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The Chénier family from Athol Margos (Beluaterra), has a fame of 37 and family wealth of 8303 gold.

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Family Fame


Short History

The Chénier family has it's roots in Shiverwood (Norland), where they have lived for many generations before the drought. As food supplies ran shorter, and food prices went up, the family father, Alexandre Chénier, decided to send his two eldest sons, Jean-Olivier and Louis-Joseph, out to gain their own fame and riches to increase the family's status. Following the costs it took the family to send their two sons to Beluaterra, Lyse ventured out in Norland in an attempt to regain the family wealth, and more, before venturing out herself on another island, where she could hold a more promising future.

While Lyse had a generally unremarkable career as a troop leader and infiltrator before gaining power in Springdale on Dwilight and co-founding the realm of Caerwyn, the same cannot be said for her brothers and her cousins, Nicolas and Machiavel. It is through these men, though less so for Machiavel, that the Chénier family has gained a reputation of boldness, if not recklessness, and a reputation of rebelliousness. Unorthodox and provocative ideology has earned them infamy, amplified by the high-profile and public insanity of King Jean-Olivier Chénier of Fwuvoghor. Jean-Olivier was one of the founding members of the Church of Teros, which later folded into the Blood Cult founded by Louis-Joseph, a faith on Beluaterra which quickly gained notoriety for its shocking of general morals and which was quickly associated with the the former by his opponents and enemies.

Nicolas, having only recently become active in family affairs, was quick to go to the Kingdom of Fwuvoghor where he was told his cousin had had great importance. As he arrived, he was treated with suspicion and distrust by the republican seditionists, while the leadership of the Church of Teros taught him the glory of his blood. It became obvious to him that his predecessor was insane, but he sympathized with the loyal monarchists as he became a friend of the new King, a peer of the faith. When the traitorous Mordred pushed a loyal infiltrator into committing suicide, it became clear that rebellion was about to break out, and so after consulting with the monarch Nicolas took the measures he could to launch a preemptive rebellion and save the Kingdom from the republican rebels, but corruption had been great and he was quickly out-resourced, allowing Mordred and his goons to cast down the Kingdom of Fwuvoghor's honourable monarchy. Times were hard for Nicolas after this, seeing those who trusted him oppressed by the "republican" oligarchy, his church annihilated by them and his new church persecuted by the very same people. At this time Nicolas and Louis-Joseph's lives became intertwined, directly affecting each other while meeting very rarely. As the Cult gained influence throughout the continent, Nicolas progressed in Enweil, the largest and wealthiest realm of the continent, neighbour to the reformed Republic of Fwuvoghor. His military career eventually lead to a political one, where through Enweil he pushed for action and changes, notably the annihilation of the usurpers' mockery of Fwuvoghor and integration of the territory into Enweil's jurisdiction, which for a while was a cultist province.

The Division

For a long time, Jean-Olivier was the most respected son of Alexandre Chénier. He was the eldest, after all, and has always been more physically apt that his siblings. When the Chéniers went abroad, he was the one taking care of the family affairs, until the very end of his career in Fronen. There, everything changed. Everything he had gained had been lost, everything he had done was for nothing, everybody he knew was exiled, and everything he believed in shattered. He, quite simply, lost it. He went mad. And in his blood lust, he attacked Wudenkin alone, wanting to keep fighting until every avalonian laid dead. But it did not work out that way. Shortly after his first attack, he was assaulted from the shadows, preventing him from changing his strategy by giving new orders to his men. The next day, they struck again, but they were too weak and Jean-Olivier was finally apprehended. After two failed escape attempts, the man who no realm cared about was deported by Jelpot to the colonies, were his madness only worsened. This had been rather scandalous for the Chéniers, making some former peers disdainful of them. Louis-Joseph, most of all, was affected by this. Though saddened at the beginning, fury eventually took grief's place while he took control of the family affairs. Lyse, more naive, was led to believe that Jelpot had sent Jean-Olivier to a watery death, which was close enough to reality to have third parties "confirm" this to her. Louis-Joseph was protective of her, and did not want her to taint their family's reputation any more by associating herself with Jean-Olivier, which she had always admired, in a way. Jean-Olivier was obviously infuriated by this, but at this point even his parents had rejected him, going along with Louis-Joseph's story, and only communicating with him when they had little choice, making sure he would not live close to another Chénier. Jean-Olivier then transformed his frustration in a deep hatred from Louis-Joseph, which he saw as weak and, rightfully so, incompetent with the sword, symbol of valour and honour to him. Since some time now, Louis-Joseph hasn't given much thought to Jean-Olivier, only making sure he doesn't see him again, and he, in return, only thinks of his brother from time to time, but he feels disgusted and jealous every time he does, as he used to once hold the family responsibilities Louis-Joseph now does.

