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Fifth Invasion


After the three factions of warring hostile invaders seemingly disappeared, ushering the end of the Fourth Invasion, it appeared as though the last of the alien Netherworld was gone from the human world. Beluaterra, however, lay in ruins, the Blight being a reminder of what had transpired. But although wild monsters and scattered undead still were sighted among human lands, there were no reports of any daimons.

Almost a year after the end of the Fourth Invasion, disturbances once more reached Beluaterra. The events described here will follow the course of what is now known as the Fifth Invasion, from the perceived beginnings, to its end.

A timeline exists here for your reference: Timeline of the 5th Invasion.

This will provide mostly approximate dates of key events during the Fifth Invasion.

The Beginning

The invasion began with three priests of daimon worship. These priests suddenly have shown themselves in different parts of the continent from the blighted regions. Months after the previous invasion, a war broke out in the north and south. In the north, Nothoi-Old Grehk-Sint-Thalmarkin allied with each other to attack Fronen which was strongest in terms of CS (mostly militia). Fronen had five cities under her banner at the time while realms like Thalmarkin and Nothoi only had one.

In the south, Riombara declared war on Enweil to prevent Enweil from helping her ally, Fronen.

While things were chaotic, the priests arrived and started preaching in rural regions of the realms. The priests warned humans of the coming invasion as they offered a way to survive the invasion. Many nobles did not trust daimons as daimons usually offered only two things. Slavery or Death. The south started to work on the peace treaty right away but the north could not agree on things as Old Grehk demanded too much from Fronen.

A couple weeks after the first appearance of the daimon priests, the leader of daimons has shown himself. He called himself 'Overlord' and his lieutenants appeared from the four corners of the continent. They were called 'Nightfalls' of the East, West, South, and North. NotS (Nightfall of the South) attacked Riombara, NotE attacked Fronen but soon changed his/her direction to the south to fight Enweil, and NotN attacked Thalmarkin but was quickly defeated by the allied armies of Thalmarkin and Melhed. NofW attacked Nothoi and won a battle on an open field but was defeated in the capital of Nothoi.

After some 'light' skirmishes, Overlord sent an ultimatum to all rulers of the continent. Enweil responded last and due to this the Overlord and most of his generals began what they promised to be the complete subjugation of humanity by marching against Enweil.

Overlord and most of his TLs gathered in Piwani. Midnight of the South however foolishly attacked Enweilieos, which lost him his army and made him run to his master for his life. Nightfall of the East came to save him in Ulallo but soon retreated once the main armies of Riombara, Enweil and IVF arrived in the region. The allied army of the South attacked Piwani with Fronen and crushed about 10k CS daimons but most of the daimons escaped to other regions just before the attack. Overlord himself moved to Ketampkin so the allied army chased him in hoping to defeat him once and for all. But this was a grave mistake as Overlord vanished just before the attack. But the daimons, even without their master, was a force to reckon with. The daimons in Ketampkin were more cunning, faster and stronger than any other type of daimons faced by humans. These daimons broke the heavy infantry lines and massacred archers. The allied army lost over half of its strength in one single battle. They have only managed to kill off 100 or so daimons while hundreds of humans lost their lives.

Overlord reappeared in Fwuvoghor, crushing what little humans defending the city then moved to Villriil to finish what he began with his TLs. Villriil fell after three days of occupation and Overlord began to move towards west to attack Fengen. Without knowing his plan, Enweil moved towards south to take two rogue regions. This move actually spared Enweil's army from being completely destroyed. Riombara and Enweil decided to gather in Enweilieos and take back Fengen from there.

A couple days later, Enweil/Riombara attacked Gorin and defeated Midnight of the North who was leading weak daimon archers (teeth weavers). After hours of battle, the allied army managed to wound Midnight of the North and crush his army.

Overlord decided to attack the heart of Enweil to lower the morale of humans. Humans were rejoicing their victories in Fengen when they heard the news of a large daimon armies fastly approaching the city. Field Marshal Selis ordered an immediate evacuation of the city. A small number of people stayed behind to either defend their homeland or was too drunk to leave but the most managed to make their ways to Gorin. The armies of the north gathered in Ulallo within several days to fight Nightfall of the East and the West. The allied human armies defeated daimons and decided to take on Overlord himself. Just before they began the attack of the city, Overlord used his magic to escape while leaving his daimons behind. Overlord quickly sent out letters to human rulers on his desperate attempt to make humans fight among each other but it failed as no human would listen to a daimon. The allied armies' attack on Fengen failed as over 5k did not attack the city from Ulallo. But when those units in Ulallo finally attacked the daimons, humans emerged victorious.

