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Knowledge is Power
Honor is Strength
Death is Life

Places of prayer destroyed by the Daimons
Location Size Shrines
Temple of Rebirth
Magnificent Temple 1
Temple of New Beginnings
Small Shack 1
Temple of Flowing Water
Small Temple 1
Eg Tutnu
Temple of Kingship
Primitive Temple 1
Small Shack 1
Small Shack 1
Small Shack 1
Temple of Molten Sand
Small Temple 1
Temple of the Tides
Small Temple 1
Small Shack 1
Small Shack 1
Temple of Vigilance
Small Shack 2
Temple of Remembrance
Primitive Temple 1
Temple of Courage
Small Shack 1
Temple of Rebuilding
Small Shack 1
- 1
- 1
- 1
- 1
- 1
Hep Monga
- 1
- 1
- 1
- 1
- 1
- 1
- 1
Ren Madragas
- 1
- 1
- 1
Tey Gren
- 1
- 1
- 1
- 1
- 1
- 1
- 1
- 1
- 1

Daishi - The Great Death

Daishi is a way of life with a Guiding Force of supreme beings barely understood by the followers. As such, there is no single God of Daishi. It is more a pantheon of unnamed supreme beings that back the faith.

Daishi is the single largest religion on Beluaterra, with nearly 1 million believers spread throughout every region of the continent.

There is no major competing religion on the continent. (as of September 2015, only the Golden Feather remains of any other religion on Beluaterra)

The Vision of Daishi

Daishi is a multinational religion. We have a total of nearly 1 million believers spread throughout every region of Beluaterra. From Thalmarkin and Argyr, through Fronen, Old Grehk, and Nothoi. Caelum and the Ivory Vales. There are even some Daishi majorities in the far Northwest and the far Southeast. Most nations have Daishi temples and most nations have nobility in Daishi.

Daishi does not get involved in fighting against human enemies.

Daishi is devoted to uniting humanity against the Destroyers. The Daimons, Monsters, and Undead that wish us all dead. That is the single unifying mission of Daishi.

We follow the gods who fight in another land against enemies that would terrify us. They hold the line that protects our world, and others, from the enemy that would kill us all. Sometimes lesser enemies sneak through their lines. Those are the Destroyers we face and fight and kill. And when we die, we join the gods in their world and are honored to fight at their side against the greater enemies.

We devote our lives to fighting those that would kill our fellow man. And we devote our deaths as well. In life and death, we stand against the enemy. We stand against the Destroyers.

And for that mission, our temples and shrines are seen throughout Beluaterra, in nations that are often at war with each other. We never use our power to threaten any temporal nation. We use it only to protect the people and support the rule of law. We bring order, not chaos. And for that we are accepted and seen in all nations.

The Daimons I may note...do NOT like us. During the Third Invasion, they made it their mission to hunt and destroy Daishi wherever they found us. They destroyed every nation allied with us, and they covered our lands in Blight. They burned down our temples everywhere they could find them. They missed one. One temple. They nearly succeeded. But we survived. And now we thrive. And we do so to spite those who would name themselves the Destroyers of all mankind. We live. That is sufficient.

The Ways of Daishi

The ultimate vision: Giant armored gods over thirty feet tall are walking across a battlefield while the tiny humans are fighting Undead and Monsters while scurrying about their feet. These armored gods throw metal javelins and darts the size of small trees that explode on impact. Casual waves of appendages bring forth shafts of lightning that melt and destroy targets along with everything around it. There are small swift gods with supreme skill and accuracy aiming for weak spots trying for critical strikes. There are gods who can fly through the air on pillars of flame that direct the others and control the flow of the battle. The last group of gods are large and ponderous destroying all in their way employing no subtlety or finesse.

There are few names known for any of the Armored Gods. The most common two names are Atlas and Daishi, generally considered to be the most powerful of the Gods. There does not seem to be any one leader. In any vision ever received by a follower, any given group of Gods seem to work together to achieve a common goal. There does seem to be one consistent description of one particular large God that causes the very ground to tremble with each step of its mighty feet. Sometimes there are more than one of them as they lay waste to entire sections of land destroying Undead and Monsters. Many who have had these visions talk about the death's head visage that is burned into their minds.

The 'Gods' don't care about mortal to mortal interactions. Their focus is on the greater enemy from which the Daimons, Undead, and Monsters are spawned. The armored gods are dedicated to helping Man fight those Destroyers of Manking. They offer spiritual encouragement and resolve to those that dedicate themselves to removing all Non-Humans from the continent. The typical benefits attributed to the Gods are: Blows striking harder. Dodges become quicker. Battlefield engagements are more coherent as people work together. Etc. There have been no reported direct effects by any follower that can be attributed to the Gods. It seems the Gods want Man to fight his own battles. Those that do fight the Gods enemies find encouragement, increased skills and a solid resolve to accomplish this goal. Even the peasants are expected to have some rudimentary training to fight. It is every human's duty to fight. If they don't, the consequences will be devastating.

The ultimate Ragnarök of the religion is the gods themselves taking a hand in destroying the Destroyers of Mankind. The tragedy for Man is their weapons don't differentiate between the Destroyers and Man. To the Gods, the life of Man is insignificant compared with the final death of their enemies. When the gods are through with their war, Man may no longer be alive due to the devastation. It is up to Man to put down the threats so that the gods do not have to come into the conflict as that would end the world. Some believe that our inability to drive out the Daimon Blight and the loss of all the lands beneath is attributed to the Gods. We could not defeat the Daimons. And so the Gods removed those lands to give Mankind a chance to live on.

