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Order of the Druids


During the recent Monster invasion, Hector of Avalon was met by a stranger name Arian who was very mysterious. He worked to help defeat the monster invasion and assisted with planting the replacement barrier known as the Colony Tree, which was a sacrifice of Jessica.

At the time, Arian was the last of his kind, the Druid Order, which was destroyed by some evil druids working with the underworld demons and creatures almost 5 years ago.

The "Order of the Druids" was founded to help continue the protection of Beluaterra and mankind from all things evil, including both Monsters and Man.

We keep our eyes on the signs and Governments who are bent on evil.

We believe in a supreme power, and we believe in the study of science. Our focus is primarily on the sciences that the supreme power has placed here for our discovery.

Althought rumors spread that we Druids conduct human sacrifices, that is generally spread by Governments who fear our watchful eyes, and creatures of the Netherworld, whom also fear our guardianship over man.


  • The Beliefs of the Druids
  • The Order of the Druids Views of other Religions
  • History

  • The History of the Druids
  • Historical Order of Leadership of the Druids
  • The Druid Oath

  • The Oath of the Druids
  • Arian

  • The History of Arian. (That which he has revealed to us)
  • Recent Studies of the Spread of our Religion

  • The Spread of the Order of the Druids is occassionaly studied, and is posted here.
  • Map of Druid Spread

  • The Order of the Druids
    Cross4.jpg AvalonBanner.gif
    (Druid Cross) (Avalon Crest)
    Continent / Island Beluaterra
    Main Temple Realm Avalon

    Number of Priests
    Number of Temples
    Number of Shrines

    • 3
    • 4
    • 0

    Founder/Head Priest
    Additional Priest(s)

    1st Temple [Size]
    Other Temple [Size]

    Shrine Locations

    • none [0]
    Congregation About 83,760 peasents
    Noble Members 18 nobles