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Empire Of Vordul Sanguinis
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Blood Regent Eriol Blackdagger

Crimson Judge

Hendrick Armsworth

Gigax Pilesar
Ferdinand Invictus


Vordul Sanguinis, also known as the Sanguine Empire, is a tyranny lead through power and fear. The lore and religion of the Empire follow the ascension of the creator of Vordul Sanguinis, Xlair Silverblade, who they believe has ascended to Godhood to challenge the Dark Mistress who is responsible for the Undead. During the wars with Obia'Syela and Shattered Vales, the "Eternal Emperor" was defeated in battle and "Ascended".

During his reign in physical form, the religion of Vordulism was formed and centered around the perseverance of the power of one's blood, and their Oath in dedication to the Eternal Emperor. This Blood Oath provided one with the Mark of the Sworn, an "X" scar on the left forearm, which guarantees their life eternal in his armies to battle the Bloodless and the Dark Mistress. Above the Sworn, and closest to the Emperor, were the Disciples. A Disciple had been specifically chosen to carry out his divine will and act as a conduit of Xlair's will.

Xlair and his Disciples, along with the Wizard Craglan "The Cold" Mejor, the Sanguine Order claimed the ancient city of Wudenkin from the clutches of undead, or what they called the Bloodless, and formed Vordul Sanguinis. The Empire spread to cover the mountains, the plains to the east, and west, surrounding Lake Salaman.

Post Ascension of Xlair Silverblade, the Church of Vordulism took up the Emperor's rituals concerning the Blood Oath, and the elevated faithful of the Disciples, as a practice of the Religion. Though Vordul Sanguinis is Tyrannical in nature, Vordulism brings many Theocratic overtones. Taking the Blood Oath is now one and the same as joining Vordulism, and those of the Church are often favored above the Forsworn, those who have not taken the Blood Oath and joined Vordulism.


Vordul Sanguinis is very story focused on the development of not only the characters and the realm, but for the entire continent of Beluaterra. As the realm progresses through the story, the chapters will be recorded and stored here for reference.

The Reign of Shadow (Current Story)
Chapter Story
Crystal Ball quare.jpg
Chapter 7
The Vizier's Plight
With the Eternal Emperor, Xlair Silverblade, fallen and the realm in a state of transition, the Wizard, Craglan "The Cold" Mejor, gathered those loyal to him and gained enough support to create and occupy the title of Vizier, and the new Ruler of Vordul Sanguinis. The once cult of Vordulism, was now a Religion that worshiped He Who Has Ascended, the Eternal Emperor, who fought in the heavens against the Dark Mistress to bring an end to the Bloodless/Undead.

The standard practices that were once common place, such as the Blood Oath and the worship, become more common place among those faithful of Vordulism, but less ingrained into the every day culture of the Empire. New powers were beginning to gather, and the Age of Shadow has begun.

(Ongoing Storyline)

To have a break down of the story that has transpired prior to this current Chapter, click to Expand and reach the individual summaries below:

The Beginning (Chapter 1-2)
Chapter Story
Crystal Ball quare.jpg
The Oracle
Many years ago during the Third Age an Oracle spoke of the unwound weave of the Eternals. The prophecy spoke of two descendants of the Gods, who were divided in the heavens, but their powers combined could rule the world.

One descendant was said to be from the Dark Mistress, her brief time on Beluaterra having blessed a powerful Necromancer with her union, leaving a child of darkness. The other descendant was said to be from the union of the Ice Queen, who had been captured by Daimons and a child of ice orphaned in the deepest layer of hell.

The Oracle spoke of how the Dark Mistress and the Ice Queen opposed one another in the high heavens, from disputes and disagreements far beyond mortal comprehension. Against each other, they cancelled each other out, and a balance was maintained. In their boredom they turned to the mortal world for enjoyment, beginning to move their pawns.

In this mortal world, the two descendants, like separate threads of fate, wound themselves through the ages. One sealed in time, the other but a predecessor to the creeping horror of the Dark Mistress.

Crystal Ball quare.jpg
Chapter 1
Novan Shores
The Sanguine Order, controlled by the Exiled Son Xlair Silverblade, landed on the southern shores of Beluaterra. Rumor through the camps told the tale of Xlair Silverblade having once belonged to a prominent family in Outer Tilog where during the magical ages where Lich Kings ruled the continent.

