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Pryde Family Fame

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FB Ruler.png
Ruler: 0th Day
(Regstav, Plergoth, Tara, and Astrum) (Medron, Aurora) (Yao Ling, Nothoi)
FB Ruler.png
Ruler: 10th Day
(Regstav, Plergoth, Tara, and Astrum) (Medron, Aurora) (Yao Ling, Nothoi)
FB Ruler.png
Ruler: 100th Day
(Regstav, Tara and Astrum)
FB General.png
(Regstav, Plergoth) (Benjamin, Tara)
FB Judge.png
(Medron, Aurora)
FB Banker.png
(Yao Ling, Plergoth and Nothoi) (Medron, Aurora) (Benjamin, First Oligarch) (Regstav, Astrum)
FB Duke.png
(Regstav and Benjamin, Tara) (Yao Ling, Nothoi)
FB Lord.png
(Regstav, Benjamin, Yao Ling, Medron)
Sum: 12 points

FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 10
FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 20
FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 40
FB Wealth.png
Family Wealth: 2000
FB Wealth.png
Family Wealth: 5000
Sum: 7 points

FB Tournament Host.png
Tournament Host
(Regstav, Tara)
FB Army Sponsor.png
Army Sponsor
(Regstav, Tara)
FB Prophet.png
(Yao Ling, Medron)
FB Guild & Religion.png
New Guild & Religion
(Medron, Dwilight)
FB Investment.png
Family Investment
(Regstav, Plergoth)
Unique Item
(Regstav, Hetland)
Sum: 9 points

FB Heroic Death.png
Heroic Death
(Regstav, Astrum, Aug 29, 2019)
Sum: 1 points

FB Skill.png
Exceptional Skill
(Yao Ling, Preaching)
Sum: At least 1 point

FB Unknown.png
Sum: At most 4 points

Total: 33 points

Current High: 44 points

Pryde Family Basics

Unique Items

This family has had many unique items over the years. This is a partial list of them:

Enchanted Scythe of Slaying

Girdle of Athios

Impenetrable Chain Mail of Protection

Long-Lost Sword of Flame

Ogaduir's Ring of Xerus

Screeching Ring of Daishi Souls

Aegis of the White Guardians

Wonderous Ring of Dwilight

Sturdy Aegis of Victory

Mysterious Anthology of the Plains

Oily Shield of Ginas's Organs

Shield of Doom

Dark Circlet of Hetland

Ring of Honesty

Black Helm of Nothoi

Warhammer of Strength

Book of Ashborn

Bone Sabre of the Heir

Cruel Jacket of the Sky


A noble family of long memory in Foda of Tara in Atamara, the Pryde Family has a proud military tradition supporting their home. Lead by Jerome Pryde, long-time patriarch of the family and former Knight of Foda before an unfortunate encounter with monsters, the Pryde Family is fanatically loyal to Tara and to Foda.

Regstav Pryde was the last Tyrant of Tara and the Duke of Foda.

Two of their nobles, after gaining much renown in the wars against Redspan and Carelia, left home to follow a calling in the realm of Plergoth and Hetland in Beluaterra and built up more fame there. Both realms were destroyed by the Daimons though and now two Prydes live and fight in Nothoi.

Another noble lived in Dwilight for a time where he gained much renown in Xinhai, Aurora, Astrum, and Kabrinskia.

A final member of the family lived in the Far East in the realm of Kindara.

Famous Family Members

Regstav Pryde Head.jpg

Regstav Pryde

Born in Tara, Regstav fought against Redspan and Carelia before leaving to find his glory.

A lord and Royal of Plergoth, Regstav fought the evil rebels and their human and Daimon allies in an attempt to rebuild Plergoth into a powerful realm. He took part in the sacking of the capital of Khthon and hoped to one day reunite all of the Plergothian cities for good.

Then the Daimons destroyed Plergoth. He then fought with the new realm of Hetland as a lord, former general, and general again. He commanded the Army of Creasur against the Daimons as well. When the Daimons destroyed Hetland and covered Creasur and the surrounding lands with the Blight, he was captured and deported.

He went to Atamara where he returned to Tara and his home of Foda. He fought there for a time with the Long-Lost Sword of Flame that the Daimons wanted no part of still in his hands. He was the last Tyrant of Tara when Atamara sank beneath the waves.

