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Xinhai was a realm on Dwilight formed by the secession of the city of Donghaiwei from the realm of Morek. Xinhai eventually expanded and reclaimed all the lands that once were occupied by Morek. When control over all former Morek lands had been firmly established, the Xinhai changed its name to the Morek Empire. This are the informations about Xinhai that were once available:

The successor of the original realm of Morek, Xinhai is a theocracy of Sanguis Astroism centered on Donghaiwei.


After the death of Grandmaster Deverka Cryfdwr, the founder of Morek, in the sixth year of Dwilight, the cultural gaps between the original Morek and the Dalian additions grew greater. Furthermore, growth was impeded by the large bureaucracy needed to keep together the largest realm on Dwilight.

Near the end of the seventh year, Duchess Anabellium West, in accord with the nobles of her duchy, seceded from Morek to found the realm of Xinhai.


Xinhai is a theocracy of Sanguis Astroism, dedicated to the Bloodstars. The townsland of Caiyun, in the middle of Xinhai lands is a region that is bequeathed to the Church to serve as a residence to the Cardinal of the Austere Star.

The Archon is the paramount permanent ruler of Xinhai. The High Inquisitor is nominated by the Most Holy Prophet, who resides in Corsanctum, to safeguard the faith in Xinhai. The Lord Polemarch and the Coffermaster are elected positions. The Coffermaster must be an unlanded noble.

Currently, the spot of High Inquisitor is being held by the Lord Arbitrator until the Holy Prophet nominates a new High Inquisitor


The fighting men of Xinhai are organized into knightly orders and led by Order Marshals.

  • The Order of the Maddening - Sponsored by Francois de Leon, former Order Marshal of Xinhai, knight of Donghaiwei. It is the ducal army of Donghaiwei. It is marshaled by Lord Polemarch Bustoarsenzio Peristaltico, knight of Caiyun. It functions under the directive of its Marshal at the leisure of the Duke.
  • The Warders of the Temple - Sponsored by Duchess Anabellium West, it is a religious army composed of oath-bond nobles who serve at the will of the Holy Prophet when needed. It is currently in-active and will be reactivated should Sanguis Astroism ever come under attack
  • The Austere Order - Sponsored by Duchess Anabellium West, it was originally intended as to support Sir Hericus, Knight of Donghaiwei,'s claim to Muspelheim city. However, due to the disappearance of many of his cohorts from ill-timed lightning strikes, it has instead turned to patrolling the realm for monsters and supporting the Maddening Order in combat.

Foreign Relations

Xinhai is currently at war with Aquilegia over the issue of the Flowrestown duchal seat, which is currently held by Ashlyn Twinblade, Duchess of Flowrestown. Further and more extensive documentation can be found in the Dwilight University's historical analysis by Dean Bowie Ironsides: "Aquilegia versus Xinhai: The Flow Peninsula Theatre".

Recently, Aquilegia's two allies, the twin empires of the north (the Ravian and Libero Empires) have declared war to ostensibly support their ally. Whether or not this is only a simple land grab or a true attempt to support an ally is disputable, but, either way, war has erupted on our northern border as well.

After a series of losses by the triumvirate, the Libero Empire signed a treaty with Xinhai withdrawing from the war, leaving the Ravian Empire and Aquilegia still fighting.

Meanwhile, to the west, we enjoy peaceful relations with the ever neutral Corsanctum, which is the Holy State of Sanguis Astroism. We are allied to Astrum, currently the greatest of Sanguis Astroism's theocracies, dominating central-upper Dwilight, who provided us with valuable aid in the "Astromancy War", as named by Dean Ironsides. We have excellent commercial relations and thousands of bushels of food are sold to Astrum annually.

As co-founders of Nisleur, although Astrum played a much larger role, Xinhai has been rewarded with strong ties to the realm furthest west on Dwilight. While, because of the distance, the two realms have had little direct contact, Astrum has served as a middle man to send Xinhaian goods to Nisleur.

To our south, we have recently signed a peace treaty with Pian en Luries, which has vowed to stay neutral in the current conflict. It is hoped by both realms that this is a precursor to better trading relations, if not diplomatic ones.


Hall of fallen Heroes

- Sir Deverka Cryfdwr, Grandmaster of Morek and Duke of Unterstrom. Fallen fighting against monsters in Nifel, buried in Unterstrom. (Technically not from Xinhai, but still remembered)

- Sir Korio Karr, Count of Cailyn. Fallen fighting against Aquilegia in Huanghai on the 28th December 1009.