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General Location

Hetland - The Phoenix Reborn

From out of Daimon fires, a new nation has been born, following the faith of Daishi until the darkness comes for all.

History of the Phoenix

When Plergoth was destroyed by the Daimons, her surviving nobles moved to the Republic of Fwuvoghor where they regrouped and prepared to rebuild their lost realm. They helped Fwuvoghor in its war against Avalon, and after that ended, they recaptured lost Creasur.

After repairing the city from the Daimon fires, VonGarrett, the Duke of Creasur, split the duchy away from the Republic of Fwuvoghor as was the long plan. The nation began immediately gaining peaceful relations with many of its neighbors.

Some time later, Enweil entered the city of Fwuvoghor under a flag of truce and started a takeover. Avalon quickly jumped in and attacked the Republic of Fwuvoghor and Hetland joined to defend their allies. The war lasted for many months, but with Fwuvoghor lost to Enweil's treachery and the realm cut in half, it was never able to fully recover and in the end the realm fell. Many of her nobles joined Hetland before the capital fell.

During the Fourth Invasion, Hetland expanded and gained more power when nobles from Daimon-destroyed Heen and Mesh traveled to Creasur to join one of the few nations still standing against the Daimons. The armies of Hetland fought and defeated many Daimon armies, driving them from the surviving lands of Mesh for a time.

Ultimately, Hetland and many of its nobles perished at the hands of the Daimons and the Prophets of the Light during the Fourth Invasion when the Prophets betrayed and abandoned them to the Daimons. Its lands soon became part of the Blight. Destroying Hetland was one of the last things the Daimons did before leaving Beluaterra behind.

Religion of the Phoenix