It was said that he was betrayed by his family, and cursed with the Armor that was supposed to kill him, but instead was mastered and fed on blood. He's never been seen without the Armor since, and the existence of his Family faded from Outer Tilog.

Arriving in Nova, the Sanguine Order took up Mercenary work with the Novan Royalty to pay their way. From there, they fought armies of undead, and joined in the war against Obia'Syela. When conquering the Mountains of Bym, a strange rumbling shook the southern lands, and a blizzard clung to the mountains for seven nights.

When the Blizzard ended, a loyal Knight of Nova, Javien Mejor, had gone missing... and from the mountain passes emerged a thin and pale man with sharp features.. Craglan the Cold.

The Wizard emerged and was drawn to the Sanguine Order, offering Xlair Silverblade a handful of gems in return for protection. Craglan made promise to fund his Order, speaking of an ancient city of Wudenkin to the north.

Hungry for power, and having no more need for Novan hospitality, the Sanguine Order broke their camps and took boats north. Crossing through Ar Agyr lands, they finally made it to Yipinaltke and were welcomed by Angela Barret, the High Priestess of Mordok. The priestess provided estates for Lord Silverblade and there they met the Queen of Thalmarkin to make terms of their stay.

From Yipinaltke, Lord Silverblade could see across Lake Salaman and to the spires of the ancient City of Wudenkin, said to be the birthplace of the Religion of Mordok, but a fallen city and host to large armies of Undead.

Crystal Ball quare.jpg
Chapter 2
Kin of Thalmar
Far north within the Mountains, Craglan was drawn to a forgotten hold: Castle Winterthorn. From within these crypts Lord Silverblade and Craglan the Cold discovered the ancient bloodlines of Beluaterra and the Battles of the Overlord.

Having the need for more gold and troops, the Lord Silverblade was convinced to dispatch the Sanguine Order as an offensive force against Grehkia by the Queen of Thalmarkin. Alongside Marshall Skalros, Craglan and Xlair conquered the city of Vozzessdor. The Duke of Vozzessdor, Timsen Quasaath, lay down his arms and yielded his lands to the Queen.

As the Grehkian forces retreated, Copper Gronholt of the Sanguine Order, captured the newly elected Priest King, presenting her to the Thalmarkin court. Queen Bae rewarded the Sanguine Order handsomely for their prisoner, and the strength of Lord Silverblade’s armies grew.

From Vozzessdor, The Sanguine Order set out southward through Xerus, and across the Arach Bridge to the Townsland of Verdomite. Here, under the shadow of the fallen city of Wudenkin, the Order met with the armies of the undead.

Reign of Blood (Chapter 3-6)
Chapter Story
Crystal Ball quare.jpg
Chapter 3
Rise of the Empire
The armies of the undead within Wudenkin were controlled by ancient beings with ancient Powers. A Corpse Queen controlled the burnt capital with Banshees as generals. The Sanguine Order clashed with the hordes of rot, wading through corpses and ethereal screams one step at a time toward Wudenkin.

Three days of battle, from Verdomite to Wudenkin, and on the dusk of the fourth day Lord Silverblade took the city of Wudenkin, occupying the central palace and naming it the Sanguine Citadel.

Though, once the city was claimed, it was far from cleared. The Corpse Queen had been defeated, but her call had reached far and wide. The Sanguine Order endured assaults for twenty three days before the last of the dead lay motionless.

With the city of Wudenkin taken, Xlair declared the establishment of Vordul Sanguinis, the Sanguine Empire. The Sanguine Order was split into the Crimson Legion, and the Ministry of Shadow.

The new Emperor Silverblade announced the four Disciples of his Empire. Two to lead the Ministry of Shadow; Azizah Daris and Rasil Grimblade. And two to lead the Crimson Legion, Copper Gronholt and Svari Storme.

Through the Disciples, the Empire grew, and established itself as a Sovereign Realm among Beluaterra.

