Quasath Family

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Quasath Family
Fame 28
Wealth 17632
Home Region Vozzessdor
Home World Beluaterra

The Quasath Family

Origins and Founding Father

The Quasath family comes from Calis in the Cagilan Empire. They were a fairly quiet noble family, with most of their concerns focused on their land and the people. Only the recent generation found an urge to prove their mettle. In part perhaps because of the large number of siblings born. Lady Quasath was a strong woman and survived several births. There are also a few cousins in the wings, and one has come of age, to make their way in the world.
The family began their exploits on December 5th, 1006.

Historical Timeline

Family Members

Currently, there are four family members braving the realms. Two have had the honor of fighting for the Cagilan Empire. The youngest, but bravest, served loyally in the Colonies, under the Wetham banner. The middle child emerged in SWI, and is now on Dwilight. A cousin arrived on the shores of the Far East.

The black sheep's whereabouts are not discussed, but it is rumoured he is dead.

Sir Lopke, Hero of Sint, DECEASED

Lopke, being the eldest of the children, was taught at an early age to be a Knight. He was to represent the family on the battlefield, honourably and skillfully. He finished his training and was immediately made a Knight of Calis in Duke Adam's army. After recruiting his first unit, he has travelled in a few parts of the Cagilan Empire, but desires more.
February 2, 1007. Lopke fought at the battle of Nardil against overwhelming odds. The strength of the monsters was felt by the gathered forces of Lopke and his allies. Although several units were wiped out, Lopke and his friend Sir Gen, managed to defeat them.
Lopke's unit: The 7th Barrier. Highly trained force, destroyed by monsters. February 3, 1007. Sad news when Lopke stayed to defend Nardil from the rallying monsters. The 7th Barrier were killed to a man, and Lopke himself was wounded in that slaughter.
Currently wandering the Empire, he has recruited a new unit. The 8th Barrier, a unit of archers, served in a few fights already. Lopke wanted to experiment with archers, and didn't like what he found. Too far away from the front lines for his liking, Lopke has decided to set down the unit as militia in Calis, his hometown.
In a move long mulled over, Lopke emigrated to the South-East Islands. There he chose to serve the realm of Toren. Their promise of battle with honor appealed to him. Although not entirely satisfied with his current unit (only 10 men), he has no choice but to go to the front lines. He hopes the 9th Barrier will perform well on their virgin mission.
9th Barrier has fought several successful battles as of 03/27/1007. They are back to a unit of 25 men and are aiding the Toren forces in taking over Taselak regions. Recently, after a series of hard battles in the south and Neralle, 9th Barrier was reduced to 1 man. Luckily that means the name may survive! Lopke is working his unit back up to full strength as of 04/12/1007.
After a failed rebellion in Toren, and a false accusation against him, Lopke left the island for Beluaterra. He chose the small and struggling nation of Ashborn, after his friend Rad told him his sister Tess was there. Well, his initial arrival was frought with suspicion, due to his malcontent brother Mathen. Being a "citizen" of Sint, Ashborn's mortal enemy, Mathen caused problems again. Lopke proved his worth in battle, where he captured by Heen (allied with Sint) and imprisoned. Luckily his new unit, 10th Barrier, survived their first skirmish (barely) and are ready for more.
Lopke has been in Ashborn a few months, and is neck deep in Daemons at the moment (08/25/1007). He was a loyal knight in Zwering, under Lady Tess, until he was called by Minister of Defense Lady Stormbrew to her region. He is now in Ircymbar. The 10th Barrier got decimated by monsters, and Lopke was very depressed for a while. He has his 11th Barrier archers now. He is next in line for a lordship in Ashborn, a fact he very much looks forward too.
10/11/1007. Lopke just recruited the 14th Barrier. After waiting for a long time there was a large battle, many of his archers were killed. He dropped them like waste, then hired some solid infantry again. Just as he won the vote for lordship of Baqua, on his way there he was captured by Daemons. After a few days of solituded, he paid his way out and recruited some more ground forces. Lopke just doesn't have any luck.
11/12/1007. After weeks of frustration, Lopke left Ashborn. The final straw was being useless is Tor, as the Tor stayed wild and barren. Ashborn was fighting (badly) in the east, and losing. Sint was right next door, and Lopke had heard of Bocephus though his brother Chault before he died. So, Lopke crossed the border and joined Sint with Bocephus' blessing. He quickly joined up with Duke Donuil in Gethsemene. Now his 15th Barrier is strong and well trained, fighting monsters for Sint.
02/19/1008 The 15th Barrier is still standing strong after numerous battles. After proving his worth to Sint, Lopke was given the honour of lordship in Zwering. He had been a knight there under the Ashborn banner and still enjoyed the region. Ashborn was destroyed under the Sint war machine and is no more. Lopke enjoys a bounty on his head, a gift courtesy of his Ashborn fellows. Lopke was a Buro for a while, helping rebuild the Keffa Duchy, and Zwering in particular. Now with a knight firmly established in the region, Lopke has returned to being a knight and fighting against Old Grehk.
06/22/1008 Lopke had been Marshal of the Bearers of Liberation army in Sint for a few months. He had led several assaults on Ossmat, to help Neo Grehk oust the last remnants of Old Grehk. Lopke had also fought against the Daemons again and again. In the end, that was his undoing, and Lopke was killed in a battle against Warden II. At his funeral, this was officially announced: In a large ceremony, your family commemorates the dead Lopke, a legend known all over the world. For days, the family graveyard swarms with his friends and admirers. Artists compose songs and poems about him, and young maidens cry in their chambers. Lopke will be missed.

