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The realm

Welcome to Avalon, Realm of Mighty warriors! Avalon is a large realm and it is ruled by great leaders! We like to Roleplay, make fun of each other and drink until we can't recognize our own feet. I salute you!


You find yourself in the information building of Cteduul, Capital of Avalon. On your left there is an old man with a sign that says: Will tell tales for beer! As you came in search of information you reckon it can’t be that bad.

-Hey you, could you tell me something about the history of this fine realm?

  • Sure what do you want to know lad and I’ll have some Orombo liquor ;)

-How it all started, who were these fine noblemen who were the founders of Avalon?

  • Well as long as I get some booze I’ll tell you their tales!

The Founders

Interview on Grim-Reaper about the beginnings of Avalon

Avalon is a pretty young realm and not long ago it was just an idea, a dream, a quest. But like you probably know, some dreams can actually come true. It all started with three brave troop leaders. These three decided that they wanted to try something bold and create a realm, where they would be highly respected noblemen. They gathered food and hoarded gold right before the second great invasion. One of these three chose to gather political strength and became a well respected Judge who helped the mother realm of Enweil trough the dark invasion. As a reward for their services they were given a chance to realize their dream. The three quickly gathered more troop leaders to fight for their cause.

In addition to giving the permission to start a realm, Enweil did more: they sent the entire Enweilieos army to support the takeover of Cteduul. A fact about witch the Avaloniërs are still grateful for. With their help it wasn’t long before the inhabitants of this fine City were convinced that a realm couldn’t be any worse then an undead horde. More then seven thousand of us welcomed the “Avaloniën” troop leaders and gave them our pledge of allegiance. That was about the same time where they elected their first Ruler. A man called Grim-Reaper; he was one of the original three who left from Enweil with only a dream and a lot of patience. Beside him the other members of the council were: Jelpot the wise Supreme Judge, Michael, the brave Minister of Defence, and Hector, the intelligent Minister of Finances. And beside these people a hero called Dean became the first Duke of Cteduul. I remember that day very good, there was a lot of celebration in the city that night, because these new rulers had brought a lot of food with them!

That’s the tale of how Avalon was founded… If you want me to tell you more tales, you will have to get me another drink!

Chain of Command

Government System: Democracy

Avalon is now a recognized Democracy in the continent of Beluaterra. The Chancellor, the Minister of Defence, the Minister of Finances and our Supreme Judge are elected following the wishes of the Avaloniën population. We work hard, which is necessary for keeping a good realm in order and the elections provide security of continued work. Glory to the Democracy of Avalon!

Constitution Of Avalon



Regions of Avalon

Avalon.gif Duchies and Regions of Avalon Avalon.gif
Duchy of Cteduul

Cteduul | Lacint | Norjke

Duchy of Zod


Imperial Regions

Cori | Henhower | Qrelg | Sheja | Stempleto | Tey Gren | Vale