He then found himself washing ashore on the coast of Dwilight and fought for numerous realms until he found a new reason to live in Astrum.

He has said at times that he died once, and the gods returned him to the lands. He certainly appeared younger than he was when he served as Tyrant of Tara. (OOC - the age code was still active at the time, so I retired the character and started a new one with the same name, rping it as the gods returning him with a young body)

Regstav served as ruler of Astrum for a time, and then as banker until he finally found the heroic death he was waiting for while helping defend the combined army of three nations caught in a surprise attack on the way home from a victorious campaign.

He is known to have wielded the following items of interest: Long-Lost Sword of Flame, Impenetrable Chain Mail of Protection, Ogaduir's Ring of Xerus, Sturdy Aegis of Victory

Yao Ling Pryde Head.jpg

Yao Ling Pryde

Yao Ling was born in Foda in Tara long ago. She fought against Redspan and Carelia before leaving to find glory in the wars on Beluaterra.

She fought for Plergoth for a time, and was credited with killing the king of Kthon in battle at Dyomoque. She fought many other battles at the time, but the path of a warrior would not be her's forever.

She joined the priesthood of Daishi when it split from Omniovoism in a holy war to protect Plergoth. She fought it until it fell to Daimon worship, and then until it died out altogether.

She has lived through multiple Daimon Invasions, seeing the fall of Plergoth and Hetland to their scourge.

During the Sixth Invasion, she was in Reeds when the Daimons overran the city. She used a powerful relic, the Screeching Ring of Daishi Souls, in conjunction with several portal stones laid down by an adventurer to drive them from the city. It burned her hand away entirely, but then the gods used the power to give her new life and she appears once more as she did when she first came to Beluaterra.

(OOC - this happened around the time the age code was removed, so I tied that to the official mod-driven event where her hand was burned up and then regenerated)

Yao Ling is a gentler soul than her cousins, and prefers to build and repair people and places. She wishes for peace, and continually looks to fix anything she can. She continues to lead Daishi as it expands in the surviving realms of Beluaterra.

She found the following ring while in Reeds: Screeching Ring of Daishi Souls

Benjamin Pryde Head.jpg

Benjamin Pryde

Another young member of the Pryde family, Benjamin chose to take a ship to the South-West Island and joined battle for the city of Sandalak (SWI) against her enemies. He fought in some small battles and gained some renown. He even became a true noble their, holding a region near the capital.

He fled that continent when it began to sink beneath the waves and returned to Foda with the family that he managed to get out.

After a time, he felt the need to make his mark again and traveled to the Far East and the land of Kindara where he led cavalry against any who would stand against him.

He returned home to Tara and Foda again after his cousin was deported from Beluaterra and fought for Tara until the day the Atamara sank beneath the waves.

He found himself washing ashore on the East Continent soon after, and has served numerous realms since then. Oligarch, Perdan, and Highmarch have received his oaths of loyalty. He joined the Sirion Civil War with full heart, and has made it his mission to reform that fallen realm and end the rule of the dark elves that command it. Two of his most faithful companions are elves who left Oligarch when it fell rather than live in their fallen homeland.

Betty Pryde Head.jpg

Betty Pryde

An adventurer in Nothoi, she fights the Daimons and their destroyers every day in support of humanity.

Paused or Retired Characters

Medron Pryde

A young noble in Tara, Medron proved himself on the field of battle, though has not seen a true war the likes of his cousins. He was for a time a priest of the The_Order, following in Yao Ling's shoes, and he enjoyed his work, shepherding the followers of his realm in their war against those who follow evil gods. Then he received visions from the Stars and moved to Xinhai. There he joined Sanguis_Astroism and has followed the Stars ever since. He became the first and only Prime Minister of Aurora, later serving as its Banker and Judge. He was banned by the realm's tyrant and returned to Xinhai where he remained in exile for a time. After the tyrant destroyed Aurora by driving off most of her nobles, Medron moved on to protect Astrum that was under attack from both the north and the south. The combined armies of Sanguis_Astroism have destroyed the northern enemy and now Astrum begins to rebuild.

