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Flag of Gotland









Duchies and Regions of Gotland

Duchy of Gethsemene

Gethsemene | Sniika | Baqua | Ffangor | Haji | Fikman

Duchy of Fianik

Fianik | Porl

Icon-D.png Introduction to Gotland culture

Gotland is a place of constant, healthy competition, set on a holy task to stay strong and fighting at all times, with or without invasion. Gotland continually offers a constant opportunity to grow and battle for experienced and inexperienced nobles alike. Goats play a central role in the culture and noble society of Gotland. Studying 'the Herd' is critical, perhaps as important as military experience to exceed in ones career. Allthough a unique and wild culture, Gotland has its own code of law and a very strong community.

Fighting the daimon invasion is Gotlands priority, and even during times of peace, Gotland will be preparing for war. Every noble in Gotland has the right to warfare under the code of the Herd and may demand war to be declared if none is available.

Several traditions and habits make Gotland quite unique among other realms, Goats are a very central aspect to those habits. Their droppings are considered a potent medicine and are consumed in many dishes or drinks, among one of the famous: Gotland Goat ale, a brew enriched with goat milk, honey and goat droppings. Special saunas in dung heaps are also a particular habit that aren't seen anywhere else. Smelling clean isn't considered pleasant, the pungent smell of bucks(male goats) is often viewed as the favorite odor of both men and women.

Even in language, the people of Gotland refer to the herd, pastures or Goats in traditional sayings or songs. Celebration is often an important aspect to society as well. Where soldiers of Gotland aren't fighting, they are celebrating and spreading tales of heroism.

Icon-D.png Government

The government is a simple top down hierarchy, where a ruler is expected to rule till dead or abdication. Every new ruler that is appointed will claim his or her own title, often given by the people, indication his or her character or their way of ruling the realm. (the last rulers where called Exalted Tyrant Chilperik, Goatspeaker Sygg and Bloodscreamer Thessues) Even though elections are non existent, the ruler can choose to consult its people, which often happens.

The Manstomper leads the armies, being responsible for coordination and communication with allies, the Manstomper is appointed by the ruler and with the position comes an iconic sword, the Sabre of Goathair, which is handed down from Manstomper to Manstomper. The item is said to be made out of hair from the Great Goat himself and he who wields it will get the immediate attention of the great hairy one.

The Judge(whipmaster) is responsible for region control and defending the code of the Herd, he has much freedom to choose how to handle each case of transgression.

The Banker (Leech) has full authority and the trade of food is fully in control by the Leech, he makes sure food is managed as effectively as possible within the realm and may export where possible.

Dukes have allot of room to rule their duchies as they see fit. They may deal with apointments which ever way they prefer and allow what temples or guilds are welcome or not in their duchy.

Icon-D.png Religion

Only one religions can be called truly Gotlandish, namely: The Great Herd. The peasants and nobles of Gotland are free follow their own religion as far as their dukes let them. Religions among which are present in Gotland:

Icon-D.png Region Claims

If you believe you deserve lordship, claim it! If a region has no Lord, put your name forth and unless you receive competition you will most likely be appointed shortly. Regions already controlled by a local lord may be challenged by the butting of heads(dueling) depending on which Duchy those regions are part of and the current policy of that Duke. These are the current policies per duchy:

  • Duchy of Gethsemene: All positions may be challenged.
  • Duchy of Fianik: Positions may be challenged with specific permission from the Duchess only

Icon-D.png Hall of Heroes

We remember the fallen noblemen who fought in the last invasion to give their lives for Gotland and Humanity.

  • Agnes the Manstomper, Former ruler, Manstomper and whip-mistress of Gotland
  • Chilperik, Former Ruler, Margrave and Duke of Gethsemene
  • Ultor, Former Manstomper of Gotland
  • Sygg Sixfingers, Former Ruler, Margrave and Duke of Gotland

Icon-D.png Diplomacy

  • Human Alliance, between all human realms against the daimons.
  • Northern Alliance Treaty:

Members: Gotland, Thalmarkin, Ar Agyrr

   All realms ruled by the signers of this treaty are herby declared members of the Northern Alliance 
   and agree to honor the following decrees:
   1.1 All members of the alliance have to offer immediate full Military support 
       in defense of another member upon a call to arms.
   1.2 A call to arms can be called by the ruler of any member realm, 
       under attack by any other non alliance realm anywhere on the continent.
   1.3 The ruler calling to arms may define all possible restrictions of his call 
       or impose no restrictions at all. (example: He may request help against one 
       or several realms or restrict the campaign to certain areas, either defensive or offensive)
   2.0 This document can be signed by any ruler of any realm wishing to join the Northern Alliance 
       only with the full agreement of all member rulers.
       Bloodscreamer Thessues Polytus of Gotland
       King Arnesto De'Verci of Ar Agyr
       King Osgar Dacara of Thalmarkin

Icon-D.png Laws

Code of the Herd, Code of Law of Gotland, Written by Thesseus Polytus

This code of law was signed into effect on the 10th of july 2017.

1. Goats are holy and harming them is the most serious offense. 
The Whipmaster will find a fitting punishment for the offender depending on the situation. 
Never may the harming of goats go unpunished.

