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=====Vellosfamilycrest.jpgOlianaVellosfamilycrest.jpg===== Oliana was Onlan's daughter. He intended to marry her off to a nobleman in Vice, in Beluaterra, so she fled to the Far East. There she raised her two children, one of a minor nobleman in Sartania, the other of unknown father, she was pregnant with him when she arrived in the East Island.

Whil raising her children, Onliana invented a type of breakfast cereal that put fire in the blood, that raised hell, that made you want to jump and scream "AYEE!" more than any alcohol. She created Shweetios: sugary marshmellow rings in milk. (OOC- Think cheerio-shaped lucky charms marshmellows, with none of the non-marshmellow stuff, and about 91x as much sugar).

After raising her children to about age 12, Onliana decided to head home. Unfortunately, back at the homestead in the Barony of Makar, she wasnt all that welcome, seeing as she had fled in disgrace. So she headed to Minas Ithil, and swore allegiance to Diruo, Count of Cheltenborne, Marshall of the Army of York. Onliana left her children in the care of a religious group in the Far East that would take care of them, and not let them starve. She sent money home whenever possible to pay for their care.

After a while in Minas Ithil, Onliana saw a chance for adventure in the new seceded realm of Massillion. In massillion, she found a home. She quickly fell in love with the city and land, and her leadership abilities were appreciated, quickly getting her appointed to important positions. But then, seeing the pain of the people, she tried to become a turncoat, but, in a freak coincidence, failed. Later, after being discovered, she repented, and devoted herself to Massillion, holding out against the Estonites to the very last, even fighting a bloody and heated duel with Prime Minister Bud to see who would be the last to leave the realm.

Eventually, Onliana decided to leave Massillion first to seek out the Dafayan University of Science and Art, which was rumoured to be starting in Eston. The leader of the DUSA, Dafayo Vashmere, quickly saw how learned Onliana was in ethics and philosophy, thus made her Madame Professor of Ethical Studies. It wasnt long before Onliana began writing her beliefs. The following are books which she has written, is writing, or plans on writing:

1. The Summa - An overrall summary of a moral code, by which to live ones life. It analyzes much of life, piece by piece, and how one should live properly. IN PROGRESS.
2. The Apologia - Still Forthcoming!
3. Veritas et Antiveritasum - Still Forthcoming!

Following Onliana's part in the investigation which showed Dafayo to be a Cultist, Dafayo removed her, or seems to have removed her, from the position of Madame Professor of Ethical Studies, probably removed her from the DUSA as a whole. But this has not stopped Onliana's academic pursuits, and she has begun compiling an Atlas of Atamara, as well as documents about Atamara's Ancient History:

1. Atlas of Atamara

It came to pass that King Andrew McKay saw fit to send diplomats to various foreign realms, to strengthen ties with those realms. Seeing a chance to truly prove herself and aid her new realm, Onliana volunteered as an ambassador, and was sent to Talerium. There she began to cultivate friendships, and get to know Talerians and Talerian culture. She toured the country several times, contacting region lords all the way. She became a leading figure in the Estonite Diplomatic Corps, and a model for a diplomat.

All the while, Onliana worried about her sons. They were far away, being raised by others. It would be too dangerous to bring them to Atamara, yet she wanted to so much. Unfortunately, Onliana became at odds with various members of the national hierarchy, and there was a controversy over the authority of the High Marshall. Onliana left the country in anger.

It is unsure when it happened, but it is believed that Onliana spent some time in Norland and did some research while there.

However, Norland ultimately discontented Onliana. She travelled south to Tara. There, she was welcomed cordially, and soon became an experienced trader. She ascended the ranks and became the Banker of Tara, and then was made a Countess. She was a faithful member of the Way of the Warrior Saints, so she made a temple, which led to several progressive reforms in Tara which, unfortunately, were not pursued as they might have been.

But Onliana's search for the perfect state was ultimately not satisfied in Tara. She found the dictatorial system and religious oppression to be... difficult. So, she packed her bags again, and sailed east to Westmoor, where served as a knight of Oligarch.

In Oligarch, Onliana quickly caught the attention of Duke Corwin D'Saferate of Oligarch City. When the County of Greatbridge became lordless, she sought an appointment, and it was granted. Her diligent service as Countess, and her obvious competence as a noble, soon landed her a position in the Elite Legion of Oligarch. Within a few months, she was made Vice-Marshal under General-Marshal Flaylen Hlessi. As he was occupied by his Lordly duties and coordinating the armies, he granted significant command authority to Onliana. She became Marshal in all but name. When General Flaylen was wounded, she was officially named Marshal, and she swiftly appointed Sir Wid Ye Artha as her Vice Marshal.

Serving successfully as Marshal for several campaigns, molding the ELO into an effective fighting force, forging strong military bonds with the Sultanate of Asena, Onliana gained the attention of Queen Micna Kiri-Jolith, and was added to the Royal Council, as well as the Military Council. After one particular campaign coordinated primarily by Onliana, which saw several large victories for the allies against Sirion, General Flaylen became preoccupied with the affairs of his estate, and abdicated the Generalship. Due to her experience and proven competence, Onliana was named General of Westmoor, the post in which she now serves.

After some time as General, Westmoor and its allies began to see some progress against Sirion. Onliana's canny diplomacy also secretly helped bring Perdan into the war on Westmoor's side. However, this caused a chain reaction which would ultimately take Onliana's life. Caligus and Ibladesh attacked Perdan and Westmoor from behind, and Onliana led Westmoor's armies to attack Akesh Temple and Viseu. Unfortunately, she failed to plan adequately for the high walls of those regions. Her unit was pinned down and destroyed, the campaign failed, and she lay twice-wounded in the fields of Viseu. Days of suffering went by and, eventually, Onliana Vellos perished on the fields of Viseu.

  • Accomplishments
    • Minas Ithil
      • Knight of Cheltenborne
      • Inventor of Shweetios
    • Massillion
      • Knight of Malor
      • Countess of Malor
      • Knight of Massillion
      • Duchess of Massillion
    • Eston
      • Knight of Massillion
      • Member of the Order of the Citadel
      • Member of the Eye of the Citadel
      • Madame Professor of Ethical Studies at the DUSA
      • Author
      • Writer for the Atamaran Writer's Association
      • Chief Diplomat to Talerium
    • Tara
      • Countess
      • Banker
    • Westmoor
      • Dame of Oligarch
      • Countess of Greatbridge
      • Marshal (and Vice Marshal) of the Elite Legion of Oligarch
      • General of Westmoor