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Vellosfamilycrest.jpgHireshmont IIVellosfamilycrest.jpg
  • Physical Appearance: Identical twin of Valachi Vellos-Slayer/Stefanovic. Tall, red hair (like his Viking father and mother), fair-skinned, brown eyes. Comparatively few scars, no notable tattoos.
  • Weapon of Choice: N/A
  • History:

Hireshmont II was one of two twins born of Retravic Slayer/Stefanovic-Vellos, wife of Hireshmont. He is alternately known as Hireshmont Slayer I, or Hireshmont Stefanovic I, or Hireshmont Vellos II. At the time of their birth, Hireshmont was King of Irombrozia. Retravic had been Prime Minister of the Republic of Fwuvoghor shortly beforehand. Named after his father, it was decided by Retravic and Hireshmont that Hireshmont II would be the Crown Prince of Irombrozia, first in line of succession for King of Irombrozia should Hireshmont be deposed for some reason.

Soon after his birth there was a revolution in RoF and a monarchy was established, with Retravic as Queen. Hiresmont and Retravic decided that Valachi would be Crown Prince of RoF, making Hireshmont II the Prince, but not Crown Prince.

When he became old enough, Hireshmont II struck out on his own to win repute. He travelled first to Old Rancagua, to pay off debts long owed by his father. There he met a cool reception, and stayed only long enough to make the barest of amends. He soon heard of a ship travelling to new lands, to a continent far in the west: to Dwilight.

Upon arriving in Dwilight, he was briefly a knight in Madina, but soon journeyed to Melodia, where a new and adventurous realm was being formed as a foray into the dark interior of the occidental island. Melodia proved to be a high-minded and fervent realm of great ideals, yet was undermined by a paranoid, tyrannical, and controlling king. With the help of Quintus Scarlett, a brave noble of good name and wide repute, as well as several other disgruntled nobles, Albert de Blanc of Melodia was overthrown, and a republic was established. Unfortunately, soon after that, Quintus Scarlett was struck down by a terrible disease, winter came on with horrendous force, monster and undead hordes attacked, a counter-revolution had weakened the army, and several monarchist nobles had left, leaving the realm in a barren state. When Paisland revolted, the capital was cut off, and the end was near.

After the fall of Melodia, Hireshmont returned to Madina with other exiled Melodians. Several recolonization attempts were made, but to no avail. Eventually, however, word arrived of a new colony planned north of Paisly, in Chateau Saffalor, called Terran. Many Melodians decided to join this colony and, after some initial disputes over Melodian identity, Hireshmont II and his companions were accepted into Terran. Over time, he rose in rank, first to the Senatorial seat of Gretchew, the breadbasket of Terran. There he held the region in good faith, and turned it into the most productive and bountiful of Terran's regions. Eventually, Terran conquered the city of Chesney, just a day's journey south of Gretchew. Lady Teniel Dell was made Duchess and Senator, but was elected as Chief Magistrate soon afterwards. Hireshmont II was chosen as her successor.

As duke of Chesney, he is sponsoring widespread political, economic, social, and cultural development. He has upgraded the city's fortifications twice; founded a guild for southwestern commerce, communication, and cooperation; built a recruitment center; sponsored a locally-founded religion called Triunism; formed trade and personal connections with other southwestern lords and dukes; increased production; had widespread local popularity; and overseen a doubling of Chesney's population as well as a doubling of the number of regions in the duchy.

As Terran grew institutionally stable, Hireshmont II began to cast his aims outward. Despite constant battling against the ravages of winter and monsters, Terran was able to battle through, and achieve a measure of strength. In order to strengthen Terran's reputation abroad, Hireshmont, along with his colleague Senator Vigilans of the Chateau Saffalore, set out on a journey into distant reaches of Dwilight, joining guilds, and spreading Terran's reputation far afield. In this, he acquired numerous connections abroad, and gained many guild memberships to expand into Chesney, further bolstering its status as a cultural and commercial hub of Occidens.

Hireshmont's expeditions proved valuable and successful, as Chesney came to boast the presence of 7 continent-spanning guilds, a temple of Sanguis Astroism, and a large temple of Triunism, making it one of the most culturally and religiously developed cities in the world, and certainly the nexus of Dwilight's cultural affairs, despite its position in Old Maroccidens.

When the realm of Giask fell, Hireshmont orchestrated the welcome of the exiles of that realm into Terran. They were succored for a while, then sent southwards, where they founded the colony of Barca in Rettleville. Hireshmont dedicated himself to the task of upholding this colony, and the settlement of Maroccidens became his foremost goal.

Through his time as Senator of Chesney, Hireshmont went on numerous journeys of various lengths, but three primary journeys. His first journey visited each of the ports of the North Inner Sea (Port Raviel, Port Nebel, Mimer, Libidizedd, Eidulb,and Golden Farrow). His second journey focused on the southeast, and he went by way to Paisly, Port Raviel, and Port Nebel to Askileon, and thence to Giask. Going overland, he went north to Poryatown, and then as far north as Flowrestown and Ashrak. In his third journey, he went overland to Golden Farrow, then west to Itau, then south to Echi'ur, then overland again south and east back to Terran.