Daimon Worship

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Daimon Worship is a Beluaterran religion that venerates the Daimons. Although rumours of dark magicks and human sacrifice abound, very little is actually known about it. The first sightings of the cult came in the midst of Third Invasion and were presumed to be formed of peasants desperately worshipping the Daimons in hope of being spared; though some speculate that more sinister forces were at work. As the Daimons themselves lapsed into inactivity those who professed devotion to them were purged or went into hiding. Accusations of secret Daimon worship were levelled at both the Blood Cult and Hemaism between the invasions and played a part in the War of the Nine Realms. During the Fourth Invasion, Daimon Worship rose once more, with the Sherilynn Delsantos proclaiming herself Priestess and building a Temple to them.

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