Crystal Pryde

A daughter of little renown, and less recognition in the Pryde Family, Crystal currently "searches for fame, fortune, and good drink" in Arcachon, a realm in the Far East. She claims to have found much of both, not to mention a small of dash of excitement, in her years there. She claims to have found artifacts of ancient times there, including the Girdle of Athios and the Enchanted Scythe of Slaying, though many wonder if those are hoaxes designed to gain fame, fortune, and pretty little men. Little has been heard of her in some time, and many wonder if she is dead or if she has settled down.

Detailed History

2006-07-21 Regstav Began his career in Tara.
2006-08-17 Yao Ling Began her career in Tara.
2006-11-20 Yao Ling Immigrated to Beluaterra.
2006-11-20 Regstav Immigrated to Beluaterra.
2006-11-22 Medron Began his career in Tara.
2006-11-22 Regstav Joined realm Plergoth.
2006-11-22 Yao Ling Joined realm Plergoth.
2007-02-11 Regstav Appointed as Count of Ypsilanti.
2007-03-21 Benjamin Began his career in Sandalak.
2007-05-14 Regstav Elected as general in Plergoth.
2007-05-30 Benjamin Appointed as Baron of Fali.
2007-08-26 Regstav Appointed as Count of Ypsilanti.
2008-06-20 Regstav Elected as general in Plergoth.
2008-06-20 Regstav Elected as ruler in Plergoth.

In this time, Plergoth fell to the Daimons.
2008-07-05 Yao Ling Joined the realm of Republic of Fwuvoghor
2008-07-05 Regstav Joined the realm of Republic of Fwuvoghor
2008-07-15 Regstav Appointed as Senator of Eg Tutnu.
2008-10-06 Regstav Appointed as Senator of Ypsilanti.
2008-11-24 Yao Ling Joined the realm of Hetland
2008-11-24 Regstav Joined the realm of Hetland
2009-03-09 Yao Ling Appointed as Senator of Zdenka.
2009-05-27 Regstav Appointed as General of Hetland.
2009-10-15 Yao Ling Appointed as Banker of Hetland.

The short life of the Corsanctum Colony Aurora
2009-12-30 Medron Immigrated to Dwilight.
2009-12-31 Medron Joined the realm of Xinhai
2010-02-19 Medron Joined the realm of Corsanctum
2010-02-22 Medron Joined the realm of Corsanctum Colony
2010-02-22 Medron Elected as Ruler in Corsanctum Colony.
Medron Stepped down as Ruler of Aurora (Corsanctum Colony)
2010-03-05 Medron Appointed as Senator of Tamirak.
2010-04-22 Medron Appointed as Earl of Tamirak.
2010-04-28 Medron Appointed as Banker of Aurora.
2010-06-05 Medron Elected as Judge in Aurora.
2010-06-06 Medron Stepped down as Banker.
2010-06-06 Medron Banned from Aurora by Hericus.
2010-06-06 Medron Joined the realm of Xinhai

In this time Hetland fell to the Daimons, Regstav was sent to Tara, and Yao Ling ran to the surviving nations.
2010-11-10 Yao Ling Joined the realm of Meridian Republic
2010-11-18 Regstav Deported to Atamara by Cimmerian.
2010-11-20 Regstav Joined the realm of Tara
2010-12-07 Yao Ling Joined the realm of Old Grehk
2010-12-17 Benjamin Joined Kindara.
2011-03-27 Medron Joined the realm of Astrum
2011-08-08 Regstav Appointed as Count of Lothruin.
2011-08-22 Benjamin Appointed as Banker of Kindara.
2011-09-13 Regstav Appointed as Baron of Mapo.
2011-11-11 Regstav Appointed as Duke of Foda.

The story of Kabrinskia was short but fun
2011-12-18 Medron Joined the realm of Kabrinskia.
2011-12-18 Medron Joined the realm of Kabrinskia.
2012-04-09 Medron Elected as Banker of Kabrinskia
2012-06-25 Medron Stepped down as Banker.
2012-06-25 Medron Appointed as General of Kabrinskia.
2012-06-25 Medron Appointed as General of Kabrinskia

This was a time of entrenchment for the Pryde Family as they sought to concentrate their strengths
2012-08-24 Yao Ling Joined the realm of Nothoi.
2012-10-01 Medron Immigrated to Beluaterra.
2012-10-03 Medron Joined the realm of Old Grehk
2012-11-06 Yao Ling Elected as Banker of Nothoi
2012-12-27 Medron Joined the realm of Sint.
2013-01-24 Benjamin Immigrated to Atamara.
2013-01-25 Benjamin Joined the realm of Tara
Medron Helped found Caelum
2014-01-03 Medron Appointed as Baron of Apokh.
2014-02-08 Medron Joined the realm of Nothoi.
2014-02-08 Medron Appointed as Baron of Jaekind.

