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Located on::Beluaterra
Part of::Nothoi
Part of::Hetland
Francis Elynbrigge
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South Plains
Manufacturing, Trade

In the heart of the Wohdichil forest stand the spires of Creasur, Capital City of the lands that surround her. The Emerald of the Woods in the middle of everywhere, shining as a beacon beckoning to all weary travelers and merchants as well as the elite of the world alike. Trees span as far as the eyes can see, the buildings stand as a testament to those from long ago. Making all envious of her resilience. She has suffered through willful destruction to rise again as the jewel she is, placed in the center of the world. Her people are those that know to enjoy and keep the splendor of a wonder have to work to keep the magic alive luring all types of artists, theologians craftsmen and wanders to experience the allure of being in the canopy of the woods. They are weathered by the attention they garner from their neighbors while at the same time welcome the adventurous soul. Many tales can be heard in the bustle of the city as merchants carry on their business, and the merry go about their lives.

Here is an interesting mix of stone and woodwork that are clearly built to stand the test of time and the ravages of war, yet seem as natural as if the buildings had grown out of the forest floor itself, always rising to the occasion. There is beauty and scars that show history in all the splendor that life really is. No wonder why the lands around her clamor for her attention, being one in the same.

The forest city stands tall as a monument to the testament of mankind and the Patron God Daishi which watches over the lands. In recent times Creasur as always carries a banner to honor those who have come before us and have gone, not for memory though. Creasur believes the past is the road to the future.

The main city road has various immeasurably large totems representing those who have given their lives for the good of us all. A Tribute to lives many can only hope to aspire close to. The tall monuments that line both sides of the road represent the spirit that has always been here and will follow throughout the ages. Inspiration for all to achieve the best one can become.

Upon the arches and city gables whether one enters the city or departs her company, can be read the Great Prayer uttered by followers of the way of life here:

Lo, there do we see our fathers.

Lo, there do we see our mothers.

Lo, there do we see our sisters and our brothers.

The line of our people back to the beginning.

They do call to us to take our places

Where the brave live forever.


Always regarded as a proud city within the forests, Creasur fell to the daimons in the Fourth Invasion. With the advent of otherworldly powers, the city became a strange and peculiar place, uninhabitable by humans. Dark clouds appeared over the walls, akin to those cast over the wastelands around Jobo's Mouth and the deserts around Tahgalez. For many years the city was longer wholly part of the human world. Creasur became a city in a forest of flames. But, once again mankind rallied and worked together to defeat the Diamon armies. Creasur was one of the regions reclaimed from the blight and though it took a number of years before the people returned, many have lived to see their city reclaim her former glory.

After being reclaimed from the blight Creasur had the honor of being the capital of Nothoi and was cared for by Duke Innocent Noble. In the years since the daimon's defeat the forested lands are once again teeming with life and even the eldest could not recall the yearly stag hunts ever being so good. Once more traders bartered in the market quarter and the stalls overflowed with fruits and nuts from the local forests. Boyers, some of the finest in all the lands, are once more seeing their weapons put to good use by the Harts Pride recruiting center. Even the blacksmiths have begun to reclaim their reputation and the Stephens Pride infantry are well equipped because of their skill. And, at long last, the stone masons have recently set the last of the blocks for the fortress walls which many proclaim are better than what stood before the time of the Diamons.