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The Sixth Invasion of Beluaterra

The Daimon Invasion starting in December 2015 and ending in October 2017.


The Death Knell of the Sixth Invasion is terrible to behold.

More than half the nations that lived when it began died to the Daimons, and it remade the continent by the time it was done.

Enweil shattered in the various wars leading up to the Invasion to be replaced by the Ivory Vale of Fheuvenem. The Vales under numerous names would continue to fight throughout the Invasion.

Caelum fell and the Witch Kingdom of Angmar arose to harness the power of magic against the Daimons. It would later found the nation of Angband during the final cleanup stages of the Invasion.

Spearhold and Gotland fought each other throughout the Invasion, until Caelint was finally created in Spearhold's old capital.

Old Grehk collapsed and Obia'Syela turned the very Daimons against each other to create a narrow window of safety for humanity in Keffa for a time.

Riombara fell to a lightning campaign that smashed through their outer defenses, slaughtered their army during the retreat, and overran their capital of Rines in a matter of days.

It was a chaotic and desperate time, but humanity survived in the end.


Beluaterra April 1, 2014 - when rumors of a new Invasion were marching throughout the land, even as wars continued to rage between the human nations. Enweil and Melhed would not survive to see the beginning of the Invasion Proper, and Spearhold nearly died before they eventually allied with the Daimons.

Beluaterra December 1, 2015 - shortly before the Proper Invasion is considered to have begun.

Beluaterra October 1, 2017 - After the fall of Dominorum, which many consider the end of the Invasion.

Beluaterra November 22, 2017 - After the fall of Spearhold, last of the Daimon-allied nations.

An animated gif created by Vita, showing how Beluaterra changed from August 2015 to August 2017.


Belligerent Nations at Invasion Start


Old Grehk






Ar Agyr



Belligerent Nations or other Political Entities that Rose and Fell

Much of this information is fragmentary, and some sources conflict with others. The Invasion was a chaotic time, with many nations rising and falling.

Ivory Vale of Fheuvenem - Replaced Enweil after a long war in 2014 and died in 2016

Jaded Vale of Ete - Formed on June 26, 2015 with the secession of Ete City from Riombara

Ebony Vale - Rose and fell in 2015

Trenton - Rose and fell in 2015

Empire of the Ivory Vales - A political entity that went under numerous names from 2015 through 2017

Jidington - The Nation, not the City, Rose and fell in 2016

Dominorum - Nation loyal to the Daimons that rose in 2016 and fell in 2017 as the Invasion came to an end

Borodo Aeah - Rose and fell in 2016

Belligerent Nations at Invasion End








Ar Agyr

Shattered Vales


Character Commentary on the Invasion

Yao Ling of Nothoi

---The following is a Nothoi-centric summary of the Invasion from the perspective of Yao Ling Pryde, High Priestess of Daishi, from Nothoi.---

The Daimons came again one more time, and nearly ended us as a nation. They took Reeds from us, and I used magic again. I stood in the middle of Reeds while portal stones glowed with a ring of Daishi power and did my best to control the magic to drive the Daimons out. I failed to control it, and it nearly killed me. I remember seeing and feeling my hand come apart in front of me. And then it...changed. The magic began to rejuvenate me, to heal the ravages of age and injuries of entire Ages. And that is why I look young now. Oh yes. That is the secret to my youth. The magic also erased the Daimons from Reeds and allowed us to hold the city once more.

I ruled Nothoi for a time during this Sixth Invasion. Priest and ruler is an odd combination, one that we do not see very often. There are reasons for that. Most rulers can fight with their troops, and help send orders to the army when out on missions. I could not. But a good general will make up for a legion of failings in a ruler, and we won in the end due to exactly that. Though once more the cost was high. Nations dead. Cities ruined. I helped put together the international consensus that created Caelint between Angmar and Gotland and then stepped down as ruler. Well, technically I simply didn't run for the next election. But it amounts to the same thing. In a Holy War against the Daimons, I am happy to serve Nothoi as a figurehead ruler. But Daishi has spread throughout most of the nations of this continent, and I would prefer to remain as neutral as possible in international relations.

Scarlet Mersault of Riombara

---The following is a Riombara-centric memory of the Invasion from the perspective of Scarlet Mersault, last ruler of Riombara, who later died in a duel against the daimon Aletha, whilst a refugee in Northoi lands.---

The swarm came and we were not prepared. Not in the slightest, thanks to the maneuverings of that fool Von Lunkhofen who history will show in humankind's greatest hour of need, chose to consort with the daimons.

We were to make a stand in our capital but many fell in the disorganised retreat to Rines, till you could count on the fingers of both hands the number of experienced commanders behind our walls.

Preparations had been made for a long siege but all that food and water stocked came to naught as they battered our walls and slaughtered the city defenders where they stood.

How do you fight a creature that fights like a man but resembles a beast out of our worst nightmares? It was over before we even knew it.

Our proud capital fell to the hordes and some of us tried to make it across to Athol Margos but that was a fool's errand. Riombara, whose vast swathes of land once stretched across the entire South, was lost in a few days of fighting.