Midas Chia

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The Banner of Midas Chia

For the Dictator we will waste our blood!

The Beginning

2005-03-18 was the memorial date that River seceeded the city of Grehk from Luz de Bia. With him he had the support of Ebion, Ime, Dikc, The New Paradigm and many more. The seceed came due to a dispute in Luz de Bia. There was great unrest about the ongoing of the council. Some troopleaders didn't agree with the acts of the council and seceeded. So they formed the realm Midas Chia. Midas Chia is doomed to have war with Luz de Bia. Their only option is to break trough their lines, if not, they will die. They are situated between Riombara and Luz de Bia.


The Tyranny of Midas Chia



  • Grehkian Army, no marshal:
    • Duke of Grehk, River
    • Ticharius
    • Halo
    • Ebion
    • clarion
    • Étienne
    • Marquis of Mio Dupaki, Chakka
    • Meklar
    • iorion
    • johnny
    • jameson



Families represented

Willems Family