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The Sixth Age of Beluaterra

The period since the end of the Fifth Invasion unto the present.

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The Rupturing of Beluaterra - and the Beginning of the sixth Age

Taking Stock

As prophesied, one month after the death of Overlord in Battle, the daimon gates did close. Thus, on July 20th of the year 1012 the fifth invasion was over - humanity had once again survived the onslaught of the daimons. The cost had been horrendous - roughly half of the lands under human control before the begin of the fifth invasion did lie in ruins, populated by a few hundred souls. Other regions had been drawn into the netherworld, most notably the cities of Vur Hagin, Fengen, Enweilios and Fwuvoghor...and with them a rim of regions situated between these cities. On the other hand large swaths of land had been freed from the blight by human steel: to the north, west and south lands that had long been lost were now accessible.

Of the realms holding lands at the begin of the invasions all had survived except IVF though most were much reduced in land and strength:


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  • Enweil: 7 regions, 1 city, 1.100 economic strength
  • Fronen: 7 regions, 1 city, 4.000 economic strength
  • Melhed: 12 regions, 3 cities, 7.100 economic strength
  • Nothoi: 7 regions, 1 city, 1.800 economic strength
  • Old Grehk: 13 regions, 2 cities and 1 stronghold, 6.300 economic strength
  • Riombara: 10 regions, 2 cities, 5.200 economic strength
  • Sint: 17 regions, 3 cities, 6.500 economic strength
  • Thalmarkin: 11 regions, 1 city, 3.400 economic strength

The Beginning of an Age

With the closing of the gates six daimon hosts were marooned on Beluaterra...leaderless but still fearsome. Even while realms started to expand again, these hosts were hunted and within a month all but one had been eliminated.

Even while this was happening, the firm human alliance that had held against all daimon trickery started to fracture: Thalmarkin and Melhed were at odds about the ownership of Lastfell, then held by Thalmarkin, the sole possibility to cross the river dividing both realms. Melhed wanted access to the rogue lands in the north, Thalmarkin felt it unwise to give another realm access to a region next to their capital. That denying Lastfell to Melhed would prevent Melhed from expanding northwards was likely not overlooked in Thalmarkin....which had expanded rapidly in the north, taking 6 regions and a city.

In the south Enweil did take the rogue Ete City - which led to diplomatic difficulties with Riombara. The former claimed that even though it had been riombaran swords freeing the city, this would not result in any rights to it. The latter saw that a bit different, claiming it for the exiles from IVF and Enweil which had joined Riombara to continue the fight after the destruction of IVF and the capitulation of Enweil.

In the center, the rogue city of Creasur become a focus. Claimed by Nothoi, Enweil - which withdrew its claim later -, Old Grehk and Fronen it looked like being accepted that Nothoi would take the city. This would enable Nothoi to give back Dyomoque to Fronen which had lent the city to Nothoi after that realms last city had fell to the horrors, thus enabling Nothoi to survive.

Ah, greed, lust and the machinations of power. After the brilliant and shining bravery during the fifth invasion, after countless deeds worthy to be sung about, how long would it take to see dark columns of smoke rising again to mark where humans would be slaughtering humans?


Enweil takes Ete City on July 27th, Riombara takes Grehk on August 7th, Fronen takes Wudenkin on August 9th - but as the clerks are confused, the banner of Nothoi is raised instead. The city is handed back to Fronen a few days later, however it revolts immediately. Fronen retakes the city on August 16th, Riombara takes Irombro near the end of the month. Nothoi takes Creasur on September 4th, Riombara takes Jidington on the 5th, again Nothoi takes Reeds on September 20th. Sint takes Fianik on the 28th. With that only Heen and Taghalez in the west, Iato in the southwest and Eylmon in the south are yet rogue.

Founding of Caelum

In January 1013, The monarchy of Caelum was founded in the lands once held by Mesh and Heen that were freed from the blight in the last invasion. Sint, Nothoi, Old Grehk and Thalmarkin came together to form the realm.

War of Ice & Sun

In the first war after the invasion, hostilities between Melhed and Thalmarkin led to war in March 1013 after Melhed's reformation as a Monarchy. Tensions between the realms included competing region claims and religious differences. Thalmarkin declared war with the stated intent to recreate Ar Agyr from Melhed's duchy of Agyr.

Thalmarkin's victory in Bil Havil on May 16th triggered a ceasefire and peace talks between the two realms. The battle had 1600 troops from Thalmarkin and 830 soldiers from Melhed. At the time of the ceasefire, many of the western regions of Melhed had either fallen into anarchy or were heavily damaged by war and looting.


Enweil & Riombara War

In April 1013, Riombara demanded Enweil hand over the regions of Midbote, Pequad, Sandlakes and Tsamn, as well as all regions to the west of this line, in order to found a new realm centered on Fheuvenem. After Enweil's refusal, Riombara declared war in mid-May. This was followed by declarations of war on Riombara by Fronen, Nothoi & Old Grehk.

At the time of Riombara's war declaration, Riombara's western border regions were Yncaalo & Droxago. Yncaalo was part of Enweil but changed its allegiance to Riombara a day before war was declared.

Fronen vs Ar Agyr & Melhed

A new War is breaking out: Fronen vs Ar Agyr and Melhed...

The founding of Caelum

Rebuilding after the devastation did take a long time - but finally colonists from Old Grehk, Nothoi, Sint and Thalmarkin did set out to found a new realm in the wilds of the southwest, long a stretch of rogue and devastated regions. Hope did travel with them...

Especially the southern war should rage for a long time - and see the siege of Riombara, naval landings, the withdrawal of Fronen and Old Grehk, the expansion of Riombara westwards, a failed attempt to finally refound IVF and the dwindling of Enweil.

The fall of Sint

Also during 1013 the old nation of Sint was torn asunder by interior dissent, secession and war. After having withstood several ages, the end did come swift - and now nothing remains of this once proud nation with Spearhold holding most of its former lands.



In the beginning of 1014 dark tidings and a massive surge of undead and monsters led to the suspicion that a new invasion was threatening...and all human realms forged a peace. The bloody history of our continent seems by now to be deeply ingrained....thus stood humanity after the first surge had been driven back: