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Known formally as the Kingdom of Caelum, ...


Caelum was formed as a cooperative effort by the realms of Nothoi, Thalmarkin, Sint, and Old Grehk. Nobles from each of these realms, and more, came together to recolonize lands recaptured from the blighted lands during the end of the Fifth Invasion. These four realms signed a treaty to establish and regulate the cooperative effort that would form the realm.

On January 8th, 2013, Victus Draco Tanos seceded the Dutchy of Heen from the realm of Sint, officially forming Caelum.

On June 6th, 2013, the 'Edmundus Wizardry Scandal' came to light. The ex-Justicarius, Edmundus Blackmane, confessed of his ongoing attack (via. summoning scrolls) on Caelum.

Geography, Climate, and Ecology

Northern and Southern Caelum are bisected by a vast desert surrounding the fortress of Tahgalez. Caelum extends from the city of Heen and the pine and oak forests of Kif in the north, to the gently rolling plains and scattered deciduous forests of Eykfar and Mokut to the south.

All of Caelum experiences quite dramatic weather patterns.

The summers are brutally hot and dry. Many merchants refuse to cross the desert this time of year. The autumns are prone to heavy raining, and floods are a serious concern throughout the provinces. The winters are mild, but prone to lightning storms and temperatures below freezing at night. The springs are mild, and feature a mixture of light rains and cool nights.

(Ecology tbd)

Political Divisions



Caelum is a monarchy. Her capital city is Tahgalez.

The realm council currently comprises of:

King Titus Corvian

General Jager O'Deathh

Judge Moonglum II Spearhawk

Banker Znowii Plaraveen

Foreign Relations

Caelum is currently neutral towards Enweil, Fronen, and Melhed.

Caelum is currently at peace with Nothoi, Riombara, Sint, and Thalmarkin.

Caelum is currently allied with Old Grehk.




Currently, Caelum has but one army, sponsored by Judge Moonglum II Spearhawk, Duke of Heen. Dubbed the "Scorpions" a referance to the common arthropod of the desert and surrounding badlands, known for their tenacity and deadly venom.

The "Scorpions" are currently Marshaled by Boris Orlov, Baron of Apokh.