Soon after the victory of Fengen, Overlord gathered over 130 000 CS (230 men total) to attack Piwani. It was one of the biggest army led by a single entity on Beluaterra. But Overlord's army started to show their weakness under sunlights as they disintegrated quickly. With only two or three days, Overlord's 130 k CS army was reduced to only 60 k CS.

After the northern army (mainly Sint and some nobles from Fronen and Nothoi) fought Overlord in Ulallo, his true CS was revealed. He did not even have one third of what our scouts have reported. He was defeated three battles in a row in Ulallo even after calling his lieutenants. Even though humanity emerged victorious against daimons in Ulallo, humanity failed to recover Piwani and the region was blighted within days.

With Piwani under the influence of daimons, the north and south of the continent were cut offed. The south was under heavy assults from Overlord and his two other lieutenants while the north was dealing with the rest of Overlord's troopleaders. As soon as Overlord finished the TO of Gorin, Riombara and Enweil attacked him. The allied armies managed to defeat Overlord's daimon units and wound him but they couldn't defeat Midnight in the first battle. However, Midnight was defeated during the second battle and Duke Handkor began a TO of Gorin.

A half day later, Overlord stormed Gorin with another Midnight who was attacking the north just a day ago. Armies of Enweil and Riombara were destroyed. After destroying the human armies, One of the Midnights attacked Fengen but failed to breach the walls. The walls finally crumbled when Overlord himself came to the capital of Enweil. With the loss of the capital city to recruit from, Enweil could not reinforce their mobile army anymore. Field Marshal Selis ordered the remaining units to gather in Rummannen for a TO in order to delay Overlord and his daimons from destroying Enweil quickly.

Within a couple days, Overlord and his TLs took Wheling, Cjelorg, and Yncaalo. Nightfall of the East and two other Midnights (Midnight of the West and Midnight of the South) attacked Lopa to blight Enweilieos without taking the region. Riombara could not overcome the daimon armies and had to retreat from the region. The region was taken by daimons quickly and the blight started to close on the city of Enweilieos.

Finally on Feb 16, the blight claimed the city of Enweilieos and ended Enweil.

(I have paused my character as Enweilieos fell. Hope someone else can continue with the story - Stinkoldmen)

The Ultimatum of the Overlord

Message sent to the human rulers of Beluaterra (9 recipients)

Your time for deliberation has ended. My sons report no success in their quest, just like I told them. To prove my point with certainty and laugh at them when they return, I am taking their idea up once, and only this once:

I am offering every realm that is willing to accept the Daimon Dominion as the true and justified rulers of this world a peaceful co-existence. Send your oath of fealty and you shall be spared.

Everyone who does not will see their lands burned down, their people enslaved and their souls ripped apart as we feed the soulforges with them.

You should haste with a reply, even if your reply is the stupidity I expect from your inferior race. For the last realm to reply will be the first one to be destroyed. By your actions, you choose your doom.


Second Ultimatum of the Overlord

Message sent to the human rulers of Beluaterra (9 recipients) (January 8th)
You unworthy fools can not even put up a proper fight. That sorry excuse for an army is what you think will defend you against the Netherworld itself?

As I said, it is time to change the rules. Here is how this will play out:

I am in Zuhle with an actual army. Go on, send your scouts. My minions are in Thromegor and Fikman, with smaller armies. Go on, send your scouts.

No, I am not accepting your surrender once you've read the scout reports. You are not worthy of even slavery, much less the honour of being a conquered race.

But, I am willing to make one exception. I said Enweil will be destroyed. I did not say I would necessarily do it myself. So here is the change of rules:

The realm that takes Enweil's last region will be spared. Entirely. I will grant them peace and ignore them. This is your one and only chance to remain unscathed.

For everyone else: I will enjoy the terror the true power of the Netherworld strikes into your hearts for a short while, and then crush you like the bugs you are. Though it would, of course, be unfair to first challenge you to destroy Enweil for me and then pound on you. So those who go to war with Enweil will get their chance to prove their worth, and I will destroy everyone else first. But remember: Only those who take the last region of Enweil will get a peace offer, all others only get a limited time to make use of the opportunity.