After the fall of Tyrant Ottar, Regstav ran for the Tyrancy of Tara and won. That would begin a long term of rebuilding in the nation. New Councilors had to be found quickly and it was done.
2014-08-09 Regstav Elected as Ruler of Tara
2014-08-14 Benjamin Appointed as General of Tara.
2014-09-17 Benjamin Appointed as Banker of Tara.
2014-09-21 Benjamin Stepped down as Banker.
2014-09-21 Benjamin Appointed as Duke of Lothruin Coast.
2014-09-21 Benjamin Appointed as Margrave of Shanandoah.
2014-09-26 Benjamin Stepped down from Margrave of Shanandoah.
2014-09-27 Benjamin Stepped down as General.

The Pryde family has recently acquired more lands
2015-06-23 Yao Ling Elected as Baroness of Ren Madragas
2015-07-23 Medron Elected as Baron of Zisswii
2015-09-08 Benjamin Appointed as Baron of Andurus.

The Remembrance

The Exodus

In the annuls of the Pryde Family, Tara in Atamara will always be home. We were born there. We grew up there. We fought there. But time passed, and proud Tara became weakened by treachery. Once a great realm, it was reduced to a single city surrounded by a bare minimum of forest land. It couldn't even grow enough food to feed itself, and its knights could no longer support their troops without using family funds. During this time, it came to our knowledge from family members in faraway lands, that there existed a land created by the gods in the image of Atamara. In this land, creation was new and the gods walked the lands, testing their rule of nature and man. Monsters and undead roamed, threatening the ordinary citizens. It was a land waiting for brave knights to come and find glory in the hunting of these fell abominations. The land was known as Beluaterra.

Family members of Tara reported a war between Plergoth and Enweil, two great nations of that far away land. They said that Plergoth could use good knights to fight and so it was that many knights of Tara began the long trip in search of fame, fortune, and the glory to be had in that distant realm. We arrived and saw that the reports were true. Beluaterra was much like Atamara, and as the ships plied their way up the western river, we began to recognize the hills of our homeland's greatest ally. We left the ships behind and traveled overland to our homeland in the great forest. We found a surprise though when we arrived.

In Tara, we lived in a once proud city, reduced in size and glory along with the realm. Here in Beluaterra we saw a grand city, ruling over no less than three other cities, and commanding great swaths of farmland that could feed every citizen and sell to others. It was a large land. It was a rich land. It was a productive land. It was a land that could easily give us the chance to earn our fame and glory, fighting off the plagues of mankind.

But Plergoth was not as it seemed. All was not well, and as the troops of Enweil marched through its lands, we soon found that glory would be harder to grasp than we had first believed.

The Tale of Plergoth

The nation of Plergoth first came into being after the First Invasion of Beluaterra by the undead. Its capital of Creasur was colonized by Enweil, one of the nations that survived the assault. In those days, Plergoth was surrounded by other small realms and so it was a peaceful realm. Little is known of those times due to the Second Invasion that ravaged the continent, but Plergoth survived and thrived in the aftermath. It expanded into the fallen areas surrounding it, and captured the cities of Cwellndell, Reeds, and Dyomonique. This made it one of the largest and richest of the realms in Beluaterra.

With this great power though, did not come great responsibility in the minds of the Great Nobles of Plergoth. They began to think themselves untouchable, and let the lands grow fallow. They levied crushing taxes on the common citizens that drove down their productivity while lining their family mansions with gold. And then, in a time of peace, they executed a noble of Enweil and drew the ire of that realm. Dyomonique seceded rather than be destroyed by the war and formed Khthon. The rest of the realm fought though, and marched out to meet the mighty armies of Enweil. Plergoth lost. And when it came time to rebuild the army, to march back out again, the "lesser nobles" had no money. The Great Nobles of Plergoth had changed the taxes to keep all of money centered on themselves, and when the damaged army marched out again, they remained behind letting Enweil slaughter all who had followed the general's orders to attack.

