the destruction wrought upon the city and its people, Kihalin's decisive victory had brought the conflict to a swift conclusion and secured Astrum's position as a powerful realm once more.

Upon returning to Astrum, Kihalin set his sights on a new campaign: the conquest of Darfix. However, his plans were thwarted when Westgard denied Astrum passage through their lands, leading to a strain in relations between the two realms. In an effort to demonstrate Astrum's resolve, Kihalin led a western expedition force to Western Dwilight, where they engaged in battles against monsters and sought to claim territory abandoned by the fallen realm of Asylon.

Upon returning home, Kihalin was faced with a new challenge as Avernus, under the leadership of King Corellon, declared war on neighboring realms, including Kihalin's old ally Morek. Despite the warnings of other nations, Corellon was determined to assert his dominance and expand his territory. Kihalin, however, chose to focus on his own objectives and sent his expeditionary force north to claim the wealth left behind by the fallen kingdom of Niselur, rather than getting caught up in the conflict with Avernus. As his friend Katrina fell ill and disappeared, Kihalin decided to focus on his own endeavors, leaving the issue of Avernus to be dealt by the other realms.

Upon returning to Astrum, Kihalin immediately began planning his next expedition. This time, he set his sights on the northern territories of Niselur, seeing an opportunity to claim the riches left behind by the fallen kingdom. Despite the ease of the journey and the shorter distance to the target, the morale of the troops was low due to the previous failed expedition to the west. However, Kihalin pressed on, determined to conquer the northern lands.

Unfortunately, the expedition proved to be more difficult than anticipated. Kihalin's men encountered unexpected obstacles and ultimately lost all of their soldiers during the campaign. Devastated by the loss, Kihalin was forced to return home empty-handed.

Determined to make up for the failure, Kihalin immediately ordered his troops to retake the city of Eidulb, the former capital of Astrum which had fallen under Westgardian control and was now being threatened by monsters. The Astrumites successfully reclaimed the city and fortified it to protect against further monster attacks.

Kihalin then organized another expedition to reach Chrysantalys, but it was not as successful as previous campaigns. Despite the setbacks, Kihalin remained determined to lead Astrum to greatness once again.

Upon returning from his third expedition, Kihalin focused on fortifying and strengthening the defenses of Eidulb, the reclaimed capital of Astrum. However, tensions arose when Aarn Hemmings of Westgard began to incite illegal preaching within the city, causing strain in the relationship between the two realms. But, as Aarn fled and disappeared into the mountains, Westgard's new ruler, Rosalind Foxglove, proved to be more amenable and willing to work in collaboration with Astrum. This newfound stability in the northern west regions allowed Astrum to shift her focus to other pressing matters.

The Astro-Helygian War

First Campaign

Once the western front stabilized, Kihalin turned his attention to Astrum's former enemy, Helyg Derwyddon. He began by drafting terms of surrender for HD for their aid to Luria Boreal during their invasion of Astrum, which ultimately led to the formation of Westfold. Despite their past conflicts, Astrum was now on good terms with Westfold, and the king of Westfold showed no interest in aiding HD against Astrum. Kihalin seized this opportunity and launched a surprise attack on HD, decimating their defenses in Donghai. The next day, Astrum's army quickly overpowered HD's capital, Donghaiwei. Despite HD's desperate attempts to defend their city, including summoning monsters, Kihalin's army was able to loot the city, angering 4,870 peasants who fought against the Astrumites. However, Kihalin ordered his army to pull out of the city due to exhaustion and equipment damage. Though HD declared the battle a victory, Astrumites laughed at their claim and prepared for a second campaign against HD.

Second Campaign

The Astrumites began their second campaign by gathering in Mamaroneck to strike Cailyn. Kihalin, leading the charge, cleared out remaining militias from the previous campaign before moving on to Donghai. He ordered an attack on the fortified city of Donghaiwei, which was guarded by over 25,000 Helygian soldiers. Despite their best efforts, Astrum's army was overwhelmed by the Helygians' militia strength of 29,000 and were forced to retreat after suffering heavy losses. Kihalin then ordered his troops to target Helygians' resources by raiding nearby regions. Helygians attempted to stop this by attacking Donghai, but their small army proved ineffective. The war ultimately ended with the capture of Elrohir, a prominent Daimon worshipper, leading to Elwing's surrender and Vasilif Dragomir offering favorable terms. Kihalin protested Dragomir's decision, but the peace treaty was already signed and both sides moved on.

The Monster Invasion

Following the war, a new threat emerged as monsters began appearing in greater numbers and with increased aggression. Eidulb, a city known for effectively repelling monster invasions, found itself unable to defend against the onslaught without additional support from its lord or the main army. Kihalin quickly rallied his troops and witnessed a seemingly endless horde of monsters battering the city's walls.

Despite reinforcements arriving to fight the monsters, they were quickly overwhelmed. Kihalin led his army out of the city to intercept the monsters before they could reach Eidulb. The Western Expedition, led by Kihalin, engaged the monsters in the Eidulb Outskirts, a location that once symbolized Astrum's resilience. Over the course of a week, Astrumite forces killed 2,118 monsters while losing 150 men.

Unfortunately, Astrum's D'Haran allies were also facing heavy losses. They had lost the westernmost city of Port Raviel to 80,000 monsters and their capital, Port Nebel, had been attacked three times by 60,000 monsters. Despite successfully defending their capital, it came at a great cost.

Realizing the importance of D'Hara's role in the fight against the monsters, Kihalin decided to send the main army to aid them in reclaiming Port Raviel as a means of stemming the growing horde of monsters.

A Sudden Disappearance

After lending support to the D'Harans, Kihalin led his army to assist Westgard. However, during his journey, he and his men vanished without a trace. Speculation surrounding their disappearance varied, with some claiming they were ambushed by monsters and others positing that Kihalin had caught a glimpse of Mathurin the Prophet and set off in pursuit with his men.

Final Words

Kihalin devoted his entire life to Astrum and the glory of the Blood Stars. Despite not rising to prominence in politics, he left a lasting legacy for future Astrumite generals to emulate through the establishment of robust recruitment centers and strong armies.

List of Enemies defeated

The List can be found on the Astrumite Wall of Glory located in Mimer.

Regional Maps of Astrum's surroundings

During the Westgardian Campaign, Kihalin hired a cartographer to draw maps of regions he visited.


Prime Knight (Founder) of Astrum Knight Academy. Hiems (10) score 4695 hits. A 101 men cavalry unit of Astrum led by Kihalin Lapallanch, Strategos of Astrum, Count of Ammando in a small skirmish against a 356 men peasant militia unit of the Farronite Republic, 25 August 2013.

Built the following Recruitment Centers:

  • Kihali Knights - Infantry 40 95/50
  • Kihali Arbalests - Special Forces 55 80-5/75
  • Kihali Chevaliers - Cavalry 50 95/50
  • Kihali Swordsmen - Infantry 35 85/55
  • Kihali Seekers - Infantry 50 80/50

Roleplays done by others involving Kihalin

  • Best Unit: Hiems (95/50), a 102 man Cavalry unit led by Captain Reinhard (+10)
  • Best Unit II: Hiems (96 97-5/89, 2,358 CS), a 90 man Ranged Special Force unit led by Captain Sebastian (+7)

Items owned:

Small wicked ring.jpg

Daemonic armour1.jpg

Small sturdy shield.jpg

Monuments and Statues Constructed

  • Monument to The Seven Founders of Astrum in Forest Tower (Libidizedd)

A Grand Memorial built to commemorate the Seven Founding Nobles of the Holy Theocracy of Astrum, the First Theocracy to rise in the Western Dwilight. Aram Stien, Alexandria Dwarvenite, Brance Indirik, Boreal Arakiss, Justin Greystone, Marrick Montrez, and Sergio Mozzoni.

Erected by Strategos Kihalin Lapallanch from Astrum

  • Statue to Kihalin Lapallanch in Forest Tower (Libidizedd)

A Golden Statue of Kihalin Lapallanch pointing his sword toward the city of Darfix on his old horse to commemorate all those who fought under him during the Great Western War where Astrum fought Niselur, Aslyon and Farronite Republic.

Erected by Strategos Kihalin Lapallanch from Astrum

  • Monument to Mathurin Hossenfefer in High Temple of the Stars (Mimer)

A Grand Memorial was built in honour of Mathurin Hossenfefer , the Holy Prophet of Sanguis Astroism. The memorial has three shrines each in the direction of three holy places of the stars - Darfix , Mimer, and Caiyun. In the center of the memorial, a giant black marble statue of the Prophet himself holding a sword in one hand and a cup in the other is looking over to the direction of the three Bloodstars.

