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                              Theocracy Of Valentia  
The knights of Valentia are feared and respected throughout the world. They are exceptional warriors of honor and valor. In the name of God and for the glory of duke and king, they sweep aside evil on the field of battle, for none can stand against their glorious charge.

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The government of Valentia is based around the beliefs of the The Valentic Order. The principals of power in the theocracy are :

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The Third Great Daimon Invasion of Beluaterra is the direct reason for the fall of Valentia, for it was repeated Daimon attacks that finally ruined the realm. After the formation of Valentia, the brave Valentic Knights fought a war against Melhed, though we where out-powered and outnumbered so after loosing the region of Lastfell a peace treaty was forged. However with the loss of Lastfell this left Valentia in a position where even the slightest decrease in food production would create a starvation in Unger, with the few regions they have only just being able to feed the large city of Unger. After the war with Melhed Valentia set about building itself up, mainly in terms of economy and military infrastructure, however these ministrations where cut short by the Daimon Invasion. A massive Daimonic army was sighted in the northern regions of Valentia, the Valentic Knights quickly rallied in Unger and braced for the upcoming siege. The Daimons, near impervious to attack quickly beat back the lines of the Valentic Knights and captured the walls, what followed was a cacaphony of heavy looting, mainly aimed at food. However a very strange occurance happened, the Daimonic commanders began talking to the Knights Of Valentia, they claimed that they attacked Valentia because Valentia had not moved to save humanity and had just been looking after themselves. Upon the siege Reston II was appointed Duke of Unger and was also elected as General (Replacing Hokaru) and Reston II quickly began an argument with the Daimon commander. Which he claims he won and he also attributes as the reason for the second surprise siege of Unger.

After that siege and the rebuilding period after Valentia first moved to aid its neighbour of Thalmarkin, which was being overrun. After much heavy fighting the Daimonic armies where received significant damage. Valentia quickly opened up political talks with Thalmarkin and an alliance was forged. Next Valentia moved to helped its Beleaguered neighbour Old Grehk however the attempts to fight and reclaim lands lost to the Daimon's where cut short when the Capital of Valentia came under siege by Daimons. Due to the near immortality to conventional weapons the Daimon's quickly overrun the defenses of Unger and upon their victory they began looting all they could lift, their main target being food once again, though we later realized they need food to reproduce and forge new Daimonic warriors, however Valentia's aid to its Nieghbours payed dividends, as the defenders of Unger where repeatedly and easily beaten back a coalition of realms informed General Reston II that they where moving to cleanse Unger, this coalition of realms fought back the looting Daimon's in Unger, though I believe their retreat was mainly so they could attack Elsewhere rather than fight a collection of enemies.

During this time Valentia opened up talks with Melhed and organized an alliance with them also. After the survival of the second Daimon siege Valentia set about rebuilding that which was damaged, Duke Reston II was given a loan of 1,900 Gold from the Valentic Order to build a fortress in Unger. Duke and General Reston II also drew up the plan of having at least two thousand CS of Militia in each region and five thousand at least in Unger, to serve as static defense. Valentia quickly set about the militia build up, while a small army of Knights was sent north once more to try and strike down the rallying Daimon's.

Not long after the second siege and during the rebuilding period a third Daimonic army rallied in the northern regions of Valentia who then lay siege to Unger once more. However no coalition of realms could come and save Valentia this time, with Old Grehk, Thalmarkin, Melhed and Fronen (All nearby realms) themselves being overrun. The attack on Unger was brutal, as was the looting of Valentia's northern regions, which quickly lead to a mass starvation in Unger. Under the intense looting and the morale crushing starvation Unger rebelled again Reston II and the theocracy, which several other regions also followed suit in doing. By this point things seemed hopeless for Valentia but not all was lost, a plan to regain Unger was quickly formed, Lady Caroline was given Gold and she was then sent on a mission to Thalmarkin, where she joined the realm, hired a large number of troops (To be a take over unit) and returned to Valentia, however due to some cruel sense of humour, left over Daimon Warriors ambushed her troops in the woods, reducing the unit to a handfall and crushing Valentia's hope for surivial.

The lord of Kannoket quickly changed his allegiance and that of his allegiance to Melhed, when Valentia asked for the region back Melhed denied them the return of the region. This quickly lead to the break of alliance.

ValentiaIcon.PNG The Present ValentiaIcon.PNG

Where Valentia once stood, other realms now control, Thalmarkin being the main benefactor of Valentia's fall, taking the city of Unger and many of the lost regions. Valentia was the seat of The Valentic Order, but once the regions came under Thalmarkin's control the awe inspiring temple in Unger was destroyed. The main realms housing the Valentic Order now are Heen and Bara'Khur.

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Location of Valentia
Continent / Island Beluaterra
Capital Unger
Largest City Unger
Government System

Paladin Primus
Haruspex Maximus


Reston II

Region Numbers 0
Population 0 (13)
Realm Relationship
Ashborn Peace
Avalon Alliance
Caras Galadhon Peace
Enweil Peace
Fronen Peace
Heen Peace
Irombrozia Peace
Khthon Alliance
Kingdom of Alluran Peace
Luz de Bia Peace
Melhed War
Mesh Peace
Monster Swarm War
Necromancer's Servants War
Neo Grehk Peace
Old Grehk Alliance
Plergoth Peace
Republic of Fwuvoghor Neutral
Riombara Peace
Sint Peace
Thalmarkin Alliance
Vlaanderen Peace