The Reunion

After Jean-Olivier's death, the family came closer together. Though Nicolas followed in his footsteps for many things, the wounds of old could finally heal and family ambitions came back together as the Church of Teros and the Blood Cult became one. They have, since the Le-Fay family began anti-Cultist propaganda in their generalizing of anti-Jean-Olivier sentiment, worked together on many issues to much success.

Family: "Second Generation" (new account)

The Chéniers rose through ruthlessness, each in their own way. Some like King Jean-Olivier seeking wanton carnage and not fearing to place himself first before any threat, others more calculating and diplomatic like Dragon King Machiavel who rose more slowly but surely, some as Nicolas leading grand armies with visions of worldly domination, and others as Guillaume with a greater focus on the minds and spirits of those around him. The paths to power were diverse, but in the end, they all fell. Setting themselves ablaze to prevent capture as their capitals succumbed, torn to pieces by ferocious beasts in single combat, and assassinated by deadly toxins are but among the various ways these men fell.

Leaving scores of orphans behind, these were scattered into various foster homes, where they were raised anonymously as nobles of no particular importance.

Guillaume's Children



Machiavel's Children


Family: "First Generation"

Alexandre and Louise's children


The fiercest and oldest of the sons of Alexandre Chénier, he was quick to insult, and quite prideful. After being banished from Fronen as a young knight, a realm for which he thought he would die, he completely lost his mind and all respect for other living things. After his exile, he went to seclude himself in the realm of Outer Tilog in the colonies, a grim and dreadful realm which remodelled him into a twisted knight. He became known to be antipathic, strict, cruel, sadistic, as well as habing had a tendency to grow wild ambitions when not guided by a charismatic leader. He became the Arch Priest of Fwuvoghor when his friend Crow Onyx was poisoned, for which he feared by some and loathed by many. After he perceived Retravic as having failed at establishing proper order in the realm, he became more chaotic and ambitious, causing further unrest in the realm. When the king challenged his nobility, he was quick to organize a putsch, quickly slaying the crippled king in duel and proclaiming himself king. Allying himself with the undead, he ferociously opposed the monsters and the daimons, and all those who sided with them. He died in battle against monsters as the King of Fwuvoghor, his healers having been bribed by the republicans to poison him when he was taken into their care.


Being the second son, tends to be calmer and prefers to avoid violence, but will do what he can to prove himself. He tends to be rather silent and keep to himself, and though ambitious, he is patient and moderated. It is therefore unsurprising that he first took the career of the bureaucrat. Having his own unique personality, Louis-Joseph has become less active at times. The defeat of his cult weighted hard on his soul before he managed to refound it, since when he has grown stronger and more confident, dedicating his life to the gods and to spread their will. Though he can hold rather controversial ideas at heart, he has a greater tendency to keep them to himself than most members of his family, usually only talking when he feels it must be said despite age having made him more stubborn. He has long lived in Melhed, roaming the continent to spread the influence of the Blood Cult for which he is the Teocoatl.


The second daughter of the Chéniers and twin of Louis-Joseph, the adventurous yet naive Lyse has followed many paths. Once a cavalier for Taselak, SEI, she now has returned to that same realm as a lady of the shadows, after an adventure worthy of being made into songs. She is very passionate, and though joyful she is capable of great anger if she or family were wronged. After being a founding member of the Council of Lords in Springdale, she went to found Caerwyn with former Taselakians where she became banker. After a while, boredom of the administrative life made her retire.