The enraged general protested the actions of the Great Nobles of Plergoth, demanded an accounting of their actions, and one by one other trusted nobles of Plergoth echoed his demands. The elections that followed were a landslide against the Great Nobles of Plergoth, with nearly two-thirds of the votes going against them. The new council made peace with Enweil and then began working to repair the damage caused by the war and years of neglect. The Great Nobles of Plergoth though could not stand the idea of not being in power and called for a revolution to repeal the will of the people. The armies of the Great Nobles were defeated in the streets of Creasur and they were banned from the realm for all time.

And then Reeds seceded, giving the rebels a home and a base to strike out at Plergoth. Some of the rebels joined Khthon as well, where they conned that realm into violating its treaty with Plergoth. They attacked Plergoth and then declared war. It was not the first first or last nation to do that in those early days, but as months passed, the rebels began to lose their allies as one after another realized they were simply being used as shields that took most of the damage while rebel troops mysteriously held back. And, as was expected, the rebel lands suffered under their rule with massive taxes and no care taken to maintain them. Plergoth on the other hand had two armies, one devoted to holding off the rebels and their allies, and a second devoted solely to building up the realm's infrastructure. While the soldiers weren't happy performing manual labor, they did take pride in keeping the realm working at maximum efficiency. It was due to their work that the main army was able to hold off what was sometimes three and four-to-one odds in favor of the rebels.

But the long rebellion had another price to it. The men and women that volunteered were not the only people to suffer. The common citizens did so as well. Plergoth, and Enweil as well, had long been dominated by the faith of Omniovoism. It was an old faith, followed by what some counts say are hundreds of thousands of people. And its greatest priests were all rebels. They used their position to rally the people against Plergoth, to attack their own, to burn those who defended their nation at the stake, and blood ran in the streets while the army fought for the life of the realm. And so it was that the soldiers, long the followers of Daishi, began to share their faith with the common people. Priests rose up, and the oppressed fought back against the "Egg Suckers". A new wave of religion flared throughout the realm, and the priests of Omniovoism despaired. A new revolution had begun, this one brought not by the lesser nobles of Plergoth, but by the common people of Plergoth. They demanded a holy war against the Egg Suckers, against the rebels that commanded them, and the people demanded a pure government.

And so it was that in the fires of rebellion, the people found comfort in Daishi and the government of Plergoth became an extension of the church. United as never before, Plergoth was ready to crush the rebels once and for all.

And then the undead came. And then the monsters came. And then the Daimons came. The Third Invasion had begun.

The undead attacked everyone, weakening the human realms. The monsters ravaged anything they could, while fighting the undead. And then, into the weakened state of affairs the undead created, the Daimons struck. It came as no surprise to the people of Plergoth when the rebels signed on to follow the Daimons. First they cooperated. Then they fought beside the Daimons. Then they welcomed the Daimons into their capitol. And then they worshiped them. The Great Nobles abandoned the Egg and began praying to their new "Living God", and the late great religion of Omniovoism faded away. It is ironic that its last religious artifacts survived in Creasur, once home to the greatest temple of that religion. It has fallen now, destroyed by the Daimons, and the memory of that once proud religion will fade away with that loss.

Plergoth refused to bow to the Daimons though, and as the Third Invasion waged they fought back with swords and bows and knives and faith. Again and again the target of the Daimons and their rebel followers, the lands of Plergoth burned, but they never gave up. Again and again they got back up, picked up their swords and bows and knives, and ran back into battle with the rebels as their masters. The Daimons could not understand this, and labeled the people mad, suicidal. They could not imagine a people so singular in their refusal to bow before them. And so they finally bowed to the prayers of their most devoted and faithful followers.

Some say the Third Invasion is over now. If it is, the Daimons have given their faithful one final gift. Reeds stands strong, built up and protected by Daimon power. Creasur burns under Daimon flames, her people starve in the night, and those who can't hide beneath their shattered homes are raped and eaten by patrolling Daimons. The armies of Plergoth are scattered, and her allies suffer attacks of their own while the rebels look on in glee.

And so the late great nation of Plergoth comes to an end.