Crystal Ball quare.jpg
Chapter 4
The Vanishing
The Sanguine Empire has grown, stretching from Ircymbar to Tindle, with the great northern ridge of mountains pouring out fine ores and gems. The city of Wudenkin is growing quickly with trade and residents pouring in from the nearby lands.

Peace doesn’t last long on Beluaterra, and the rumblings of war are stirring. News reached the Sanguine Citadel that Queen Bae of Thalmarkin had gone missing, and soon after Disciple and Warlord Svari Storme vanished along with her Marshall, Sol Tempest.

The very next day, messengers arrived that Thalmarkin had declared war upon Irondale, and Nothoi had joined on Irondale’s defense against the Kin of Thalmar.

Emperor Silverblade announced the dissolution of the Crimson Legion, and formed the Frozen Blood army, led by the Emperor and Craglan the Cold. The Ministry of Shadow has so far indicated that the Sanguine Empire will remain neutral, but have eyes in the shadows on all borders, watching.. waiting.

Crystal Ball quare.jpg
Chapter 5
War of the 5 Realms
In the absence of Queen Bae, the Mad King Zatar took hold of Thalmarkin, leading the wars on Iron Dale who were supported by Nothoi. The Ministry of Shadow had declared that The Sanguine Empire would maintain it's neutrality as long as the warring parties stayed outside of Vordul borders. The Thalmarkin, once allies to Vordul Sanguinis, broke this agreement not once, but twice.

On the second offense, The Emperor had enough, and in unison the Empire picked up their blades and marched northward. With the Ministry officials leading his charge, the Duke of Vozzessdor, Timsen Quasath, was given the opportunity to surrender. As no words were reached, Ehrich Weisz of the Shattered Vales joined the war and laid siege to Vozzessdor.

By the time The Sanguine Empire arrived, the city laid in occupation, and the Emperor of Shattered Vales surrendered the city to Emperor Silverblade. The Duke of Vozzessdor, seeing the might of the armies, abandoned his fealty to Thalmarkin, and brought the collapse of Yipinaltke, Junohep, and Vore, and accepted the Rulership of the Sanguine Empire over Vozzessdor.

With such a blow, the Thalmarkin cast out the Mad King Zatar, and elected Queen Gilly Gabanus in his place. Being more diplomatic than her predecessor, a cease fire was agreed upon between the Sanguine Empire, Shattered Vales and the Thalmarkin. As the Thalmarkin war continued against Iron Dale and Nothoi, the two Empires returned to their realms to allow the war to play out.

From there, Emperor Silverblade closed himself inside of the Sanguine Citadel, and sealed the Palace to all but the Disciples and Gabriel, known as The Voice of Darkness.

Crystal Ball quare.jpg
Chapter 6
The Emperor's Ascension
From within the Sanguine Citadel, the Emperor delves into experiments of blood and shadow. Screams can be heard echoing through the Shadow Market, resounding from the northern tower of the Citadel, to fall into silence during the day. Occasionally, a Disciple or Gabriel is seen visiting the Citadel, and then to exit with a sense of purpose and conviction.

Plotting within, the Emperor sends out requests for the Sworn to carry out, each being its own experiment while he monitors their results. One such test, being put upon Count Eriol Blackdagger, resulted in a successful diplomatic agreement with the Empire's eastern neighbor, Ar Agyr. With the diplomatic success, the Count was brought forward and gifted with the Blood of the Emperor, and elevated to Disciple.. the first to be honored with the title on Beluaterra.

During these last days, very little was heard from the Emperor, until at the turn of the year. The Emperor emerged from the Sanguine Citadel in Wudenkin, his mind was preoccupied but he drove his Disciples forward to war with Obia'Syela, who crossed their lands to occupy their holy land of Keffa. As the war was declared, the then allies of Obia'Syela, Shattered Vales, began to mobilize their armies in the south, while The Emperor moved north toward Keffa.

As the Frozen Blood attacked Keffa, the Emperor himself capturing the Grand Mistress Saoirse MacArbin, Shattered Vales sneaked into the city of Wudenkin and conquered her from within. When the Emperor and his armies returned, they found their entrance barred and the walls manned by the Shattered Vales. Without hesitation, and with the same sense of distraction, Xlair Silverblade led the attack upon overwhelming numbers in order to retake Wudenkin.

