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Located on::Beluaterra
Part of::Nothoi
Part of::the Holy City
Yao Ling Pryde
is regiontype::City
South Plains
Manufacturing, Trade

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Description of Reeds

Nestled in central Beluaterra Reeds is a lively city full of life. The city itself is guarded by the mountain range to the north as well as the river that flows down from the mountain glaciers and around the city. Inside the city walls, you will find a citizenry carrying on with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The city is divided into four quarters. In the Trade Quarter, you can find many merchants peddling their wares and customers haggling with them for every copper piece. Along the docks, still in the trade quarter, fishermen are eager to sell their morning catch. In the Traveler’s District, one finds a plethora of inns where the weary traveler can rest his aching feet, relax, and bask in the hospitality of Reeds. It is also here, where the lonely man will find company and a warm body to share his bed. The Smith’s Quarter is where the blacksmiths, iron workers, and other craftsmen and artisans set up shop. Need a sword forged? Need your armor repaired? Look no further than the Smith’s Quarter. Finally, there is the Warrior’s Quarter where the military academy is located. Here is where knights from all over come to train and learn the art of war. It is also where Eadric, Duke of Reeds, choose to construct his keep, where he spent much of his in his days. As anyone can tell, Reeds is a beautiful city, and despite the fact that it’s citizens are still rebuilding from the last invasion, their spirits are up and hope and pride remain strong.

History of Reeds

Though Reeds has had a long and rich history, much of what was written down was lost in fires that engulfed the city when the Undead attacked and breached the walls in the last invasion. What is known is that long ago, Reeds was a possession of the lost realm of Silantin. Silantin was a land where witchcraft was rampant and the Gods choose to punish the realm. Before Silantin was wiped from existence, Reeds was given to the realm of Mesh.

The city remained in the hands of Mesh until the second invasion. The nobles of Mesh defended Reeds as valiantly as they could. But they were no match. For what can mere mortals do when the dead walk the earth, except pray and try to stay alive? Many Meshian soldiers died under the command of Lord Bertrand defending the docks. Their brave defense of the docks allowed many citizens to escape downriver even as the city was falling to the undead.

After the dead returned from whence they came, the city or Reeds remained independent for quite some time. The first settlers to reach the city were colonists from Mesh who wished to found a new realm with Reeds as its capital. But the citizens had grown accustomed to self-rule and wanted nothing to do with these Meshian colonists. When the colonists attempted to start a takeover, the people or Reeds immediately kicked the colonists out and reasserted their control. Incidentally, these colonists went on to create the new realm of Vice.

With the failure of these colonists, the door was open for Plergoth to take the city. But that task was not as easy as it sounds. The people of Reeds were not keen on any realm and wanted to be left alone. To help change their minds, Plergoth send troops to the city to maintain a presence there and to have the people become more familiar with the sight of banners from Plergoth. Eventually, sympathy for Plergoth rose in the city and a takeover began, and a few days later, the city was controlled by Plergoth.

The city was controlled and after an inspiring speech by Eadric, the newly proclaimed Duke of the city, the people gradually became acclimated to rule under Plergoth and since then the city has grown, returning to its normal ways. Everyday, more and more immigrants arrive at the city gates, looking for a fresh start. Soon enough, Reeds will be one of the most populous and powerful cities in all of Beluaterra. Long Live Reeds!

A Sketchy Update

Many years have passed since the above history was set in record. Lacking the time for a proper consultation with my scribes, yet feeling strongly that this city deserves a more complete record, I will briefly record my most sure recollections.

After some time there was a rebellion in Reeds against Plergoth. The nation of Vlaanderen was established.

Shortly after Vlaanderen was established another plague of undead and monsters swept across our world. They were powerful and vicious, fighting each other as well as mankind. They eventually displayed unexpected mental abilities and negotiated with nations for alliances, setting man against fellow man as each nation made a bet on which teratoform would come out on top.

A third misanthropic race now arose, the daimons. These were far more powerful than either the undead or the brutish monsters. They wanted the other creatures subjugated as well as all mankind. Vlaanderen, and thus Reeds, allied with the daimons and eventually one of these daimons became the godhead of Vlaanderen. Several nations saw this as an intolerable abomination. The daimons virtually eliminated the monsters and undead in time.

Mankind was seriously crippled but they found that the daimons had some weaknesses. As the nations of men regained their place in the world they retained a hatred for Vlaanderen's daimon worship and collusion. Vlaanderen was pushed back into Reeds. Without food from rural regions the peasantry revolted and Vlaanderen was gone.

The future of the city will surely be important to every nation of the world.

~ ~ ~ Lord Purple Recluse, January 7, 1009.

The Future

Proposals for Reeds