Lady Renee, Duchess of Nida, Buro, Cagilan Empire

Renee wanted nothing more than to be a Knight. She delighted in brawling with her brothers any chance she could. Entirely unhappy when Lopke began his training, she found her own methods of learning the art of sword and lance. By paying various squires in coin and flesh Renee learned some basic points of fighting. When her father caught on, he was furious with her methods, but proud of her determination.
With her father's blessing, she began her own training as a Knight. Her only vow was that she would never use her body like she had again. That was easy enough for her to accept, after all she had gained her main desire. So, after a few years, she was as able a Knight as Lopke. Moreover, she had the determination to BE more. As Lopke struggles in his imagined bonds of servitude, Renee strives for more.
Recently she has joined the Army of Ered Luins, under Grand Duke Strider. She hopes to prove herself there and raise her profile in the realm.
In a battle at Hidale, her unit was decimated by monsters. The Blessed 33 were a good bunch of soldiers, loyal until death. Their memory will live on and their sacrifice will not be vain. Renee has recruited her new unit, Renee's Glory, and plans for vengeance.
Renee has trained her unit to a peak of excellence, and keeps their numbers low for easier control on the battlefield. In other news, she took the offer of Lord Garden of Etoge and became his knight. She now owns an estate in Etoge.
Currently she is traveling to Norland, through the lands of Minas Ithil, to fight a war. Excited by her first march abroad, she is anxious for a battle. And a battle she had, in Mansbridge against the army of Norland. Her troops were valiant, but they fell to axe and sword. With low morale, badly damaged equipment, and several wounded men she fell back to Tarasac in a slow week's travel. Luckily in Tarasac 5 hours rebounded her remaining 3 men to a fighting force. They were paid, gear repaired, and a few hours with some whores brought their morale sky-high. Making her way to Cagil to recruit more men, she aided a fight against undead in Alimonne. She lost another man there, but was very proud of her stalwart trio, now pair. Gathering her new 18 men in Cagil, she is now on her way to Alatol and Skalk to scout, back in the fold of the Army of Ered Luins. 04/12/1007.
After more battles against monsters and undead, Renee's Glory is back to 18 men. However, they are fierce veterans and proud fighters. For the past few battles she has fought besides her good friend, Kel.
08/25/1007. Renee retains her unit, Renee's Glory. Her captain Lanfried, is highly skilled and her bosom companion. She changed her occupation from knight to cavalier, to knight, to Bureacrat since she last updated the family logs. She is very happy doing paperwork and protecting the Empire's citizens in the Army of the Ered Luins.
09/02/1007. Renee was given the deeds to Rauxod and become its Countess. Her first action caused immediate controversy, as she closed a temple to Athonlaurism, a religion from Minas Ithil. There was an uproar from the Republic, some condemning her, but many more coming to her defense. A new law was invoked because of her actions, where any action against a religion will get a noble instantly banned from The Empire. Things calmed down after a few days, thanks in part to the words of Khaludh, who originally built that temple.
11/12/1007. There was a large monster uprising when the Empire's armies went off to war against Abington (which they won). Renee was busy for many days fighting the beasts. Since then things have progressed smoothly. A temple to Order was built in Rauxod. She tore down the archer recruitment center, as it wasn't efficient, and build a cheap Infantry RC in its place. She has been made the new Marshal of the Ered Luin, and the defense army is bigger than ever. Renee is content.
02/19/1008. Much has happened in the past few months. In brief, Renee became a Buro and toured the Empire, restoring regions to proper order. She then changed back to a knight and quit the Ered Luin to properly fight outside the Empire's borders. She went to Suville, which unfortunately led to defeat. However, she recently became a mentor, to help the new knights in the Empire, and she is already proud to have six students. She enjoys the teaching and the open curiosiy of the students.
07/23/1008. Again, much time passed. Renee became the Duchess of Nida when Gen disappeared. She joined the Foresters, investing money into that guild. She has also become the Marshal of the Eaglin Eagles. All in all, things are very good for the (now) oldest sibling in the Quasath family.
10/24/1008. After a successful stint as Marshal, Renee stepped down to pursue a life as a Buro again. She did not have enough time to be an exemplary Marshal. Also, with some behind the scenes diplomacy and bartering, Renee brought Esgalons into the Duchy of Nida. With a few more regions, Nida will be a power in its own right.

