Shattered Vales

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Empire of the Shattered Vales
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Emperor Ehrich Weisz


Evelynn Left

Katalynfae Dragul
Dirk Finch


Daimons, Treason, and the Fall of the Empire of the Ivory Vale

The brave soldiers of the Ivory Vale watched as the Daimons took over their main capitol. After fleeing to the Ete City as it's new capitol, the Empire gained the region of Creasur. The original intent was to return Creasur to Nothoi whom the region originally belonged. Lord Mayhem was appointed to return the region. However, the Duke of Ete city conspired to force the Empire to keep the region by removing his Duchy from the realm. In the mess that followed, only Lord Mayhem and the Empress were left to defend the Empire. Ete city fell to the Daimons and the Empress declared Owain an enemy of the state. The Daimons wiped out all of the remaining regions of what was once the Ivory Vale.

City under Siege

With no capitol under the Empire's control, there was no tax income coming in nor recruitment centers available. Yet, the hordes and undead were a threat to the existence of the Empire. Those loyal to the Empire and not the traitor had to take weeks crossing over Netherworld controlled regions to return and reestablish their loyalty. Then, Lord Mayhem let power get to his head and refused to step down even from Imperial orders. Eventually, he was forcefully removed. This led to the consolidation of power under the Empress and the Imperial directive to have the capitol's Duchess be the Empress.

Expansion and growth

After several campaigns, the realm has expanded and power redistribution amongst the nobles of the Empire. The Empress no longer holds any of the other Realm Council positions. From one small region to 6, the Empire build a new fort against the Daimon threat solidifying the borders of Nothoi, Fronen, and the Empire. With joining borders, it eliminated one angle of attack by the Netherworld.


Imperial Senate Reintroduction

Understanding the need to distribute power and responsibility, Empress Rosalia Maxwell instituted the following Imperial Edict on October 16, 2016:

The Empire of the Shattered Vales

The Empire whose manifest destiny is to prove to all of humanity that can not be defeated no matter the odds. It is governed by the Realm Council and the Imperial senate under the following conditions.

Article 1: On Government Positions

1. The Emperor/Empress, holder of the Imperial Throne, shall be the highest noble in the land, the head of government and highest arbiter on all matters within the Empire’s Borders.

2. The Praetor/Praetrix shall be the right hand of the Ruler, second in all government affairs, and shall speak with the Voice of the Empire in the Imperial Throne’s absence.

3. The Tribune of the Imperial Senate shall be entrusted with the financial matters of the realm, third ranking in government and shall speak with the Voice of the Empire in the absence of both the Imperial Throne and the Praetor/Praetrix.

4. The Imperator/Imperatrix, though least in government rank, shall be the Fury of the Empire, charged with leading the Loyal Sentinels into battle, Defending the capital, and policing the realm. The Imperator/Imperatrix’s chiefest duty is the protection of the Imperial Throne from any threat, and the extension of the ruler’s wrath against any foe abroad.

5. No realm council members may hold an additional realm council position unless the need is great enough to warrant a dispensation from the Imperial Throne.

Article II: The Imperial Senate

1. The Imperial Senate shall hold a seat for each Region Lord of the Empire. Only the Tribune, Emperor/Empress, and the Region Lords. The Tribune's responsibility is to encourage discussion and resolution of the Imperial Senate.

2. The Imperial Senate may put to question any edict, decree, or action of the Imperial Throne, requiring a 2/3’s majority to retroactively cancel or revert any of the aforementioned actions.

3. The Imperial Senate may call for the resignation of any position under the following conditions:

  • a. Regions Lord Resignation: simple majority and the endorsement of their Imperial Duke/Duchess
  • b. Imperial Duke Resignation: 2/3 majority and the endorsement of the Imperial Throne
  • c. Realm Council Resignation: 2/3 majority and the endorsement of at least two of the Realm Council Members

Article III: Imperial Conduct

1. Every commoner of the Empire is under the protection of the Empire so long as they contribute towards the manifest destiny of the Empire. This can be achieved either via finding unique items for the nobles of the Empire or her allies, fighting against undead and monsters, and/or contributing to the demise of the Daimons. Anyone who mistreats any commoner of the Empire shall be punished respective to the damages done to the commoner.

2. Every noble of the Empire is expected to contribute towards the Imperial manifest destiny. Respect towards your peers, the Imperial Senate, the Realm Council, and the Imperial throne is not only expected, but will be enforced.

3. Every Duke/Duchess are responsible for the well-being of their duchy, including the appointment of Lords and reminding about regional maintenance. They are entrusted with being a lieutenant of the Imperial Throne. In their own fiefs, they are the highest nobles with the right to refuse any command save those bearing the Seal of the Imperial Throne or the combined might of the Imperial Senate.

4. The Imperial Throne represents the Empire, it's nobles, and all of it's people. It is the beating heart of the Empire whose responsibility it is to ensure the well being and engagement of the entire realm. The role holds immense honor and prestige, for the holder is the highest noble in the land and nearly a law unto themselves, but is neither infallible or untouchable.