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(OOC: You may be looking for the page for the original realm of Fronen, which can be found here.)
The current incarnation of Fronen was formed in July of 2008 when the city of Vur Hagin seceded from the realm of Avalon.

Neofronen-icon.png The Dogado of Fronen

Fronen is a Realm on the continent of Beluaterra. A Realm for the honourable, strong and diplomatic.

Location of the realm on the continents map:


The mighty Republic of Fronen of the past, after withstanding the past invasions finally succumbed to the third one. Where monsters, undeads and a new breed never known to mankind until now, the daimons. A new foe that she was not ready to face. The capital of Fronepu was decimated by the daimons. Regions invaded and the once proud republic faced destruction as regions all around started to revolt. Thus, that simple unfortunate turn of events, Fronen dissapeared from the face of the Continent.

July 18th 1008, the city of Vur Hagin, governed by Duchess Gwenn, a noble of Avalon that was never even part of Fronen decided to secede the city to create the vision she had always have. She has probably heard tales or read books on Fronen, which is why she took this step. In consequences, the once mighty Republic came back to life. During so, she had brought a few regions of her duchy with her, but it all soon seem to fall as the Lords of the regions of the duchy quickly changed allegiance, either back to Avalon or Valhus. Leaving it with only the capital of Vur Hagin. Its Duchess and Ruler of the Republic after a week of ruling decided to do an early retirement. Fronen was in a vulnerable state...

Scrolls of time

  • First Doge - Gwenn Vando from July 18, 1008 until July 23, 1008
  • Second Doge - Cyrus Hyrhion from July 23, 1008 until January 11, 1009
  • Third Doge - Jeff Carnes from January 12, 1009
  • Former Doge - Maremma Darkhouse elected May 27, 2012
  • Former Doge - Richard Telrunya from March 6, 1013
  • Former Doge - Maremma Darkhouse June 17, 2013
  • Former Doge - Elicia Windblack
  • Former Doge - Bastian Moore
  • Former Doge - Nyx Harte
  • Current Doge - Akrogath Apasurain (has served multiple times over the years 1016 and 1017)

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Neofronen-icon.png The Structure of the Republic

The Signoria of Fronen

The republic of Fronen, is constituted of The Signoria of Fronen. Its members are of the council.Therefore,

The Signoria of Fronens has no potential power except for their own jurisdiction. Some are chosen or were voted upon to fulfill their responsibilities in the domain given

'''The Senate'''

The Senate is consisted of all the Podestà of the different fiefs given to them. Each Podestà is to represent their own, their knights and their regions interest and needs. Included are the councillors of the realm. They have the right to choose who is to be the successor to their seat.

Here is where everything happens, where everything is discussed, debated and decided. Therefore, the Laws, Plans & Ideas are to be discussed in The Senate. The law, plan or idea will be voted upon and if a simple majority of 51% and more is reached, then it is passed.

In conclusion, everyone is to put theirs and their knights, if need it be, opinions and thoughts on the matter. In the end, everyone part of The Senate is rallied to vote. Although, when a new idea is given, once everyone debates and when it ends, we will give a 2 day of meditation and then when the 2 days are done, votes are to be cast, If you may not vote for whichever reason during the voting day, tell your knight to vote for you. Which means, as a Podestà, you are given the responsibility and it is your duty to be an active (ooc: not in the sense of you have to go on BM all the time), loyal and a dedicated supporter of the Republic. For WE are the ones who will shape its future. In unity, we stand.

Hall of Fame

Neofronen-icon.png The Judicial System

The Court

The Court consists of the Magistrato dell d'Ordine and the rest of the Signoria. The building is situated in the Capital not so far from the Duchal Palace. It shares the same architecture and design as the palace. Yet around the court stands tall pillars.

Here, the suspect is brought into Court, where he will face judgement. He is to present his case and defend himself. He may bring witnesses if needed. Then, the victim is to show his version. He has the same options as the suspect. After the evidence and stories are shown, the Court is to debate and decide either he is guilty or innocent and decide of the punishment as they see fit depending on the gravity of the crime. Then the Magistrato dell d'Ordine is to make his speech and make the decision official.

Laws & Edicts of the Republic

Neofronen-icon.png Military

Realm's Military Talents

The realm has many talents and skilled fighters, but one of the many skills the Fronenites acquired after its rich history is horseriding. Training in the art of jousting for its piercing charge and its skilled close combat with its trusted blade. Makes The Fronen Elite Cavaliers reknown by its friends and feared by its enemies.

List of the Armies of Fronen:

The 'Legione della Repubblica'

Fronen's specialists army, capable of preforming a wide variety of tasks to defend the Republic.

The 'Esercito della Spade'

The spirit of Fronen's most capable warriors are even more frightening than the army charging down the enemy, crushing all resistance.

Neofronen-icon.png Religion

Present Religions

Golden Feather icon.jpg Order of the Golden Feather - Since the capture of Vozzessdor, this religion has gained also a foothold within Fronen lands. In the Sixth Age the faith has only a small presence.

Daishi - spreading east from the lands of Nothoi, the faith has gained a following within Fronen.

Estahsism - Along with Daishi, Estahsism is found throughout the Republic.

Past Religions

Sun icon.png The Blood Cult - Since the very early days of cultist immigration, the Blood Cult was present in Fronen lands.

Cross4.jpg Order of the Druids - Old faith of some of the founding members, ruins of the temples may still remain in the south from the days these were held by Avalon.

Melhed-icon.png Old Gods - The faith had a notable following in the northern and eastern border regions.

Neofronen-icon.png Diplomatic Relations

Federation Alliance Peace Neutral War Hatred
Old Grehk
Enweil Riombara Sint

Neofronen-icon.png __________________Duchies and Regions of Fronen__________________ Neofronen-icon.png
Duchy of Vur Hagin

Vur Hagin | Qrelg | Jyl | Xhahgus | Marpii |

Duchy of Carmel

Dyomoque | Tindle | Zuhle | Eg Tutnu

Duchy of Fronentier Fronero

Fronepu Defect| Vozzessdor Defect | Junohep |Xerus