Cruel Ring of Melhed

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The ring is part of  history. Part of the tragedy of the continent.

The ring enters the story at the dawn of the Age of Blood when Emperor Tsu ordered it forged to honour the fallen champion of the north, Pontifex Argos of Melhed, Guardian of the Eternal Flame. Argos was slain at the Fell Crossing by the First Necromancer marking the beginning of the first invasion. The invasion ended with the death of that creature and from its staff the ring was forged. The dark copper spike at the base that had been driven into the earth to draw up the dreadful magic was cut free and worked in the heat of the Eternal Flame until it became that ring. 

Officially Emperor Tsu included the ring in the Imperial Regalia though it was lost with the disappearance of the Emperor at the end of the Age of Blood. Fey Twix recovered the ring during the second invasion after battling with the Death Knight on the shores of Lake Salaman. But it was lost again during the Age of Ruin when the Tyrants burned the Imperial Palace during the reforging of Ar Agyr.

This ring is a symbol of many things. Of suffering, and cruelty but also our determination to forge something new from the ashes.

Be mindful of wearing it for too long, the First Necromancer is dead, but the Abyss will whisper promises. 

Type Ring
Discovered By Nero
Discovery Date 2019-01-19
Discovery Location Orde, Beluaterra
Abilities Prestige +5
Current Owner Nero

Nero was battled the Undead Champion, the battle going back and forth, until the undead just sorta fell at his feet. Noticing the shiny ring, he ripped it off its finger. The ring bore an inscription but not much could be made of the writing. The clearest word inscribed upon the band was the word: Melhed.

Type Ring
Discovered By Deve
Discovery Date 2019-8-8
Discovery Location Wailing Wood, Beluaterra
Abilities Prestige +5
Current Owner Deve

Discovered by Deve while scouting the region.