Sir Chault, Hero and High Marshal of Wetham, Wetham, DECEASED


Chault was the quietest of the three children. Not that he didn't have anything to say, he simply let his older siblings have their way. He was patient enough to find his own way. He enjoyed being with the servants and common folk more than most of his family. He learned his fighting from the sergeants and the rank and file. He had more passion when he fought, and was often scolded by his parents for his behaviour. So, he learned to be polite, as well as speak his mind.
When Lopke was knighted, and Renee soon after, Chault decided that the Cagilan Empire for not the place for him. With barely an acknowledgement from his parents, he left his home. The send-off from his friends and the villagers was something else entirely! Soon after he caught a boat for the Colonies. Almost immediately upon landing, he saw the goodness that was in Wetham, and their just cause in removing the Assassins. He joined their ranks quickly enough.
Chault proved himself in several fights against the Assassins and monsters around Wetham. The two huge battles in South Bakker tested his mettle and he passed. He was disappointed with the cowardice of his men, but then realized that they only follow their commander. Determined, his most recent battle was, in his mind a success. His unit was slaughtered, but they didn't rout.
With the thought that the leader IS the unit, Chault has changed his outlook in life. He is no longer a knight. He is a Hero. He will help the people. He will lead his men himself. He will do what he can for Wetham and for the cause of Good.
Chault`s unit: Angel`s Fury. Although they have come close to full defeat several times, there are always a few veterans to keep the unit alive. Once again the ranks are being filled out.
Chault's life has been a flurry of activity in the Colonies. A large battle with the Assassins on 03/11/1007 led to another defeat, mostly because of the palisade in South Bakker. Angel's Fury soldiers all perished in the battle, with only the Captain escaping. Unfortunately, the Captain died from his wounds on the journey back to Hulaferd. Chault recruited a new unit in Wetham and named them the Holy Crusaders.
As a reward for his loyalty and aid to the realm, Chault was granted the lands of Hulaferd and declared Count on 03/26/1007. He immediately summoned new knights to Hulaferd and granted them lands. They are: Lady Kureshtal (who already had her personal estate in Hulaferd), Hitran, belkin, and Moradoq.
As of 04/12/1007, nothing much has happened. With the King's help Hulaferd is at peak efficiency. Chault has built 2 siege engines to help in the coming battle, and there is a sense of coming battle from many realms, but everyone is simply waiting. The dam will burst soon enough.
The dam burst, but not quite in the expected way. Through quiet discussion, King sasuke stepped down from the throne. Sir Atticus was chosen again as King. Chault was given the position of High Marshal through his devotion to King Atticus. There was a rebellion in the Guild and Lord Innocent overthrew Diana. Wetham attacked South Bakker again, but through a series of accidents and reinforcements, couldn't take it. Things go into an uneasy truce as we wait to see what Lord Innocent proclaims. The Holy Crusaders fought admirably in the battle, but retreated too early for Chault's taste.
Through illness, King Atticus stepped down and King Wolfgang took his place. Chault kept his position as High Marshal.
08/25/1007. Chault's long preparations for an attack on South Bakker were successful. It is now under siege. Peaceful talks with the Assassins came to naught and there was a deathly calm between the two realms. Chault got Wetham prepared and when the time was right, he attacked, and won, in South Bakker. Time will tell if his overall plan is successful.
09/28/1007. The siege of South Bakker lasted for 3 weeks and in the end the take over was successful. Unfortunately the region could not be kept, and after a defeat at the walls of Dark Citadel, Wetham was forced to withdraw and re-group. Also, fearing the loss of Hulaferd due to the new tax system, Chault gave up the rulership of his beloved home to Hemming.
Chault died on 10/5/1007 at the hands of a murderous Outer Tilogean mob who attacked Hulaferd. He was mourned a true hero of Wetham.

