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Beluaterra. more maps...

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OOC Note: This island is a testing island (as is Dwilight), 
so expect to see bugs as new features are tested and improved.

Beluaterra is a young land constantly plagued by invasions of various types. Mankind, a fractious lot at best, must periodically contend with foul and fearsome beasts rampaging, and worse, with the walking dead. More recently, daimons have invaded and begun owning regions. At times it gets so bad that it seems that the men of Beluaterra will be driven back into the seas.

Some view this as a curse: they claim that men were not meant to rule this wild land. Others see an opportunity: vast swaths of uninhabited wilderness, rogue regions just waiting to be conquered, whole realms waiting to be founded and forged into something stronger than the soft and comfortable realms of Atamara and East Island, something greater and nobler than the brutish tribes of the South Islands.

This island is distant from the others, and things don't always work the same here, as they do elsewhere.

OOC Note: This island is a testing island (as is Dwilight), so expect to see bugs as new features are tested and improved.



  • The First Age The time between the colonization of the New World and the beginning of the First Invasion around Fall 1003 (?).
  • The Second Age The time between the first and second invasions: roughly between Spring/Summer 1004 (?) and (?)
  • The Third Age Between the second invasion ending in winter 1005 and the ascension of Prudent to the head of the daimonic Netherworld hordes at June 1007.
    • The Third Invasion - The First Daimon War: between June 1007 and sometime during 1008
  • The Fourth Age The time between the Third and the Fourth Invasion - from mid 1008 until May 1010.
    • Fourth Invasion - The 3 Warring Factions: having taken place between May 1010 and January 1011.
  • The Fifth Age The time between the end of the Fourth Invasion at January 1011 until December 1011.
    • Fifth Invasion - From Overlord's Attack on December 1011 until Overlord's defeat on July 1012
  • The Sixth Age The time between the end of the Fifth Invasion at July 1012 until January 1016.
    • Sixth Invasion - The Daimon Invasion of 2016 and 2017.
  • The Seventh Age - The era of peace starting in October 2017.



Lost Realms


Active Religions

Lost Religions

See: Beluaterra/Religion Database

Major Geographical Features





For those who think a Balrog is no obstacle.
An inter-realm information network.
A small group of Celts, originally from the South of Atamara have decided it is time to set up a guild headquarters.
Nobles and Adventurers together against non-humanity!