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Little is known about this realm other than it was created through secession from Lin Helon by Zeafurum Kelesthom, who was also its ruler. He seceded under claims Ar Agyr could not protect Lin Helon from invaders. No one knows whether the invaders were human(Defensive Alliance) or undead(it was the eve of the Second Invasion). The secession occurred on, or around, November 29, 1004. It was still alive on February 14, 1005. The government form was a republic, or at least began as a republic. It is said the ruler became highly paranoid and was the cause of the realm's downfall. Ar Agyr destroyed Delmara.

Note: As Lin Helenon did not survive the First Invasion, Delmara must have existed during the First Age. The dates named above support this as the First Age covered the years 1004 and at least part of 1005. Kammar d'Serrai