In the battle, Xlair fought against the armies, and breached the city of Wudenkin. In the courtyard before the Sanguine Citadel, he fought against Jecht Tideweaver and the armies of Shattered Vales. It was in this battle, that the Emperor fell to his wounds, and his physical reign of the Sanguine Empire ended.

The wizard, Craglan "The Cold" Mejor, encased his body in ice and performed a dark ritual in the crypts beneath Wudenkin. When the ritual completed, there was a massive explosion of darkness that rocked the city, and Xlair's body had vanished. From this it was collectively believed that the Emperor had Arisen, as the cult of Vordulism had preached, and his battles against the Dark Mistress began.

Politics & Culture

Vordul Sanguinis abides by the tyrannical rule of the most powerful among their peers. Through sheer strength, fear, intrigue, or connections, the power is what drives the Sanguine Empire. With ambition often rewarded, and disobedience severely punished, the Empire maintains strict order. The Vizier of Vordul Sanguinis holds the throne, and holds the power to appoint the Crimson Judge, Seneschal, and Warlord in order to lead Vordul Sanguinis through blood and shadow.

The Eternal Emperor signified that through all adversity and pain, that one can persevere and conquer all challenges. Vordul Sanguinis culture follows much the same principle by elevating those who are capable of enduring pain (physical and otherwise) and overcoming it for the good of the Empire. Those who fail to obey the commands of the Vizier and the Council are often tortured so that they main gain new understanding through pain.

Beneath the Royal Council preside the Duchies which govern large swathes of land or cities, entrusted by the Vizier and the Royal Council to adhere to the directives of the Realm. The duchies house the higher nobility which are entrusted to rule the regions of the Duchy, who in turn hold dominance over the Knights and Dames that hold estates within their regions.

Failure to listen to the command structure and obey your superiors is often met with torture (RP Torture as no game mechanic to torture your own nobles) in order to enlighten the offender, or a fine. Extreme or repeat cases of disobedience may be met with being banned or executed.

Religion - Vordulism

Vordulism was founded by Godfrey Greybrook after he joined the Sanguine Empire shortly after it's formation by Xlair Silverblade. While getting acclimated with the culture of Vordul Sanguinis, Godfrey heard stories about the new Empire's leader, and sought to find the true history of Emperor Silverblade.

Godfrey learned that the reason the Emperor wore such cruel armor, and was rumored to bathe in blood, was due to a curse from his own Family. The Silverblade Family worshipped the Old Gods, which consisted of the Masked One, the Dark Mistress, the Ice Queen, the Wolf Lord, the Ephemeral Emperor, and the Crystal Maiden. The Silverblade family, either through corruption or misguidance, saw the Dark Mistress as not only the Mother of Death, but also the power of the Undead, rather than the Crystal Maiden per the lore of the Primordial Gods. Through their cult like worship of Undeath, they idolized the undead and wished to become Liches and Priests of Death to control them to do their bidding.

Having been betrayed by his own Father due to the power struggle against the eldest son of Silverblade, and heir to the Throne, Xlair was cursed to be executed in a fashion to create from him a powerful Death Knight. He was encased in a torture device said to be possessed by the creator, Arshava, which tortures and bleeds the occupant dry until they're body can no longer function, and their tortured soul captured by the magic of the Armor.

During the ritual, Xlair's captains broke into the temple and slew the priests, carrying Xlair, who was still encased in the Armor of Arshava, from the area and to freedom. These captains were to become the first Disciples among the formation of the cult of Xlair, the Sanguine Order. Rather than dying, Xlair learned to conquer the armor, and persevere through the pain, by feeding the armor blood, and overcoming the pain through sheer force of will.

Blood Oath
From this day forward,
I am Sworn to the Eternal Emperor.

As it has been given, it can be taken, by his word.
Through him I shall have power.
Through him I shall have immortality.
Through him, and only him, shall I have absolution.
For now, and forever.

So do I swear, In Blood Eternal.