2. The three oldest members are considered special members of this realm.
    2.1 The three elders who are the longest members of the realm have a special veto power on foreign affairs. 
This veto can both be used to stop or demand any particular change in diplomacy. 
They can demand war, peace, alliances or even federations.
   2.2 They have one veto vote together, at least two of the three need to agree to be able to use the veto.
   2.3 If a change of leadership is deemed required, a majority of the three elders can initiate a referendum to hold new elections, 
if the referendum passes, the ruler will be forced to step down and allow for new elections. 
The deposed ruler can however run again to reaffirm his position. 
This can only be done once per ruler. 
If the people reaffirm their ruler, the elders will have to accept it. 
The elders are strongly advised to establish a broad support within the realm before forcing a ruler to step down.

3. Every member of the realm has the right to loot the enemy at all time, but the enemy only. 
Only the Manstomper or his marshals can order otherwise.

4. Dueling, or the butting of heads is legal at all times.
   4.1 Killing a member of the herd is not, the killer will have to pay the victim's lord and family a fitting compensation 
for the loss set by the Whipmaster and may receive further punishment from the whip master under article 5.
   4.2 Any conflicts between herd members should be resolved by a duel to surrender, not death.

5. Harming any members of the herd and her allies is illegal and will result in fining or even a temporary or permanent ban.
   5.1 Herd members include those roaming, adventuring types.   
   5.2 Only in a duel till surrender are members of the herd allowed to harm each other, 
however murdering a fellow herd member even in a duel is illegal.

6. All nobles of Gotland may demand war if the realm is not at war with anyone.
   6.1 Anyone can start the referendum, if a majority votes yes, the ruler will have to declare war at someone in the next week.
   6.2 This can only be done once a month during peace time (no active war declarations present).

7. Dukes have the authority to appoint whichever Lord they see most fit to govern their regions.
   7.1 Duchies are formed, named and shaped by the ruler.
   7.2 Every lord is free to join whichever duchy it wants within the realm.

8. Founding of new religions or building temples of existing religions requires permission from the subjects duke.

9. The ruler is chosen once and rules thill death or abdication (with the only exception of the conditions under article 2.3).
   9.1 Directly after being elected he has to either officially reaffirm his cabinet or appoint others.
   9.2 If the ruler desires to appoint new members to certain positions, those holding the positions will have to step down.
   9.3 As a strict top down hierarchy, the ruler can always change his cabinet at any time (demand any 'cabinet' member to step down).
   9.4 A cabinet includes all government positions and dukes.
   9.5 Every ruler must choose his or her unique title, 
traditionally chosen by the people of Gotland who have elected the ruler.

10. The Leech has full authority over the markets and all Lords have to grant the Leech acces.
   10.1 The Leech is fully responsible for all trade and food distribution 
and is expected to cooperate closely with the other government members and the Lords of the realm.
   10.2 The leech will make sure all lords are compensated for all food shipped from them. 
Paying a set price of atleast 20 gold per 100 bushels.

11. The Whip master is responsible for keep both our noble society as well as our region's stable.
   11.1 The Whipmaster directly commands all possible courtiers or diplomats and is in charge of keeping all region under control 
by communicating with the lords and holding courts for them while they are away.
   11.2 The whip master also makes sure the law of the land is respected, 
makes sure individual conflicts are resolved and the hierarchy respected.
The whip master has authority over Gotlands nobility as well as foreigners within Gotlands borders 
and may exercise his authority by punishment.
   11.3 The Whipmaster may use its powers as it sees fit to defend the laws of Gotland 
(for example, fine or even ban without any external permission)
   11.4 The Whip master must proactively protect the code of law of Gotland and make sure it is respected by its society. 
If any member of Gotland breaks the code of law, the Whipmaster will be forced to take action in the form of appropriate punishment.

12. The Manstomper is in full control of the armies and has full authority over all troopleaders in Gotland.
   12.1 The Manstomper is also in charge of appointing his marshal and vice marshal and the management of armies.
   12.2 He can ask for new armies to be funded or certain members added to certain armies.
   12.3 All government members should cooperate and communicate with the Manstomper 
in order to make his job more effective and the realm functioning as a team.

13. All Government members have to keep their people up to date on their proceedings and the information received 
as much as possible as long as it does not put Gotland or its society in danger. 
Keeping secrets for its own people should only be reserved to absolute cases of national security.

14. Changes to this document have to be approved by a majority of the realm through a referendum only.

Orginal laws of Gotland, written by Lady Agnes the Manstomper, Whip-mistress of Gotland These laws are no longer in effect yet form the basis for the Code of the Herd

Welcome to the Humping Herd! You've stepped into a byzantine adventure of ridiculous proportions! You are now a hoof-stomping member of the Herd, going abroad Humping, Raiding, and Touring the World.

Be informed the Humping Herd has the following expectations. Breaking expectations results in whipping, caning, and the removal of your nose. Care for the removal of noses is not covered by insurance in Gotland. You are forewarned.

  • Obey those who have the longest beards
  • This is a herd, so you get a voice! The louder you shout, the more voice! But remember I have ball gags, not just whips.
  • If you need gold or food, go take it from one of our neighbours. Avoid Herd Members and Herd Allies.
  • Giving gold to beggars is illegal. Raiding is the only proper means of acquiring gold.
  • If you need to throw a temper tantrum, slaughter one of our neighbours, not a fellow Herd Member or Herd Ally.
  • Harming Herd Members and Herd Allies means I confiscate your goodies. Herd members include those roaming, adventuring types.
  • Infiltrate, I mean join, all adventurer-related guilds.
  • Lastly, your first duty is to read the other bulletins, acquire an estate, join an army, and go raiding!