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Hegemon Tyran Arylon
Strategos Marth Kinsey
Krites Angelica D'Anglos
Sophos Francis Elynbrigge
Continent Beluaterra
Capital City Reeds
Population 146,048
Total Economy 8987 gold
Food Production 2730 bushels

Nothoi, based in the mountain lands of central Beluaterra and formed via friendly secession from Bara'Khur in the after shocks of the Fourth Invasion; declared as a democratic free state free from the tyranny of the last monarch of Bara'Khur the "Tyrant King". The forceful separation of the Reeds duchy came after months of civil strife and chaos within the Kingdom of Bara'Khur, and only hours after the Duke of Wudenkin changed the allegiance of the duchy of Wudenkin to Fronen, in a bid to unlawfully conserve his power, and that of his co-conspirators and fellow Dictators of Bara'Khur, including the Tyrant King.

The Founding of Nothoi

Nothoi was founded in the so called Fifth Age of Beluaterra.

During February of the year 1011 the realm Bara'Khur was riven asunder. Apparently strong political divisions had been present within Bara'Khur even during the invasion, nearly creating open rebellion on several occasions due largely to the death of its last "popular" Monarch, in the midst of reforms. With no stabilizing force or factor, despite the huge Monster hordes ravaging the lands, human nature once again ran its course: amid heated discussions which resulted in duels, and had, in the past resulted in the mass demanding of death duels between several nobles, including the King, the prosperous duchy of Wudenkin left Bara'Khur for its confederated ally Fronen. This large city took four regions with it, of which two did return to Bara'Khur. Shortly thereafter the duchy of Reeds seceded to form the new realm Nothoi, taking seven regions with it and claiming to be the true and rightful successor of Bara'Khur. This left Bara'Khur with only the city of Dyomoque and the far of region of Naraka which soon went rogue. Despite seeming very close to destruction Bara'Khur did manage to survive.

The government of Nothoi

The "free state" of Nothoi is run by a democracy, the overseeing of its government can be dividing into four different categories at its very head, before branching out further in the Nothoian hierarchy.

  • The Hegemon: Head of state for Nothoi, democratically elected each month by the gentry of the Free State, with each of them having an equal vote. Anointed with a strong degree of powers, the Diadochi
  • The Hegemon: Commander of the military of Nothoi, tasked entirely with the strategy, implementation and oversight of all military affairs in the realm, the Polemarchos is subject to the will and command of the Diadochi and regulated by the laws of Nothoi, rarely does the Polemarchos take direct command of a specific army of the realm.
  • The Krites:
  • The Sophos:

Ruling Line of Nothoi

Ruler Reign Begin Reign Ended Notes
Diadochi Garrett Anderbliss April 28, 2013 Needs update Needs update
Diadochi Solips Fraoch Needs update Needs update Needs update
Diadochi Scherzer Stryfe Needs update Needs update Needs update
Diadochi Remorse Noble Needs update Needs update Needs update
Diadochi Kalte Lanze Needs update Needs update Needs update
Diadochi Balkrom Lanze Needs update Needs update Needs update
Diadochi Hadrian Chamberlain February 6, 2015 August 16, 2017 Needs update
Diadochi Yao Ling Pryde August 16, 2017 December 6, 2017 Needs update
Diadochi Marth Kinsey December 6, 2017 May 31, 2019 Needs update
Diadochi Mordoc Selemnir May 31, 2019 January 6, 2020 Served through the end of the war
Hegemon Tyran Arylon January 6, 2020 Currently serving Reformed the government of Nothoi, sought peace with Thalmarkin

The lands and claims of Nothoi

  • The Reeds Duchy; defined as the lands of Naraka, Haffemet, Ren Madragas, the city of Reeds, Gaxano, Zisswii and Pel Mark, at this time the claim also extends to Ippetimbal and Tindle, though both regions revolted from Nothoian control, Ippetimbal later being taken by a Bara'Khurian traitor via a religious uprising, and then aligned to the duchy of Wudenkin.
  • The Wudenkin Duchy; any claims Nothoi had to the city of Wudenkin, would largely have stemmed from the claim of Lady Eek Mugurk, former Demokrita of Nothoi, as she won the city and duchy by right of duel and oath of honour, though she later then retired from public office and life entirely, nullify the claim. A lesser claim would stem from the acknowledge from Bara'Khur that Nothoi are the rightful successors and true heirs to their land, with the Wudenkin allegiance change declared illegal and invalid; at present Nothoi does not assert such a claim.

The military and armed forces of Nothoi

  • White Wolf Phalanx: The main army and fighting force of the realm.
  • The Myriad:

The economy of Nothoi