This perseverance and strength became a core tenant and was the foundation of Vordulism faith. That through sheer strength of will, overcoming the tortures of life, one can gain purpose and strength. Xlair embodied overcoming all obstacles, and the strength coursing through your veins that could be harness with enough discipline. Those closest to the soon to be Emperor, began to willingly give a sacrifice of their blood to the cursed armor, to show their dedication to Xlair, and faith in his vision. From this ritual, the Blood Oath was formed, and those faithful to the Emperor were required to give blood, and say the Oath, in order to join the Faith.

The sacrifice is accompanied by an Oath to the Eternal Emperor, which once finished, a ceremonial silver dagger is used to cut an "X" into the left forearm, and the blood of the wound to fill a silver goblet. The "X" scar on the forearm signifies the bearer as a Sworn member of the church, and is referred to as the Mark of the Sworn.

Those Sworn to Xlair, the Eternal Emperor, believe that he has achieved his goal on earth, which was to obtain enough power to ascend to the Heavens and begin to form his new Order, and wage war upon the Dark Mistress. Those faithful to the Eternal Emperor in life, will join his Order in death to live eternally in his Empire. Once his conquest is finished, the Undead will fail to exist, and he will reign over Death itself, and provide his faithful eternal life on Beluaterra.

Military - The Frozen Blood

The Frozen Blood is commanded by the Warlord and encompasses the military strength of Vordul Sanguinis. All nobles within the Sanguine Empire are required to be within the Frozen Blood so that the Vizier and Disciples have consistent reports of each army, priest, and so on. The command of an empire seeded on pain and ambition trusts few, and it is well known that the Disciples are watching everything.

Obedience to orders is strictly enforced, and those who show strength and ferocity are quick to be recognized.

The Warlord also works in tandem with the Seneschal for coordinating infrastructure improvements such as walls and defenses.

A sub-guild of the Frozen Blood also exists, containing promising Commoners who assist with scouting of rogue camps, treasure hunting, and scouting. The Frozen Blood Guild is a promising way for both Commoners and Minor Nobility to gain recognition among the Disciples.

Laws & Infrastructure

The Sworn nobility of Vordul Sanguinis answer to the Seneschal and Crimson Judge when it comes to the internal infrastructure of the Empire. The Seneschal coordinates the food stores, gold transfers, and domestic needs of granaries, workshops, etc.. Within the Empire, the Dukes control vast swathes of lands and/or Cities, and command the Lords and Ladies who govern the regions, who command the Knights and Dames of their particular region.

All nobility, Sworn or not, are to adhere to commands of their superiors within the confines of the Laws and governance of the Empire.

The Laws of Vordul Sanguinis
Law Description
No Unapproved Looting Looting or theft without the permission of a Disciple or Marshall is not allowed.
Disobeying a Disciple Failure to obey, or outwardly disobeying a Disciple is illegal in Vordul Sanguinis.
Disrespecting a Sworn Forsworn or Sworn attempting to slander or demean another Sworn is not tolerated as it causes a decay in the stability of the Empire. Continued offenses will result in punishment by the Crimson Judge
No Movement Out of Realm Leaving realm boundaries outside of explicit orders is seen as suspicious and unlawful.

The Vizier and the Disciples oversee the infrastructure and are above the standard hierarchy as listed below. Therefor a Disciple that is the Lord of a Region, does -not- answer to the Duke, but the Duke answers to the Disciple in these occasions. Below the Disciples, the structure is pretty standard where the Dukes/Duchesses are above the Lords/Ladies, and they are above the Knights/Dames. In the rare circumstance that a Forsworn holds a region or duchy, they are begrudgingly accepted by those beneath them, but they rarely have the respect of the Sworn.


