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I have deleted all characters and this family can be considered a thing of the past. For many reasons, it appears to be impossible to be both the creator of a game and play in it, at least with a public account showing who I am. Therefore, the Hawks are no more, and I will not make the (non-public info) account I play nowadays known.

One of the oldest families in BattleMaster, the Hawks have ruled many realms and are widely known and respected. Their home is Castle Ubent, but they have not been seen in the vicinity for many months.

Burning Hawk

The oldest, and long lost, member of the family. Burning Hawk literally created Ubent, turning it from a small bandit group into a mighty realm, at the height of its power defeating Perdan.


Founder of the Assassin's Guild in the Colonies. Had a long self-imposed exile in Beluaterra, where he founded another Guild (this time using the new guild system). Rumours have it he is back in the Colonies now, but his exact whereabouts or activities are unknown.

Falcon is one of the best and most feared infiltrators, ever. He's never kept track of exact numbers, but he is famous for single-handedly wrecking havoc.


Ruler of Lasanar for most of it's existence, Daran initially became famous for building an empire through entirely peaceful acquisitions. Times have changed, though, and Lasanar has been forced to defend itself a few times.

Daran also turned Lasanar into a "feudal republic", an experiment in government system that so far is very interesting.


Ardor, Belus, Nemo, Nota and lately Pater Rien are also members of the Hawk family, but their careers so far have been unexciting and/or short.