Sir Samuel, Earl of Libba, High Priest of Nomudou in the Grand Duchy of Fissoa

08/25/1007. Just off the boat in Sandalak, SWI, Samuel came at the invitation of his friend, Rad Salamat. He hopes to have some fun. His new unit Pillars of War I are raw, but eager.
10/11/1007. Samuel somehow managed to bluff the lords in power to give him a region. Falens was the one bestowed on him. Too bad the people hated Sandalak and him. The region quickly plummeted to disrepair. Samuel has valiantly struggled on, drinking the wine and pissing on the peasantry. A few days past Ikalak invaded and began a take over. He waits to see the results.
11/12/1007. Samuel is still in Falens, and the peasants still run amuck. He is Marshal of the Taselak Army, and is hoping to become Prime Minister soon.
02/19/1008. One of Samuel's regrets is that he never got Falens under full control. The people always rose up against him, or Ikalak invaded. He stuck to the bottle for many moons, until Magni left the Prime Minister's office and Sir Rad took his place. Shortly thereafter the island was to sink, destined for the bottom of the ocean. In a grand scam, Rad took over 8000 gold from Sandalak nobles, becoming a traitor forever. However, in the aftermath Samuel was elected Prime Minister with the promise to restore order, which he did. Then he settled down to wait for the right boat to leave harbour.
That boat came a month later, and Samuel left for Dwilight. Once there he quickly formed a bargain with Governor Gilead and was made a knight of Madina in exchange for restoring the region. He worked hard for a week, even travelling to Fissoa in the east. There, his work was recognized by the Grand Doge Nosferatus and he was given Libba to watch over. It is proving to be a most welcome home.
04/05/1008. Samuel urged his Duke to secede from Madina, in the best interest of the eastern regions, and Duke Agenor did so. The new realm of the Grand Duchy of Fissoa was born, and Samuel was honoured with the position of Banker. As one of his first personal assignments, he created the new Duchal army.
06/23/1008 Samuel has enjoyed a good life in Fissoa. With a few others, he tried an expedition to the city of Shinnen to make his own realm. The overwhelming strength of the monsters prevented the first attempt. He will try again. In the meantime, he has taken control of the Fissoan army to fight off the infestation of monsters.
07/23/1008. After a very successful run as Marshal of the Privateers, Samuel gave up the reins to the army. He is still busy fighting off wave after wave of monsters.
09/17/1008. Samuel has been content fighting monsters with his highly skilled unit of archers and supervising food supplies. However, the spirits voices have been getting louder. It's only a matter of time now.
10/23/1008. Samuel answered the call of the spirits. Upon their advice he built the first temple in Libba, and after a night of binge-drinking, was re-appointed Earl. The new faith is called Nomudou, and it has already spread to a quarter of the nobility and has 4 temples in Fissoa. Samuel excels at preaching, especially after a few drinks.


Sir Tenal, Count of Orbeh, Arcaea

10/10/1007. A cousin of the Quasath family, from a branch family, Tenal is out to make a name for himself in the Far East. Sartan himself provided the vision for Tenal's journey there. He has high hopes.
11/12/1007. Tenal has made a name for himself in a short time. He is second-in-command of the Swift Hand of Sartan (SHS), and a vocal contributor to the realm. He had a brief spat with the Pontifex, but that relationship has been repaired. Tenal will be going places!
02/19/1008. Indeed he went places. He became the Marshal of the SHS, then advanced to become The Keeper of Sartania (the Judge). He constantly questions the Constitution, testing others resolve. He had a brief mental illness when the realm turned quiet, and has been doing his best to maintain order and the regions in control after several Horde invasions from Arcachon.
07/23/1008. A month ago, Tenal left Sartania in disgust after the bastard Ascanius single-handedly destroyed the realm he helped make. He first went to the East Continent, where he briefly joined the realm of Old Rancagua, only to discover they were being slaughtered by Fontan. Rightly so. They were elves! Again, in disgust he went wandering to Sirion, only to find them also ruled by elves. Thoroughly disillusioned, Tenal caught the next boat *back* to the Far East, where he took up the old offer of his love to join Arcaea. There he was quickly accepted, and his love re-kindled with Lady Madelena.
10/24/1008. News in brief. Madelena became Imperial Magistrate of Arcaea. Tenal became Count of Orbeh. War is being waged on Ethiala, Cathay, and Greater Aenilia, with mostly victories for Arcaea. Madelena is pregnant and Tenal is engaged. The engagement has just been publicly announced.

