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Knowledge is Power
Honour is Strength
Death is Life

Omniovoism - To follow the ways of the Great Egg

TheGreatEggIcon.png The ways of the Egg

The Great Egg represents, the one source of the life force, that takes shape in all living beings.

Followers of the Egg, understand that man is one with, and tied to the natural world, and follow the three Truths.

Knowledge is Power

Power is not derived from brute physical strength but from knowledge. One must understand that they are but a small part of the greater world. We are born from the Egg and when we die, we all return to the Egg. Only when one understand the ways of nature and the ways of the Egg can they truly be powerful. All other forms of power, political, military, are temporary. Only knowledge is permanent.

Building the wisdom of the Egg is the greatest calling for any person, be they noble, or a simple farmer, all can contribute.

Honour is Strength

Being honorable gives a sense of purpose and rightness. An individual with a purpose who knows he is right carries with him more strength than all the armies of the undead.

Death is Life

The afterlife is naught but a myth. To live on and achieve immortality, you must be remebered in the minds of others. For when your life flickers out, the elements of your body returns to the life source. All that is left is a memory. How fragile it is depends on the life you lead.

Through this process of renewal, new concepts spring forth, free from the dead hand of superstition, but shaped by new contributuions to the wisdom of the Egg.

Places of prayer
Location Size Shrines
Temple of the Sacred Spring
Small -
Temple of the Third Element
Primitive Temple -
Temple of the Verdant Meadows
Primitive Temple -
Temple of the Mighty Mountains
Primitive Temple -
Temple of the Great River
Small Shack -
Small Shack 1
Creasur 2
Eg Tutnu 1
Weghie 1
Xinjin 1
Ypsilanti 1

TheGreatEggIcon.png News of the Egg

  • Omniovoism, loyal to the rebels in their war against Plergoth, has declared a Holy War against Daishi.
  • The first Goal of Omniovoism has been completed, every region in the realm has a Temple or shrine.
  • 12 places of worship of the Egg have been constructed
  • 2 more temples have been constructed in the regions of Reeds and Yokk.
  • 5 Priests are now spreading the word of the Egg.
  • The Church is growing, 12 noble members, and hundreds of common people.
  • We have our first members, fine nobles adopting the true faith
  • The first priest of the Church, has been preaching in the lands surrounding Cresaur, spreading the word of the Egg
  • The first temple has been constructed in Jaekind.

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TheGreatEggIcon.png Followers of the Egg


Capt Deadmeat

The Speakers of the Egg

Manny BLAH MAN   Vigil Of Mystics   Astolpho Wrynn  Aemon Beijar

The Keepers of the Egg

Eadric Menocchio

TheGreatEggIcon.png History of the Egg

Born in the woodland of Ypsilanti by Capt Deadmeat , after a long meditation and a search for a sacred spring, that visions had told him was to be the source of all life in all the worlds.

The First Temple of The Egg, the temple of the Sacred Spring, was built in Jaekind. The Temples of the Mighty Mountains, and of the Great River have opened in Reeds and Yokk.

TheGreatEggIcon.png Enemies of the Egg

Plunge Fireborne - For attacking the leader of the faith.

TheGreatEggIcon.png Martyrs of the Egg

Zaimis Kalavryta - Fell protecting the shrine in Weghie against the undead. A loss to the realm and the Egg.