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The Third Age of Beluaterra

This is the period since the Second Invasion of the undead and the present.

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Early Colonization

Secession of Midas Chia

Midas Chia was created by the secession of Grehk from Luz de Bia after internal disputes. Hostilites commenced and while they held out for a bit, they were eventually conquered.

Khthon's Short-lived Secession

In the city of Dyomoque, the small realm of Khthon was created. It was a private effort of the Hero Predbjørn II, who tried to make it a realm for heroes. Too bad for Predbjørn II the location was already claimed by the nearby realm of Plergoth! Hostilities commenced and while they held out, Predbjørn II rejoined Plergoth in order to retain his city. Some Khthonians moved to Fronen and then assisted the founding of Sint.

Creation of Avalon

From the ashes of Cteduul, Enweil created the realm of Avalon. After a rusty start and some bad luck (huge amount of monsters next to them) they began to grow. This realm survived the third age.

Creation of Thalmarkin

An Old Grehk colony, though actually a joint effort of mostly by Old Grehk and Riombara. The colonists took over the Nuzanki stronghold which they then called their home. The new realm grew itself to 5 regions in just 12 days time. This realm went on to survive the entire third age.

Creation of Sint

Sint was created in the small city of Fianik by a group of nobles that were found 'too vocal' in Ashborn. It was founded as a theocracy. Sint has since then survived the entire third age and has its own thrilling historical documents.

Creation of Valentia

A colony created by Melhed, using the method of seceding a city. The new realm based themselves in Unger, and was a monarchy when first founded. It had a city with thousands of peasants thus good tax income in the standard of a new realm. However, this realm did not survive the Third age.

First Wars

  • Plergoth vs Khthon
  • Midas Chia vs Luz de Bia

There had been many declarations of war in the third age, but most of these were attempts to keep the starving populations happy rather than active aggression.

The first actual combat took place between Plergoth and the colony of Khthon, located in the city of Dyomoque. While the new colony was not at this stage a serious threat to Plergoth, Dyomoque was claimed as their second city during the invasion, and they had implemented a policy to remove this threat before it grew any larger. Predbjørn II surrendered the region to Plergoth, ending the war.

In the south, Luz de Bia was having trouble with monsters and its rebellious nobles in the seceded realm Midas Chia. After weeks of war, Luz de Bia managed to get the monsters under control and defeated Midas Chia a few weeks after, reclaiming their old regions.

Colonization of the Desert Badlands

Creation of Vice

From the ruins of Latlan, a small city on the western coast, a wandering band of colonists from Mesh founded this realm after a long struggle. The realm was peaceful: dedicated to bringing pleasure, party, and vice back to Beluaterra; an effort lead by Skadhi Storm. Vice was a theocracy that spread to Sotrebar and Apokh. This realm did not survive the third age.

Creation of Varyamo Nolvo

Colonized by Ashborn in the city of Heen. Varyamo Nolvo was a democracy. The colony was lead by Dead Angel of the White Gaurdians. He was elected ruler shortly after the successful colony take over of Heen. It quickly conquered Ling, Hcallow, Kif, Tahgalez and Kording in what seemed to be a race against Vice for land. The capital was moved to Tahgalez as a more central location shortly after its takeover. This realm did not survive the third age.

The Rise of Religion

In the region of Hoelorr, the first real religion was founded with the building of the first temple. Opening the floodgates, the continent was soon populated by various religions. Some were founded as state faiths, while others sprung up independently.

Desert Drama

Merging of Varyamo Nolvo and Vice

War seemed imminent between the two desert badland colonies. Latlan produced Vice more gold than Varyamo Nolvo's Heen and Tahgalez combined. Being colonized sooner, the city had a greater populace and higher production. This being the case, the 'war' seemed evenly matched with both realms having approximately equal nobles and income. Pontifex Skadhi Storm and Chancellor Dead Angel decided in the end they were stronger together than divided.

Creation of Heen

The unification of the desert realms of Varyamo Nolvo and Vice turned out to be short lived. The continued existence of the faith of Hedonism was a significant point of contention in the newly unified realm that led to open rebellion. Even as that failed, the Duchies of Latlan and Heen broke off to form the realms of Vice and Heen, fearing the repercussions, and war broke out once again.

Desert Civil War

The civil war raged for a long time, with Vice and Heen relentlessly assaulting one another and Varyamo Nolvo placing what little strength she had left behind Vice. In the end, the evenly balanced conflict was brought to a crashing halt not by martial action, but the Duke of Latlan giving his allegiance to Heen, ending the war in one fell swoop and setting the stage for reunification of the desert.

Sint vs Ashborn

War broke out between these two nations. Ashborn declared Sint its "unofficial" colony and placed Varyamo Nolvo on its "offical" colony status. As a result, Sint declared war.

Fwuvoghorian Fight

Following a feint by the East Coast Alliance on Fwuvoghor, they engaged in a surprise attack against Enweil. The war came to involve most of the continent's realms, and had serious implications. It is the author's understanding that the arrival on inhuman minions is what put this war to a halt. At this point in time, every realm on the continent was engaged in war, or at least officially taking a side (Melhed's case).

Prelude to the Invasion

A few adventurers calling themselves The Necromancer's Servants had begun appearing on Beluaterra. They seem to believe they speak for some mighty force of evil, and demand artifacts taken from their Master...

Inhuman Emergence, Bipolarization of Diplomacy

After some time, the Necromancer's Servants appeared on Beluaterra with vast armies promoting their goals, as did the Monster Swarms. The humans were soon forced to pick a side, and the undead threatened all those who did not unite with them. While the west coast realms mostly aligned with the monsters, and a few managed to remain neutral, the vast majority of the realms aligned themselves with the Undead, Republic of Fwuvoghor, under Queen Retravic Slayer, was the first to formally ally itself with them, though second to sign peace. Tensions were high between the two blocs as parties attempted to understand the nature of the invasion.

Daimonic Insurgence

At an undetermined time, vast hordes of daimons appeared on the continent, notably from the portal in Jobo's Mouth. Numbering in the hundreds of thousands of CS, they marched southwards all the way to Mio Dupaki. Humans and undead incapable to defeat them, they used the undeads' portal there to capture their leader and enslave them. Since then, daimon presence elevated to high levels, and their actions were fierce.

Appearance of the Lost Souls

Appearing around Creasur, following the apparition of many demented adventurers, a faction of the Netherworld labeled as "Lost Souls" have appeared. They have been quoted saying that they had been betrayed by Summoner. Little else is known by the author about these beings, their presence on the island was rather short.

Leave of the Third Parties

After a time of daimon occupation, the undead of the Abyss were able to wrestle their leader free from the daimons. Being chased here and there on the continent by the daimons and human realms, their last act on Beluaterra was to assist king Jean-Olivier is reclaiming his throne from the daimons. Some time after, northern reports of a black cloud of plague came, and rumours had it that someone somehow told the daimons where to find the monsters' island, resulting in its destruction. As they retreated, humanity was left alone with the daimons, no other faction made an appearance since, though the leadership has changed upon one occasion.

Death of Realms

At differing times, and for differing reasons, many realms ceased to be. Ashborn, Valentia, Fronen, Khthon, Plergoth, Luz de Bia, Caras Galadhon are the realms which died, though a few of those saw re-creation, either with their original name or a new one.

Lowered Daimon Activity

Perhaps due to portals being closed everyone, and numerous defeats of Netherworld forces, their presence significantly dropped. For unknown reasons, they have also changed leaders, and have adopted a whole new approach. With politics radically changing from the beginning of the invasion, the academical researches put aside to favour once more the tactics of old, some believe Beluaterra has entered a new era.