November Family

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November Family
Fame 29
Wealth 2170
Home Region Vir el Mari heights
Home World Colonies

November Family: CalvinIlsaIvanPiotrSimon

November Expeditions opened its doors almost 60 years ago as a small venture offering tours of The River that skirts the southern border of Vir el Mari heights. Ilsa and Calvin November's grandfather could have never foreseen that November Expeditions would eventually become the most prosperous shipping company in the region.

Specializing in the transport of raw materials downriver to the realm capital, Alebad, November Expeditions transformed the modest November family cabin into a river-front estate.

Calvin November

Trusted with the family's company books at a fairly young age, Calvin November has always had a passion for the "behind the scenes, no glory" job of keeping the wheels greased and making sure things ran smoothly... [more]

Ilsa November

Adopted into the November family at age 4, Ilsa has always been the more rambunctious of the November children... [more]

Ivan November

Ivan grew up along the banks of The River on the western borders of Vir el Mari heights... [more]

Piotr November

... [more]

Simon November

Unlike his cousins, Simon was not born into nobility, but faithfully served as a sort of personal aide to both Calvin and Ilsa for several years... [more]