Pierre's children

Nicolas Chénier

Nicolas Chénier is the son that was born with nothing and grew to gain everything. Abandoned at birth to a religious order, he was only greeted back into the family at adulthood, where he strived to prove his worth, his cunning and strength compensating for his lack of manners and poor education. From the East Continent where he first proved his worth, he left for Beluaterra to join the Republic of Fwuvoghor, a realm his cousin had lead before dying in battle. Quickly shunned by those who opposed his cousin, he was integrated by Jean-Olivier's loyalist to fill the void of leadership his absence had created, though this prolonged lack of leadership had given the usurper Mordred enough time to funnel large amounts of gold and take power himself, exiling the old loyalists and ending the monarchy, forcing Nicolas to seek refuge in Enweil. From there, he made a name for himself as a military leader, a marshal of the Army of Fengen, and gradually moved up the hierarchy from there. Becoming lord, and eventually general, he assured a place for himself in the largest, wealthiest, and strongest realm of the continent, until he finally took power, upon Handkor's incapacitation, and proclaimed himself Supreme Chancellor of Enweil. Though no longer ruling, he is still a respected royal of the realm and prominent military figure. Though he juggles with his titles through the months, he is always a marshal, of the Imperial Raiders of Ete for some time now and of the Army of Fengen previously, is Field Marshal of Enweil when he feels like it, and is also a lord of the realm when the opportunity presents itself and he deems it beneficial to take it. He was the Marshal of the Imperial Raiders of Ete, Field Marshal of Enweil, and Lord of Wheling, having recently stepped down from his post as Ambassador of Enweil in order to focus on his military duties.

Nicolas died as Field Marshal of Enweil and Viscount of Wheling when the armies of Enweil were ambushed by the monster swarms.

Machiavel Chénier

A scholarly type, he is the one most attracted to knowledge, especially knowledge about all forms of power. He is glad to serve as an adviser, and has written many essays on tyrannies, thinking of gathering them up in one great tome to publish for the world.

Guillaume Chénier

He started young and inexperienced warrior of the realm of Assassins on the Colonies. When unfriendly rumours sprang about his family, he decided to pack up and leave to meet his eldest brother in Enweil, whom he had never met. After witnessing the destruction caused by the monsters, so many nobles dying and having a good number of his bones broken in battle, he picked up the cloth to serve as a priest. At first a priest of Eretzism, he soon converted to the Blood Cult, becoming a priest of Hiacoatl so that he may be of more use to his realm and to be up to his older brother's expectations. When the latter died, he set out on a trek to try to bring him back.

Guillaume eventually turned back of the cloth, and disbanded the Blood Cult he had inherited. He focused his life on his mundane career, and climbed through the ranks of Enweil. As he rose, the monument that was Handkor, the long-time ruler, started to be less and less present in the realm, and Guillaume eventually became Supreme Chancellor and duke, among other titles. His rule was not very prosperous, having inherited a decaying nation unable to recover from the deep blows inflicted by the daimons, namely the death of a large part of its nobility and the sinking of a large part of its economy. The old wars resumed, as they always had, despite his best efforts to turn the page. Eventually, he managed to secure a ceasefire with Riombara, in exchange for him surrendering himself to them, which he agreed to.

He did not stay very long, though. For some time, he served as shadow ruler of Enweil, guiding the inexperienced Supreme Chancellor that replaced him and providing him from all information he learned in Riombara, until one of his messages was intercepted and he was expelled. He left for the North to prevent his presence from provoking Riombara to renew war with his battered people, but they were not deterred, and declared war on Enweil anyways, prompting him to return to his homeland to better lead its defense. Eventually, he rallied the most zealous of the realm to form the Imperial Host of Fheuv'n, a realm dedicated to Enweil's defense, and led to more daring campaigns that Enweil would not risk itself to, but ultimately both realms succumbed to the combined weight of Riombara and the Daimons.

In the end, Riombara's army marched in to destroy Fheuv'n, and he had his children fee to foreign realms as he and his wife set themselves ablaze in a trap to avoid capture and torture.

Serge's children

Miroslav Chénier