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You may be looking for information on the first incarnation of Khthon.

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The Rebirth


Ten months after the unconditional surrender of Old Khthon, the Realm of Heroes rose again. Taking advantage of the confusion after Enweil's declaration of war against Plergoth, Predbjørn II made a public call for heroes to bolster the ranks of Khthon once again. With the city close to 12,000 inhabitants instead of the 160 of the first attempt, perhaps this is a better bid for survival.

New Government

Khthon now resides under a banner of Democracy, the first Chancellor being Predbjørn II, but after his unexpected death, Hero Geoff Lious, rose to complete power. The current ruler, Chancellor Trithereon, rose to power during the war with Plergoth. Mirari Xerai, The Count of Tindle and current Supreme Judge of Khthon was initially appointed by Geoff, sometime before his unfortunate death.

After a short while of crusading against monsters, Khthon decided to launch its first military offensive against the realms of Varyamo Nolvo and Vice, in an attempt to assist its ally Heen in their unfair war. But due to threats from larger, more powerful realms, Khthon had to withdraw its forces after a short three days time. Shortly after, Khthon began its crusading against the monsters/undead once more. Khthon restored relations with Varyamo Nolvo, yet Vice refused Khthons offer for peace. It is possible that Khthon will be making another trip to Vicean lands as punishment for their ignorance to restore peace with the realm of Heroes...

Khthon now stands as one of the last bastions of humanity, after refusing any alliance with the forces of the Netherworld present in the Beluaterra.


The Ceded City Alliance

The Monarchy of Heen
The Monarchy of Irombrozia
The Republic of Fwuvoghor
The Monarchy of Vlaanderen

Other Alliances

The Monarchy of Old Grehk