Overlord's letter to the Northern realms

Message sent to the Rulers of Beluaterra (Jan 31st)

As I am sure your southern brothers don't give you all the bad news, let me announce that the north will soon get its turn. Down here, we are pretty much done. My armies sit in the capital of Enweil and will soon add it to the Dominion. The armies of the south are scattered and devastated and won't be able to stop me. That other realm nearby will be losing its former capital city to the Blight within a few days, leaving them with a capital still damaged from our last visit. And the island realm has but a thin connection to everything else, one that I could sever whenever I want to.

Now, once Enweil is destroyed, as promised, where should I turn my armies next? It may well be that one of the two other realms down here decides to take advantage of my offer and helps wiping Enweil off the map, which would mean they survive. But all that is academic for you in the north.

I will play another game. This time, it works the other way around. The first realm to harm any of my minions or sons will be selected for an orgy of destruction. Bodies will litter your fields and blood will fill your rivers. My main army is still waiting to be deployed, I don't need it to finish off these pathetic losers down here, which means you will get the full experience.

Glorious death or smart survival in shame? What will you choose? Or will you try to buy yourself time? How?

Oh, and I do have a special offer for these northerlings who claim to worship a Daimon. You can stop making excuses. My sons have studied your religion, and had a good laugh. You misrepresent the Netherworld because you think it works just like your own sorry race. But Daimons do not fight amongst themselves, nor do they betray each other or even disagree. Your god is on my side or he would not be a Daimon. Acknowledge the truth and we may find a place for you in the Dominion. Refuse the truth and I will bring it to your subjects instead. And you will face your god much sooner than you like to - and he will push you into the Soulforges himself.

You have three days.


War in the North

Despite Overlord's threat to focus on the first realm to harm one of his sons, the first Daimon offensive against the north was disjointed. Darkest Hour of the North briefly overran Agyr and Vur Hagin, but was his army was crushed by a joint counter-attack by the northern realms. Overlord himself and Nightfall of the East joined the attack along with Darkest Hour of the North's new force, but this second wave was destroyed in the mountains of Nothoi. While the northern realms enjoyed a number of advantages over the south, rumours began to spread that the Daimons were weakening.

In response to the northern victories, the Daimons began sending infiltrators and priests from amongst their peasant followers; many were captured, tortured and executed. Even more disturbingly, thousands of slaves, including children, were driven into battle by the Daimons.

Defeat of Overlord

Roleplay from Overlord (40 minutes ago)

Message sent to the Rulers of Beluaterra (8 recipients)


How could you destroy my mortal shell, when I was feasting on your peasants. Thousands have died at my hand, I should have been immortal. The field of battle is yours, humans. And yet you will suffer. The gates are closing, but with them your chance to salvage what is left of your lands. You already know you need to slay my minions to break open the Blight, and the Blight Daimons to drive it back. You knew that and yet you did not act on it. Now the clock is ticking. When the gates are sealed, the Blight will be stabilized.

It is said it takes 30 days to seal the gates. Whatever you have not managed to free by then will be forever lost to your race and dragged into the Netherworld for all eternity.

Additional Resources

Further readings can be found at the following. (Links and further organization to be added later.)

Types of Daimons


Daemon Worship

With what little information we have at the moment, it does not require the presence of one of the three priests to spread the religion. It is spreading slowly but it is indeed spreading without anyone preaching in regions.

Known Priests so far (Sighted)

The Sons are Daimons but may appear human. The others listed here are humans serving the Daimons. The Sons are capable of using magic.

1st Son - First spotted in Enweil and Riombara - Priest, Infiltrator (Executed in Vur Hagin on Feb 12th)

2nd Son - First spotted in Thalmarkin and Melhed (Executed in Vur Hagin on Feb 18th)

3rd Son - First spotted in Sint (Executed Jan 26th in Agyr)

4th Son - First spotted in Fronen. Appeared after 3rd Son was killed. (Executed in Enweilieos on Feb 16th)

5th Son - First spotted in Fronen. Appeared after 1st Son was killed. (Executed in Vur Hagin on Feb 17th)

6th Son - First spotted in IVF. Executed in Fheuvenem on Feb 22th)

7th Son - dead

8th Son - First spotted in Riombara. (Executed Feb 25th in Grehk)

9th Son - dead

10th Son - dead

Other Daimon Worshipers: Alberta Byatt, David Holder, Devon Hoffenberg, Eric Journey, James Haynes, Jeanette Martinez, Laurie Platt, Melissa Hornbeam, Stephen McGregor, Marvin Wilmot, Christine Barnes, Glen Singleton, Ethan Holman, Gary Rouget, Ashley Dunmore, Gordon Bartlett dead

Daimons Spotted

Daimons leaders can use magic! Caution should be the first response to seeing their leaders. The Daimons appear to be able to use magic to exaggerate the strength of their troops by at least 2-3 times their actual strength.

