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Archbane family used to be the Gomez family which originated Mansbridge, Norland.

1st Generation

Lord Geoffrey 'Bun'

Youngest of the first generation and current head of the family, currently residing at the family home at Oporto. Married to Arriane, his first cousin. Former Chancellor of Fontan and Lord of Akesh Temple, he has retired from realm work, choosing to concentrate on running the family and their business interests. He has five children, four with Lady Arriane and one with a courtesan.

Lady Arriane

A close cousin, joined the family when she was in her teenage years, she was adopted by Poomer and Elorie Archbane, when the family used to reside in Mansbridge. Arriane married her cousin Geoffrey 'Bun'.

Konungr Phillip Lacoste

The oldest son has shown absolute loyalty to his home, Norland. Once Marquis of Mansbridge and Baron of Moramroth, the barony lost on his watch. He is a viking man, pure and simple. Ok, I mean as simple as a viking can get when hes not drunk or berserk.

In recent years, he has been appointed Konungr of Norland, and has led them into a war with Minas Ithil to regain their ancestral city of York.

2nd Generation

Lord Lorrie Furion (RIP)

Eldest son of the GB and A, Lorrie followed his fathers footsteps and put his lot with Fontan, he is pretty smart and outspoken. An idealist and atheist, a strongheaded person and his razor-sharp sense of sarcasm. He was the marquis of Tokat until Caligus took it when Fontan could only spare an army to defend against Caligus. On 28/8/08, he died in a duel with Arch Priest Cartor Curs of Caligus in a duel to the death to resolve the animosity between them.

Lady Anna Arlington

Older daughter of GB and A, Anna was a fiesty little girl, going to all those troubled realms. Kalmar Isles, LOF, Toren followed by Caergoth. She decided to give up her life of war and fighting for a life of peace as a lady, and thus she retired to the old family home in Mansbridge.

Freeman Seth Persio

Geoffrey 'Bun' 's offspring from some ahem with a pretty young thing in the famous courtesan streets of Krimml. Only to hear of this child on one of his travels, he looked the child and mother together, to find out for himself. And to his horror, he found the mother vaguely familiar. Since then they have been recieving a monthly stipend from the family. One day, Seth decided to strike out on his own. Arriving in Beluterra, he participated against the Undead invasion, and killed his fair share of monsters and undead. One day, he was badly injured, captured by the undead. He decided it wasn't worth risking his life for fame and fortune. And went home, his father set him up with a nice wagon-making business in Oporto and since then, he has never looked back.

Lady Gwendolyn Elorie

Younger daughter of GB and A, she was named after her grandmother. She arrived in Dwilight awhile back, and found Pians En Luries to her liking. Since then, she has put her heart and sword into it, fighting for the duchy of Giask, and was duly rewarded to be the first Countess of Mellifera. For now the region of Mellifera has become a monster haven, and she is still waiting for the day PEL has the chance to retake Mellifera.

She became lord of Cadier, but it too went rogue, after a very long battle with monsters and undead for control of Cadier. Recently, filled with guilt, she has taken it all out on the Queen and the Order of St.Isteyn who Gwendolyn deems evil.

Knight Thorius Furion

Youngest of all of Geoffrey 'Bun's kids, Thorius, was their favourite son. An outspoken fella like his brother, he was pretty talented in business and at the tender age of 16, was running a troublesome distillery for the family with a tremendous profit. He would have otherwise stayed a businessman, if not for the demise of his eldest brother. A noble family of Fontan, the Archbane decided to send Thorius to take his brothers place amongst the active nobles of Fontan.