The Ascended
Appearance Name Titles Description
Xlair Square Crop.jpg
Xlair Silverblade
Eternal Emperor
Xlair Silverblade stands 7'2" tall, with a slender but muscular frame. His skin is a pale alabaster and stretched taught over high cheekbones, a firm square jaw, and a narrow nose. His eyes are black, and the fury within them makes them resemble burning coals that lock on anything he finds worth his attention. He wears his long thick raven black hair down, where it reaches to the middle of his back.
Blood Regent & Disciples
Appearance Name Titles Description
Eriol Blackdagger square.jpg
Eriol Blackdagger
Blood Regent/Ruler of Vordul Sanguinis, Duke of Agros Aurea, Count of Ircymbar
Eriol is a young man, at only 22 years of age. He has pale white skin with a splotch of black, messy hair. He stands 6 feet tall, and has a muscular build; a testament to the farming life of his youth in Ircymbar. Pledging himself to the man Xlair before he was Emperor, young Eriol rose through the ranks of the nascent Empire, always keeping true to the simple morality of a man of the land. However as things tend to do, his simple morality was thrown into confusion after slighting the God-Emperor. After a torture session where he was never touched, Eriol came out a different man. Brimming with ambition and a merciless single-mindedness, the young Blackdagger rose to the heights of Empire, becoming both the Empire's chief Ambassador and Seneschal; the voice and pocketbook of the Empire. After a series of incidents, Eriol saw the opportunity to have his ambition pay off after the resignation of Vizer Craglan. Now from a simple farmer, to Count, Duke, Seneschal, and voice of a God is the Blood Regent, no longer the position of Vizer or advisor, but ruling in the stead of the God-Emperor. As he said at his appointment, "There is still only One Emperor, One Word, One Law. I can only act in His stead as He fights for us."
Craglan Square.png
Craglan the Cold Mejor
Former Vizier/Ruler, Current Duke of Arshava, Margrave of Xerus
Craglan the Cold Drraad'da Mejor is as pale as snow. His hair a wave of white and silver and his eyes like gently lit ice. His features are sharp; predatory, including sharp teeth and strong fingertips with a bit of a claw. He wears a leather robe that is lined with a lush fur, and carries a Crystal Staff. He wears a bejeweled sword at his waist and is often seen looking into The Crystal Skull, which people had seen him talk to. A jeweled haversack is worn across the shoulder beneath the robe and pouches of many sizes can be seen around his belt. A white snake with a blue pattern is often seen draping and slithering on his person; Scycle, Craglan's familiar from another age when Magic yet survived in its truest form.
Copper Gronholt Square.jpg
Copper Gronholt
Crimison Judge, Baron of Ippetimbal
A mountainous man covered in black metal, with a pigfaced bascinet. He carries a large bladed, two handed Axe in one hand. This menacing giant is Emperor Xlair Silverblade's personal guard, butcher and is seldom seen very far from the Emperor's side.
Gustav Kuriga Square.jpg
Gustav Kuriga
Warlord, Count of Tindle
A grizzled veteran of the Invasions, Gustav has little time for small men with small aspirations. He has seen things that would drive most mortal men insane, and it is questionable whether he is still sane, despite his implacable demeanor. His arm is a constant reminder of the past, and he is never quite free of its weight.
The Sworn
Appearance Name Titles Description
Azizah Daris Square.jpg
Azizah Daris
Duchess of Vordul Sanguinis
Magravine of Wudenkin
Gabriel Silverblade Square.jpg
Gabriel Silverblade
Margrave of Xerus
Dark haired and fair of skin, Gabriel's cool blue eyes are focused and alert. He's dressed very well for a commoner, a fine charcoal jacket and ivory tunic beneath, set together with a blood red ruby broach. His beard is finely trimmed and his long hair tied neatly behind him.

Often seen wearing a dark sable cloak and black leather gloves, the shadows are drawn to him. His soft steps a whisper on the ground and his gait one of confidence. His dialect is accented, but his tone smooth as silk that pairs well with an empathetic gaze and the reassuring smile. His vocabulary belays his common birth to indicate a good education and attention to noble etiquette.

