Beluaterran Church of Sartan

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The Beluaterran Church of Sartan

The Flame of Sartan
(the Symbol of the Faithful)
Continent / Island Beluaterra
Main Temple Tepmona
The Elders Selene Octavius
Nobles 6
Commoners ~17,500


The Beluaterran Church of Sartan is an offshoot of the Far Eastern Church of Sartan, worshipping Sartan, the God of Honourable War,


The worship of Sartan was brought to Beluaterra by Missionary Selene Octavius, former High Priest of the Far Eastern Church of Sartan who, upon retirement, was appointed the task of bearing the true faith to new lands.

At first Selene travelled to Atamara to first the Cagilan Empire, where she was driven out by the heathen ruler, and then Carelia where her words were rejected. Undaunted by her lack of success she then travelled to Thalmarkin in Beluaterra where her cousin Immanuel Octavius was baron of the wealthy region of Jedinchel.

After converting her cousin to the true faith, he was persuaded to found the first church of Sartan in Beluaterra in the mountains of Jedinchel, stepping down as baron, and then turned the administration and leadership of the faith over to her hands.

The two cousins then travelled to the newly founded realm of Ar Agyr where first Immanuel, and then Selene, became lords and founded further temples, with Selene continuing her work by spreading the faith across the region, including to Melhed despite initial obstruction by the pagan queen of that realm.


The beliefs of the Beluaterran Church are the same as those of the Far Eastern Church, recognising the four gods in the Ibladeshian Pantheon, but dedicating its worship to Sartan alone in recognition of His patronage of the Sartanian people and of His guide to the true path men must follow in the form of the Code of Sartan.

Holy Sites

The most holy sites of the Sartanian faith on Beluaterra are the mountains of Jedinchel, where the First Church was built, and Tepmona where the greatest temple of Sartan on the continent can currently be found.


At the head of the Church is Synod composed of bishops and the Missionary (a title which recognises the origins of the Church as an offshoot of the Far Eastern Church), who leads the Synod. The Synod governs all decisions regarding to the running of the Church and settles any internal disputes, theological or otherwise, within the Church.

Below the Synod are dioceses, areas where the Church is governed by a bishop and which usually align with a duchy or a realm.

Below the bishops are the general members of the Church with the highest rank among the general members being that of Patron which recognises an individual who has made significant contributions to the faith.

Holy Texts

The holy texts of the Church are a combination of the the Code of Sartan itself and selected texts from the Church of Ibladesh (which are considered to have some flaws relating to their depiction of Sartan).

The Code of Sartan

Ibladeshian Texts

Collected Sermons