'Overlord' - Netherworld Daimonlord. Drove messengers sent by other leaders mad. The creature seems to be ruthless. <Death Confirmed> Killed in Action in Unger, Thalmarkin.

'Nightfall of the East' - Netherworld troopleader. First spotted in Tey Gren leading 70 daimons, Dec 1, 1011.

'Nightfall of the North' - Netherworld troopleader. First spotted in Wailing Wood leading 100 daimons of roughly 5800 CS, Dec 2, 1011. <Death Confirmed> Executed by Melhed.

'Nightfall of the South' - Netherworld troopleader. First spotted in Glongin leading 80 daimons of roughly 5500 CS, Dec 3rd, 1011. <Death Confirmed> Killed by Riombara in Avengmil, December 1011

'Nightfall of the West' - Netherworld troopleader. First spotted leading 120 daimons in Naraka, Dec 06 1011. <Death Confirmed> Executed by Melhed

'Midnight of the East' - First appeared after Nightfall of the East was killed.

'Midnight of the North' - Netherworld troopleader replacing Nightfall of the North after Nightfall was executed in Melhed. Killed in battle by a militia unit in Firbalt, Jan 14th.

'Midnight of the South' - Netherworld troopleader replacing Nightfall of the South was spotted in Lopa on Dec 17th. <Death Confirmed> Killed in Ardmore by Riombara, June 1012

'Midnight of the West' - Netherworld troopleader replacing Nightfall of the West. Attacked Dyomoque from the blight from where he proceeded to Tindle. Jan 14th

'Darkest Hour of the North' - Netherworld troopleader replacing Midnight of the North. Attacked Sint from just the north of Firebalt. Jan 16th Killed in a battle. After his death, the blight weakened.

'Darkest Hour of the West' - Netherworld troopleader replacing Midnight of the West. Killed in Jedinchel on May 19th. Was wounded in the battle by Sir Gaius Germanicus of Nothoi and slain by Lady Rila a hero of Thalmarkin. The blight weakened in Western Beluaterra after his death.

'Darkest Hour of the East'

'Darkest Hour of the South' - sighted in Rueffilo June 1012<Death Confirmed> Killed in Action in Riombara.

'Blight Daimon' - A Daimon troopleader who appeared in May. Was captured and executed in Unger on May 19th.

Local Accounts


The Commencement of War

Reeds started off the fifth invasion supporting a military which was rapidly expanding, but within her bowls lurked the rotting hand of Tonkotsu and Duke Solip's vile laboritory. He was convinced that this invasion would be his chance to resurrect his God-Queen and so anxiously awaited the Netherworld's March. As their were rumours both they and the Undead could manipulate the planes of life and death, he kept quite about the events and letters and set to preparing himself for his own journey once the blight was broken near Reeds.

The news from Reeds in Early December, letter from a Priest

In early December, a priest sent a letter received in Reeds, and passed among the nobles of Nothoi. To read the letter: read the letter


A Call for Unification

At the signs of the first Daimons, Consul Soren of Melhed, called for the stop of wars and the unification of humanity against the Daimon threat. This was met with resounding agreement, though it is difficult to set aside differences. Humanity might actually work together for once.


The court received a letter regarding a peasant diary, leading to guesses around the existence of survivors within the blight that allegedly can be trespassed by humans somehow. read the letter


Torture Report of a peasant. read the report

Summary (by Dunbor Lorganson, Duke of Unger)

in the past few invasions, we have gotten familiar with the daimons and their forces. Last invasion, our continent served as a battleground between the monster hordes, the undead legions and the daimonic forces. All of humanity on this continent was threatened with destruction, but due to fierce fighting, the magic of the Servants of the Light and the appearance of the Archons, we survived. Out of all surviving realms, our Kingdom was the only one that did not bow. Others surrendered or even worse, allied with the invaders to ensure their survival or for whatever other reason. When their forces had finally all disappeared, their shadow still lay across vast stretches of land. It is there that they fought eachother and the daimons emerged victorious, starting the invasion of our continent.