No Picture
Gigax Pilesar
Baron of Pel Mark, Vice-Marshal
Godfrey Greybrook Square.jpg
Godfrey Greybrook
Prophet of Vordulism, Baron of Iknopata
Standing at around 5' 7", Godfrey is rather slender for a Greybrook. While his skin has minor scars of war, it is his mind and strength of faith that he values more than his swordarm. Well kept in appearance and manners, he is usually seen wearing his courtly robes bar when he is serving in the army where a modest set of lighter armour is used to enable greater flexibility. Godfrey is known to be inquisitive and intense but good willed.
Lupo Gabber square.jpg
Lupo Gabber
Count of Vale
No Picture
Marcello Dawnswallow
Knight of Pel Mark
Nyx Harte Square.jpg
Nyx Harte
Dame of Tindle
Everything Nyx loves melts away before her eyes.
Rasil Grimblade Square.png
Rasil Grimblade
Count of Junohep
Seiðr Scribbler Square.jpg
Seiðr Scribbler
Margrave of Verdomite
Zurias Ujim square.jpg
Zurias Ujim
Count of Sheja
This man stands at 6'4" weighing close to two-hundred and fifty pounds. He carries a large two handed sword and speaks like a scholar. He met Xlair almost a lifetime ago, and speaks of their relationship and his loyalty as if Xlair gave him a new life.
Appearance Name Titles Description
No Picture
Alys Vandermore
Dame of Ircymbar
No Picture
Ferdinand Invictus
Knight of Wudenkin
No Picture
Hendrick Armsworth
Knight of Wudenkin
At 17 years of age the youngest of the Armsworth family, Hendrick was given permission to set out for fame and fortune overseas. New lands and opportunities alluring compared to the uneventful life on the old continent, he set sail for Beluaterra with 20 men. Much like his older brother, Hendrick shows an interest in the art of war but knows the pen can be mightier than the sword.
No Picture
Timsen Quasath
Duke of Providence, Margrave of Vozzessdor, Marshal
Oath Breakers & Banished
Appearance Name Titles Description
Englebert Schwarzherzig Square.jpg
Englebert Schwarzherzig
Englebert, son of Sevastian, son of Jonsu. Englebert is the tallest member of House Schwarzherzig, standing well over six feet. He is lean and lanky. His eyes are cold, two pinpoints of ice. His face is often expressionless, and his voice is gravelly and emotionless.
Gunhilda Gildre square.png
Gunhilda Gildre
Standing at just a smidge over 4 feet tall, Gunhilda is an axe bearing warrior hailing from the icy northern reaches of Thalmarkin. Bulging muscles pressing against restrictive armour, she is stout and brawny. Devoted to finding glory in battle, she seeks adventure and war to test her mettle.
Vittoria de Medici Square.jpg
Vittoria de Medici
For some years, Vittoria de Medici has proven herself a capable warrior and military leader in the north of Beluaterra. From a naïve, opportunistic girl, she has become a general, a mother and for a short while, even a queen. Living in her late husband's shadow, her natural cunning is needed now more than ever - for both her and her five children. She is of average height is often found wearing a set of light armour with a metal pauldron on her left side, and one made of fur on her right.
Woelfen Guile Square.jpg
Woelfen Guile
Oath Breaker
Standing at a frightening 7’6”, Woelfen is the largest of his family to date. His snow white hair is constantly a mess, falling forward to cover his rainbow coloured eyes and to hide the visible signs of madness. He wears the traditional Guile patchwork armour and wields a massive warhammer known as “Night’s Embrace”. He can most usually be found experimenting on local peasantry and the occasional rogue.
The Lost & Forgotten
Appearance Name Titles Description
Ambrose Peregrine Square.jpg
Ambrose Peregrine
Sullen face, shaven head, clad in ragged leathers and steel. Ambrose is a hedge knight by name and an opportunistic mercenary by trade.
Halamance von Striga Square.jpg
Halamance von Striga
From the pale Striga complexion and icy blue eyes to his baffling, obtuse manner of speech, there is something deeply unsettling about Halamance.He is at once considerate and callous, chivalrous and yet unspeakably cruel. Halamance would think nothing about using the blood of murdered prisoners to water his gardens at dawn, before going on to teach the children of Imperial nobles courtly literature at noon.In battle he stands by his men clad in heavy maille, his black cloak emblazoned with the crimson Striga dragon. He fights ambidextrously, a simple steel lance in one hand, his heirloom sword Panzerfaust in the other.
Hamish Atholl Square.jpg
Hamish Atholl
Laird Hamish of the Clan Atholl. He stands at an impressive 5 foot 11 inches. Dressed in his the colours of his clans tartan his kilt stops just at the knee's. He grasp's his basket-hilted broadsword with his right hand. He is always accompanied by his Bagpiper and standard bearer.
Jehan Chavavilliers Square.jpg
Jehan Chavavilliers
Standing around 5'10 with broad shoulders. Jehan has brown eyes and long brown hair with a trimmed beard.
Lilith Nuanet Square.png
Lilith Nuanet
Sol Tempest.jpg
Sol Tempest
Sol, the Eldest child of the Tempest family hails from the province of Yipinalke. Born with the gift of fire magic Sol was trained to harness the power of her namesake with complimented knight training. Upon coming of age to be a lady she was quite skilled with a single blade and modest magic skills. On her 17th birthday Sol could be described as a slender women standing around 5ft7 with skin as pale as snow and blonde hair to match. Her eyes normally are a faint golden color however glimmer like topaz while spell casting. This is off putting to some common folk who often refer to her as the tempest witch.
Svari Strome SQ2.jpg
Svari Storme
Tall for a woman, she is very near six feet tall and admittedly lanky because of it. In her gambeson and plate she appears around the same size as the men on the field. Her hair is plain and brown, usually forgotten in a careless bun to fit under her helm.Destiny lead her to distant lands, where she met Xlair Silverblade at just sixteen. Working as a farmer, hunter and cook in his camp the wild land and its blood thirsty natives gave her more experience and skills then any conventional education ever had. She returned home as a truly changed person.


