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Plergoth, Beluaterra

The oldest and most restless of the family, he has bounced round the islands, seeing other parts of the world, but seems to find it hard to settle down. Not much like his brothers in the fame and prestige stakes either.

Spent a while playing infiltrator. Bit of the black sheep of the family.

Capt has left Old Grehk, and has returned to Plergoth to joint the priesthood.

Travels Tuchanon II   Ikalak (SWI)   Talerium   Plergoth   Ashborn   Old Grehk
Classes Solider   Bureaucrat   Infiltrator
Offices Marquis
Events Banned from:   Cagilan Empire   Tara   Southasland   Plergoth

Tournaments newest entres at top
Location Nobles Event Skill Round Remaining Defeated By Who Placed
Ossmat 131 Sword 40 3 33 Aenarion Shadowguardiens Round 4
Joust 30 2 66 Possibility Eldar Round 6
Fengen 142 Sword 40 1 142 Kannon Fonteneus Round 3
Joust 25 3 36 Elladan Undomiel Round 4
Fronen 94 Sword 40 4 12 Yeller Patel Winner
Joust 25 Final 2 Corpral Deadmeat Winner
Tahgalez 114 Sword 40 Final 2 Strat Fender Winner
Riombara 105 Sword 40 1 85 Jeroen Kwakkel Semi final
Joust 25 1 85 Jeroen Kwakkel Semi final

Type Stratergy Opposition Stratergy Advatage Result Wounds
First Blood Overrun Caleb T'Veria Overun None Victory -