Mathen 'Underhand', Adventurer. Forced to serve Sint. Deceased.

Mathen, the black sheep of the family. Deposited on their estate when he was a baby, with a note that claimed he was part of the Quasath bloodline. The priests that were called in could not be sure either way if he was indeed one of them. So, rather than risk divine anger, Mathen was raised on the estate. He was never mistreated, more...ignored.
Mathen was smart enough not to cause any trouble nearby. Yet soon his antics were heard even back on the Quasath estate. Not wanting to further their embaressment, he was given some silver and sent away. Travelling restlessly for a time, Mathen decided to leave the continent for a better chance at making a name for himself.
Arriving in Beluaterra, or Sint to be exact, he was brought to the local court. Promising he would not be a nuisance, he was free to go his own way. Only spending a few days in town, he soon left for thrills and money.
Mathen has already hunted down dozens of monsters and undead. He's not much for searching for items, he'd rather fight. Recently recognized for his efforts, he is a known a bit more in the area.
Mathen experienced a brief stay in the clink. Captured by Mesh forces, he thrown in jail. However, their Judge Legault showed himself to be a fair man and after listening to Mathen's protests of innocence, he released him. Mathen is back in Sint doing his thing, killing monsters.
Lacking a compass, Mathen wandered back into Mesh lands and was captured again. This time he was left to rot for the full 6 days, as it was his second offence. Judge Legault offered to accept him into Mesh' service, but Mathen did not change allegiance. Now he's back in Sint, heading north.
08/25/1007. It has been reported that Mathen is dead. After joining forces with a few other adventurers, namely: Elinna, Marzo, and Grekk, Mathen hunted and gathered like any other man. There was a brief rise in hope when the King of Vlaanderen promised recommendations, but that never came. That incident, along with constant friction with one of his groupmates, Grekk, led to tempers flaring. Mathen challenged Grekk to a duel, and lost. His speed couldn't match Grekk's strength.

Dalan, Adventurer. Fighter. Hero. Lord of Lorient

Dalan, a recent wanderer, is in Melhed. So far his claim to fame has been finding the Astonishing Nightblade of Betrayal
Good group of chums to travel with. Fafhrd, Letizia, Xander, and Jade.
1008/9/29 Found Tempus' Ring of Freedom today after fighting an undead champion. The monstrous skeleton had it on his little finger, and it let him move freely amongst the forest underbrush. It should come in handy as I fight, before I sell it off.
Unbelievably, only a few days later on 1008/10/02, Dalan found the Daemonic Guard of Protection in Trottie. The huge troll was no match for the growing skill of Dalan, and the shield was randomly thrown onto a pile of coins. More's the pleasure for Dalan!
Once again Dalan showed his skill and luck by finding another item of power. On 1008/10/23, after fighting a ghoulish champion, Dalan claimed the Thrice-Blessed Helm of Life. Too bad he lost in again while being ambushed by the same ghouls minions. Fate had a nice laugh at Dalan that time.
On 1008/11/27 Dalan, the brave and lucky fellow, found his fifth item of power. Another ring, this one had the cheerful name of the Cursed Ring of Enchanting. Taken from a smelly beast the size of an ox, Dalan hopes to have better service from it than its previous bearers. Sold to Sir Zul'Jin II Stormreaver of Melhed.
The magnificent Dalan found his sixth item of power on 1008/12/07. The Enchanted Hammer of Betrayal is a powerful weapon discovered in pristine condition. Dalan killed the lightning devil who owned it with quick thinking and one sword thrust.
1009/11/7. It's been a while. Dalan was grievously wounded by a large skeleton, then was tossed into the sea, where he floated off to sea. He was picked up by a boat on the way to East Island, and landed there. His right arm was ruined by the undead, so he began training with the left. He got an estate, thanks to his reputation, with the Duke of Aix in Perdan. He worked his way to a lordship in Lorient. He fought for Perdan for years, building his reputation as a fighter, then a hero. He died in an assault on a Caligus fortress. He shall be missed.

In a large ceremony, your family commemorates the dead Dalan, a legend known all over the world. For days, the family graveyard swarms with his friends and admirers. Artists compose songs and poems about him, and young maidens cry in their chambers.

Dalan's Notes