Sanguis Astroism

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Holy Prophet Mathurin Hossenfefer
Light of the Austere Star Adam Kabrinski
Light of the Auspicious Star Zhukov Kuriga
Light of the Maddening Star Katrina Dragul
Archons Terra Pryde
Consuls Lelith Poe
Nobles Less than 50
Estimated Followers 1,232,767
Temples 58
Shrines 97

Sanguis Astroism is the worship of the Bloodstars, a constellation that hangs in a static position over western Dwilight, three bright red stars known as the Austere, Auspicious and Maddening stars. They appear to follow slightly irregular cycles, being sometimes bright and sometimes dark. The current phases of the Bloodstars can be found here.

Followers of the Bloodstars believe that depending on the stars positions, they can influence the actions of man, with the different phases producing different effects.

The Maddening Star is said to be the epitome of emotion, influencing men with strong emotions and passionate actions. The Auspicious Star is the antithesis of Maddening. It deals with the mind and logic actions. Finally, the Austere Star is the balance of its two siblings, dealing not in inaction but with the time between action, allowing a balance between logic and emotion that only a true follower of the Bloodstars can acquire.

Sometimes the balance of the Austere star can be obscured for some, and can drive men to commit actions which many would not consider had they had the balance between all three stars. Some even dedicate themselves to following a particular star, such as Maddening. Although considered mad by some, these individuals can sometimes achieve a level of devotion not readily acquired by more general believers.

Sanguis Astroism began in Morek when many immigrants to Dwilight discovered shared dreams of the Stars, calling them from their homes in the East and prompting them to cross the oceans. Following the establishment of Morek, the faith of Sanguis Astroism was spread to the island of Libidizedd through the formation of the colony of Astrum. The third theocracy dedicated to the Bloodstars was Virovene, seceded from the realm of Springdale, allowing a spread of the religion to the north beyond Mt. Black Nastrond.

After the Wars of Succession two more theocracies were formed dedicated to the Bloodstars. The first was Aquilegia, formed as a colony of Morek, seeking to expand to the centre of the eastern sub-continent. It was formed as a democratic theocracy to help expand the political horizons of Sanguis Astroism. The other theocracy to be formed was the Holy State Corsanctum, founded by the Holy Prophet Mathurin Hossenfeffer. Designed to be a centre for faith for all theocracies of the Bloodstars, it is considered the epitome of religious matters within the religion. It is also considered the largest religion on the world, with a huge number of nobles following it.

The Faith across Dwilight

The following realms of Dwilight claim Sanguis Astroism as their state religion:

  • Astrum - A theocracy devoted to Sanguis Astroism. The first theocracy dedicated to the Bloodstars on western Dwilight, Astrum's most important temple to the Bloodstars can be found in the city of Libidizedd.

Former Theocracies

  • Iashalur / Niselur - The western most Theocracy of Sanguis Astroism, Iashalur had a special significance to the faith as it is located nearest the bloodstars themselves. Iashalur was founded by the Exiles of Niselur and claimed all the land which once composed the Niselurian territory. Its name meant Temple of Valor in the ancient tongues of Dwilight. The realm was reconquered from monsters and undead by forces lead by Turin Erickson and later lost by a rebellion lead by Leopold Arrakis, the self-proclaimed grandson of Boreal Arrakis. Following this rebellion, the realm's name was returned to Niselur. Niselur secularized and eventually broke from the Northern Astroist Federation, betraying the theocracies and declaring war on them. Though Niselur won victory with they help of its ally Asylon, it ultimately fell to monsters and undead. Many maintain that this was divine punishment for their betrayal of the church.
  • Corsanctum - Once the most important theocracy, being founded by the Holy Prophet and founder of the faith, Mathurin Hossenfeffer. Its faith was centered in Mimer, and was also the site of many pilgrimages made by followers of the Bloodstars, with nobles making at least one trip there to show their devotion within their lifetime. Corsanctum was absorbed by Astrum and lives on as a duchy. Many Corsanctans see this as a temporary arrangement and desire independence.
  • Farronite Republic - A republic that held Sanguis Astroism as its state religion located in the city of Golden Farrow. It was founded by the nobles of the former theocracy of Kabrinskia, which was formed and later destroyed by Allison Kabrinski.
  • Morek - The original home of the faith within lay Caiyun, home of the High Temple of the Bloodstars where Prophet Mathurin first founded the faith.
  • Morek Empire - What was once Morek, the realm broke into many and Morek Empire began. Eventually, Morek Empire merged into Arnorand the faith was down one more theocracy.

Documents of the faith

Structure of the Church

The Faith's Magistratum

Due to the size of the religion, problems began to occur between the different realms of the faith regarding many aspects of the religion, some of which led to accusations of heresy and distrust amongst many high-level members. Seeing this could tear the faith apart, the Holy Prophet Mathurin Hossenfeffer decided to form The Faith's Magistratum. Made up of every High Judge of the faith, these magistrati form an objective and neutral board to debate and discuss disputes occupying the faith.

It should be noted that while trials are in progress, a moratorium is put on all public discussions on issues related to the trial.

Observances, Holidays, and Festivals of the Faith

  • Boreal's Day - Following the death of Boreal Arrakis the holy Prophet announced that the day of his death (The 9th day of Spring) would be known as Boreal's Day in every Theocracy of the Faith. Stating that, "The loss of King Boreal Arakiss is a great one which will be felt for years to come. He was a hero of Sanguis Astroism and none have done more to spread the Faith than he."

In addition to the official observances common to all followers of Sanguis Astroism, each realm that follows the faith of Sanguis Astroism may have their own holy days, days of observance, and realm-wide festivities to honor the Blood Stars. You can find these listed in the official documents of each individual realm:


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