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The Republic is unique across Beluaterra for its restricted powers of government and clear definition of - and protection of - the inherent rights of people. Based on the principles of honor and dignity first laid down in the Order of the Eagle, the slogan used to describe the ideals of the Republic is "Tolerance and Respect" - because with freedom comes the responsibility not to violate the rights of others.


The history of Fwuvoghor is documented into 4 Eras, periods of great change. Below is the summary of what can be found in the historical archives.

Era I

Era II


Era IV

Fwuvoghor's success attracted many enemies, most notably the traitors Nicolas Chenier and Valachi Stefanovic. Eager for revenge, they lurked in shadows and plotted the demise of the Republic. Using their tool, the religion of the Blood Cult, they waged a proxy war upon the Republic, and at the same time manipulating their respective realms with propaganda against the Republic. Their manipulations led to a crisis with Enweil, chronicled here. Enweil wanted to decide what to do next, and thought a war with a smaller realm like the Republic might be entertaining.

It was clear that war with Enweil was imminent, and Avalon would undoubtedly seize the chance to steal back the lands which belonged to the lords who had seceded to RoF. Dead Angel of Avalon, in a brazen move, arbitrarily canceled the treaty with the Republic. Enweil the guardians of the treaty, looked the other way, and instead accused the Republic of not having a timeline to the treaty. A week or two later, war was declared by Enweil and Avalon against the Republic. Enweil had decided to take Fwuvoghor city, and Avalon Zod. The reasons cited by Dead Angel were to "take back stolen lands" and claimed he did not know of any lords ceding to the Republic, which according to him were a figment of drug induced imagination of Premier Mordred. Dead Angel was forced to take back this statement, after it was proved to be in fact a figment of Dead Angel's mind, thanks to the repeated letters from Fwuvoghorians, a few other rulers, and even an Avalonian. Enweil's reasons for war were that they saw the Republic as a tyranny. Ironical that not more than a month ago, there was an political exodus from Enweil after a duke there was appointed on the whim of the ruler rather than the will of the nobles there. Even more ironical is that that some of those refugees joined RoF. A huge Enweilian army had been mobilized in Vilriil, and pounced on Fwuvoghor City. Enweil timed their war declaration so that they were already inside Fwuvoghor walls and running a take over, without a honorable fight with allied Republican and Riombaran men. Enweil troops claimed to be liberators, but started brutally beating the people into submission with their superior troops. Fwuvoghor held on bravely, with thousands of its people falling for the Republic. However, defeat was imminent. Many people left the island or went into retirement, disgusted with the trickery and double dealing of Enweil. Melegra joined Riombara, so as not to fall into the black hands of Enweil. The war effort was concentrated on protecting Zod, and ensuring that the remaining regions joined Hetland, and not into marauding Avalon or Enweil hands. The Republic was outnumbered 10 times by Enweil, and 3 times over by Avalon, but bravely fought on. After a long and grueling siege on Zod by combined Avalonian and Enweilian forces, and with the total destruction of Zod's production and the loss of over 4000 Fwuvoghorian lives, Zod was taken by Avalon. The spirit of Fwuvoghor did not die however, and still flows on in the hearts of the exiles, who have sworn to reform the Republic, and have revenge upon the those who wronged it.

Public Documents

Below are the various government documents which are made public:

  • The Code of Fwuvoghor mandates the protection of individual rights and the criminal punishments for violating the rights of others.
  • The Hall of Heroes, where those who have fought for Fwuvoghor and made the ultimate sacrifice for her ideals are remembered.

Other Resources

Other unofficial accounts about The Republic of Fwuvoghor can be found here.

Line of Rulers

  • Prime Minister Dirrik
    2006-08-18 to 2006-12-20
  • Prime Minister Retravic
    2006-12-20 to unknown
  • Prime Minister Beowulf
    unknown to unknown
  • Prime Minister Widfara
    2007-03-18 to 2007-03-29
  • King Ben
    2007-08-09 to 2007-08-18
  • King Ben
    2007-12-14 to 2008-03-16
  • Premier Mordred
    2008-03-16 to 2009-04-29


Republic of Fwuvoghor
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(Flag) (Coat of Arms)
Location of Fwuvoghor
Continent / Island Located on::Beluaterra
Capital Zod
Largest City Fwuvoghor
Government System Republic


Region Numbers 8
Population [[population::Population::61000]] (11th)
Duchies and Regions of the Republic of Fwuvoghor
Duchy of Fwuvoghor
Darhauyo | Fwuvoghor | Melegra | Orombo (In Revolt) | Villriil (In Revolt) | Wilwau
Duchy of Zod
Norjke | Piwani | Tey Gren | Zod