OOC from Xlair Silverblade to the realm.
Please note that we understand the evil and strict nature of Vordul Sanguinis is not the standard within Battlemaster. We've set this up with as much intention to be unique, as we have set it to be challenging. This is not "easy mode", it will be a cruel grind through role playing and decisive action toward moving up the chain of the command. As much as I (OOC) would love to make you all Disciples, take and follow all advice given, that's simply not possible. I will echo the words often told to me about Battlemaster, this is a slow game, no one is going to make it from Forsworn to Disciple in a short amount of time. It will take a lot of work, dealing with strict Disciples, undertaking quests and demands, and showing that you're a good follower/Sworn before you'll make any progress upward.

I want everyone to have the freedom to play their evil (or not evil) character however they want. That being said, all players of all levels, need to understand that in the Sanguine Empire, this is an evil hierarchy that rules through fear and power. However unfortunate, in this hierarchy, a majority of the characters will begin as those being trodden upon. Being insulted, given the dirty work, blamed, punished, etc. even if they have the best intentions. I'm not saying this is going to be the norm, but I'm saying it is likely within an evil hierarchy. This is not because we want to ruin your fun, or put your character in a corner. It's because we want to challenge you, nothing is going to be handed to anyone. As you gain power as a character, and move up the ranks, people will be expected to cower in fear from you, require to open their estates to you, or whatever respect/fear your character demands, once your station supports it.

I cannot just hand over titles, and refuse to do so, to people because I've known them for a long time OOC, or because they've played Battlemaster for 10+ years, or because they had one golden idea. The people in their current positions are there because their characters have consistently and reliably followed the orders of the Tyrant leader Xlair. Without question and without complaint they've taken punishments (just or unjust), they've shown undying loyalty and adherence to the laws and culture of the Empire.

I want everyone to have fun and enjoy the game. I understand that the Empire is not for everyone, but for those of you who like the concept, I want to challenge you to continue to bolster and fortify the culture of the Empire. Everyone can make a Monarchy with a good King/Queen, honorable Knights/Dames, with kindness and congeniality. I want to make something unique and challenging, build something that Battlemaster hasn't seen before. A powerful empire, based on lore and hard core role playing, with aims to bring continent wide RP. We could end up being the next "invasion", but fully player run, as a villain that aims to make fun, without stomping on everyone's toys. A lore driven Empire that works to uncover the rich lore of Beluaterra and use mighty relics and tactics to challenge even the Devs with the idea of how characters can challenge the Divine, maybe through a GM led quest.

Whatever it may be, let us build it together, and work together to get there. Read up on what we've posted in the Bulletins and the Wiki, and see how best you can fit within it. Sure, we need Disciples and an Emperor, but we need the Sworn more. The Sworn carry the weight of the Empire's culture on their shoulders. Your RP, observance to the laws and the culture, is what will make the Empire feel like an Empire, rather than a bunch of individual nobles disobeying one another and taunting each other in messages. That's been done before, let's do something different.


Xlair Silverblade