Erected by Strategos Sir Kihalin Lapallanch from Astrum

  • Statue to Seoras Madigan Nifelleisca in High Temple of the Stars (Mimer)

A Bronze Statue of Seroas Madigan Nifelleisca, the Founder of Ecclesial Sanguiastroism, was erected beside the Holy Prophet Mathurin for his accomplishments. The statue symbolizes the unity between both Sanguis Astroism and Ecclesial Sanguiastroism.

Erected by Strategos Sir Kihalin Lapallanch from Astrum

  • Monument to Brance Indirik in Basilica of Maddening (Mimer)

A Granite Statue of Brance Indirik the Magnificent, Vasilif of Astrum and Regent of Sanguis Astroism, stands tall before the Grand Basilica of the Maddening Star looking down on the city. As expected of one of the Seven Founders of Astrum, he led both the holy faith and Astrum to glory during his life. May his legacy live forever.

Erected by Strategos Sir Kihalin Lapallanch from Astrum

  • Statue to Bustoarsenzio Peristaltico in Basilica of Maddening (Mimer)

A Silver Statue of Bustoarsenzio, holding a banner of Morek Empire in one hand and a sword in another, was erected to honor his dedication to Sanguis Astroism. Known as the Greatest Grandmaster and one of the most decorated leaders the northern Dwilight has ever seen, he conquered and eradicated many foes who tried to undo the work of the holy prophet. May his bravery known by those who follow his steps.

Erected by Strategos Sir Kihalin Lapallanch from Astrum

  • Monument to Rowan Geronus in Wine Taverns (Freke)

A Basilica built to house the Black Sarcophagus of Vasilif Rowan Geronus, who gave his life to defend Astrum from Averoth. His remains once resided in the Hall of the Blood Stars located deep in the Vasilian Palace which stood in the center of Eidulb. However, when Astrumites were forced to flee their homelands due to monsters, they brought his remains with them to Freke where they buried him in the current location.

erected by Strategos Sir Kihalin Lapallanch from Astrum

  • Statue to Justus Jaron in Wine Taverns (Freke)

A Silver Statue of Justus Jaron, the Exarch of the Holy Theocracy of Corsanctum during the Great Western War, was erected by his friend Kihalin Lapallanch to repay for his show of friendship and service during Astrum's darkest hours. The statue is holding the banner of the Ferrum Sidereus, Corsanctum's only army, while pointing south where he valiantly defended enemies of the holy faith.

erected by Strategos Sir Kihalin Lapallanch from Astrum

  • Statue to Murat Kalkandelen in Inner Eidulb (Eidulb)

A Bronze Statue of Murat Kalkandelen thrusting a spear into a griffin, a symbol of Helyg Derwyddon, was erected to commemorate Murat's extraordinary performance during the Astro-Helygian war. The names of three enemies he defeated are carved on a bronze plaque by his feet.

  • Anita Wykeo, Saevitia Ironsun, Jaequellon Kyzer

erected by Strategos Sir Kihalin Lapallanch from Astrum

  • Monument to The Ruined Palace of the Vasilif in Inner Eidulb (Eidulb)

The Ruined Palace of the Vasilifs is a well preserved palace complex which was once a home of several Vasilifs. Most Vasilifs of Astrum spent their time in this palace until Vasilif Sergio had to abandon the city due to the Great Monster Invasion. The palace complex looks quite desolate with only a few large buildings scattered across the site but most visitors can still see the glimpse of the old Astrumite architecture.

erected by Strategos Sir Kihalin Lapallanch from Astrum

Comments about Regions

  • Shrine of Seeklander - doesn't produce any good center with an excellent armour rating. However, it does produce Recruitment Centers with good weapon ratings.
  • Ammando - produces a lot of food during Autumn. Enough to earn 1000 gold if sold for 50 gold per 100 bushels. Produces 105 bushels a day during Autumn.

Character History

  • 2010-03-20 Kihalin Began his career in Astrum.
  • 2010-09-18 Kihalin Appointed as Baron of Chrysantalys Mines.
  • 2010-12-07 Kihalin Appointed as Baron of Chrysantalys Mines.
  • 2011-07-17 Kihalin Appointed as Duke of Shrine of Seeklander.
  • 2012-02-20 Kihalin Founded the guild "Astrum Knight Academy".
  • 2013-05-20 Kihalin Appointed as Count of Ammando.
  • 2013-06-28 Kihalin Appointed as General of Astrum.
  • 2016-05-19 Kihalin Elected as General of Astrum.
  • 2016-12-10 Kihalin Appointed as Count of Nidhogg's Mark.
  • 2017-01-21 Kihalin Character buried