There are three types of gods typically discussed. Light swift gods worshiped for fleetness of feet to move around the battlefields, travel the lands and skill in landing telling blows upon the enemy. Flying gods for clarity of thought and concentration for more cohesive battle plans. And finally, large seemingly unstoppable gods for their strength and ability to persevere in the combats to come.

A Common Prayer

Lo, there do we see our fathers.

Lo, there do we see our mothers.

Lo, there do we see our sisters and our brothers.

The line of our people back to the beginning.

They do call to us to take our places.

Where the brave live forever.

Honor is Strength

Being honorable gives a sense of purpose and rightness. The greatest honor comes from protecting those unable to protect themselves, and we fight with the strength of our honor to do exactly that. We are not afraid to die to uphold our honor or protect those that cannot protect themselves.

News of Daishi

  • Daishi has reluctantly made the decision that Omniovoism be declared an evil faith. They attack our priests and suborn the nation of Plergoth, siding with the rebels who starve entire regions all in the name of power. It is hoped that one day we can live with them, but for now, they have declared a Jihad on us, and we will not fade into the night. We will fight back to save people from the Egg Sucker's darkness!
  • Followers of Omniovoism have begun to assault members of the Daishi faith. It is a sad thing when followers are so unsure of their beliefs that they are forced to physically attack those of other faiths. But it appears that the priests of Omniovoism have made their intent clear. Like the rebels they follow, the plan to destroy Plergoth in any way they can. They have started a Jihad.
  • A new shrine has been erected in Eg Tutnu by our loyal disciples, showing devotion to both realm and Daishi.
  • Shrines have been erected by the people in Creasur, Jaekind, Xinjin, and Zuhle. Devotion to Daishi continues to rise in our realm.
  • The second temple to Daishi has been built in Ypsilanti
  • The people of Plergoth have given us their first hard-won gold, showing their devotion.
  • The first temple has been constructed in Creasur.

Honored of Daishi

  • Paladin Artevan died dueling Valhalla of Daimon Reeds on (May 14, 2007)
  • Founder Rikardon Tirelli and his kin Bleeder were executed by Daimons on (July 05, 2008)
  • Death Knight Telmar Wentwood died in battle on (April 01, 2009).
  • Death Knight Xenocide died in his sleep after a lifetime of service on (Dec 14, 2009).
  • Death Knight and Temple Builder Javier died in battle on (January 26, 2010).
  • Death Knight and Templer Builder Lunarion Lefanis died in battle on (June 10, 2010)
  • Atalanta Despina was executed by Daimons on (September 24, 2010)
  • Daimon Slayer Christine Ciara Tirana was executed by Daimons on (October 5, 2010)
  • Daiymo VonGarrett Anderbliss gave himself to the Light on (October 21, 2010)
  • Death Knight Kristain Al-Cyr gave himself to the Light on (October 21, 2010)
  • Planner Kaufmann Tirelli and his kin Telea gave themselves to the Light on (October 24, 2010)
  • Warrior Benedicta Marlboro made her last stand against the Overlord of Daimons on (June 5, 2012)
  • Grand Crusader Elicia Windblack, Doge of Fronen, was killed in battle on (November 10, 2014)
  • Daimyo Kalte Lanze, Diadochi of Nothoi, was killed in battle on (November 21, 2014)
  • May their Lives never be forgotten and may Daishi's Host welcome them.

History of Daishi

The understanding of Daishi was born in the great city of Creasur around the time of the fall of Omniovoism into Apostasy. The rebels attacked Plergoth, sowing destruction in their greed for power and money, but were fought back by our brave knights. In their defeat though, they twisted Omniovoism into a bitter shell of its former glory, turning the very people they were supposed to protect against the realm that had fought for them. For many, it cast into chaos the lands of Plergoth.

Those followers of Omniovoism who could not abide what the traitors had done to their kind religion found themselves brought to the edge of death, their sorrow was so great. There with their spirit waning, the first of them started having visions. To many the visions were strange and seemed to portent even worse tidings in the future. Some began to understand the visions and take heart. The visions foretold of a purpose and meaning in life. Their hearts lifted by Daishi's comforting message, the followers gained strength and began to do Daishi's work on Earth.

The First Temple of Daishi, the Temple of Rebirth, was built in Creasur soon thereafter.

Many other temples were built, in every region of Plergoth and later Hetland. A temple was even built in allied Fwuvoghor and others have been built in other regions of the continent as well.

During the Fourth Invasion, the Daimons began destroying every temple they could find, razing all of them in Hetland, and one of the last things they did before leaving (after destroying Hetland) was to assault Fwuvoghor. They burned the temple there. Unknown to them, another temple had been built in another region, and so they proved incapable of destroying the last temple.

Daishi has since expanded with many temples in multiple realms and is uniting humanity to stand against the darkness, should it return again.

Friends of Daishi

Order of the Golden Feather

Enemies of Daishi

The Blood Cult

The Apostasy of Koshi

The Apostates of Koshi are a misguided offshoot of Daishi. While the followers of Daishi believe in the Great Death That Comes For Us All, the heretics of Koshi believe that it is possible to die a lesser death from which there can be resurrection and the promise of life eternal. To this end, they worship the Necromancer and the Lord of the Netherworld, who have demonstrated the ability to return the dead to life. Koshists despise the Monster Swarm, as those killed and eaten by monsters apparently cannot be resurrected, and must suffer Daishi - the Great and Final Death.