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(OOC: You may be looking for the page for the realm Fronen.)

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Bara'Khur (not to be confused with the original realm of the same name) was founded by a secession from Fronen (not to be confused with the original realm of the same name). Following a lengthy civil war, where few exchanges occurred but rather where both realms struggled against unending hordes, Bara'Khur eventually end up victor.

Later, notably following pressures from former Fronen nobles, the realms of Angmar and Obia'Syela began a campaign of religious persecution against Bara'Khur, and declared war on it. Angmar in particular threatened for a long time, and then began using vast amounts of scrolls, bringing the struggling realm down on its knees, reduced to nothing but the starving capital, Wudenkin. Angmar then sent multiple expeditions to crush the ruined realm with their armies, but were unsuccessful in taking the city.

On the 29th of January in 2019, the city of Wudenkin fell to a large force of monsters and undead. This marked the end of the realm and the few nobles that called Bara'Khur home fled to various realms.


The Order of Mordok was the official religion of Bara'Khur, faith of all three nobles, and dominant religion among the locals. Bara'Khur is where the religion took root and grew, after being created in the North-West, and with its mass emigration was the source of Mordokian presence in the North-East.

Diplomatic Relations

Bara'Khur was at war with Angmar and Obeah, and has unfriendly relations with most realms of the continent.