Old Gods

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The Old Gods

Man came to Beluaterra from across the Western Ocean and brought with them their gods and their ways. But before the coming of man, other creatures called this place home, those of alien form and mind, those that men call monsters. They are the Children of the Old Gods.

The Old Gods remain masters of the land, watching the movements of man and beast for reasons unfathomable; and though men of different kingdoms may call upon them with a variety of names, they have existed before there were beings to name them.

The existence of the Gods was discovered by Man long ago and then forgotten by the refined nobles who followed the gods of their homelands across the sea. But the peasants remembered and paid homage to the Gods in an effort to appease them and lessen their wrath. So it is not surprising that in the harsh north, the nobles learned of the Old Gods and the true meaning of the war with the Children.

Thus, Man once again came to realize that for humans to truly control the continent, they had to win the love of the Gods and the war with the Children began in earnest.

Literature of the Old Gods