But this time, it seems that all human realms stand united. And it is indeed as Lady Annaej has said: Overlord has stated he wants to enslave all of humanity or use us a fuel for his soulforge (whatever that may be). Either way, these daimons can be killed and our intent is to do just that. I personally wounded the Nightfall of the North in the battle of Wailing Wood where we solidly defeated his army and then chased him back into the blight. Later on we fought together with Melhed and aided in his capture, he was subsequently executed in Agyr. In Riombara, the Nightfall of the South was killed in battle.

After these first casualties the Overlord made the announcement to the rulers that we could choose between enslavement or death, the last one to reply would be the first one to die, he said. Then he tricked us into believing Old Grehk was the last one while in fact it was Enweil. The fools thought Overlord simply forgot them and didn't say anything while the North's armies gathered in defense of Old Grehk. When all of the armies were gathered, he went back into the blight and attacked Enweil a day later. Sending the Midnight of the North after us. The united armies of the North than chased him out of our lands (after he had unsuccessfully besieged Unger) and to the South until we could no longer follow.

Enweil, IVF and Riombara have now won a battle against the daimons, but lost more. We are gathering our armies to march South in their aid. In the mean time, it seems they're trying to cut off the North from the South. Zuhle has been blighted yesterday.

It was the 1st Son (a daimonic priest and son of Overlord) who warned us of this and told us we'd need to activiate 8 portal stones to stop it from happening. I'm not sure if those were actually gathered, but either way, we were too late. There is a lot of distrust towards the Sons and I wouldn't trust them myself. However their warning seems to have been justified and I think that we might want to try and cautiously cooperate with them in the future.

Northern Alliance

An Oath by the Bridge

King Fingolfin, King Michael, and Consul Soren all met in Yipinalke to reaffirm their alliances and pledge to stand together against the might of any threat. Gifts were given in the form of the Elemental Compendium of the Undead, which was gifted to King Fingolfin, and the Longsword of Daemonslaying which was given to King Michael by the Consul. Soren himself, swore on his Gem of Fire.

Newly Blighted Lands

The Blight was not finished spreading, as even more regions were overcome by the Blight during the Fifth Invasion. The following are descriptions of events that led to the Blight's presence in regions according to chronological order.

The Blighting of Tey Gren

Dark clouds are suddenly closing in, apparently from all around you. The sky is blacked out within a few hours, and breathing becomes difficult. The darkness is getting ever thicker...

The Blighting of Villriil

A huge tower of light suddenly shoots skywards from somewhere within Villriil. It illuminates the landscape, despite the early hours. Bright and strong, it looks like a beacon of hope, reminding some of you of the Temples of Light. The column of light stands there, pulsing and moving ever upwards. Up and... away. After a short while you feel something like a current all around. It seems to attract light and hope and good. Attract and... swallow. The beam grows pale, slightly darker as it swallows more and more of the light around, sucking away hope and energy. It darkens as the Light is moved out of this world. You feel the current strongly now, sucking on you. When you look again, the sky has begun to go dark. You are having difficulty breathing. You realize that the Blight is closing in, and the beam of light - has gone.

The Initial Blighting of Iato

You notice that the Blight appears to be moving closer. Some peasants are beginning to notice the same, but the guards shut them up to prevent a panic.

Iato Succumbs to the Blight

The Blight is closing fast around the city of Iato now. The peasants are in panic as the darkness moves in - and then swallows it whole.

The Blight Swallows Fengen

A series of decisive victories for the Overlord and his minions have peaked in Fengen. The ancient capital of Enweil has first been overrun by Overlord's legions, and few days afterwards the great darkness came with the northern wind, thusly turning Fengen into a shade for eternity.

The Blighting of Enweilieos

Black clouds are moving in from the sea as the morning sun rises. They reach the harbor, and swallow the first ships and piers. Screams of indescribable pain wake the city as slowly, more and more of the harbor vanishes into the darkness. As the clouds hit land, panic spreads throughout the streets of Enweilios. The darkness crawls forth like fog of black, at a lazy walking speed, but without stopping. It swallows the first seaside buildings and the air is filled with screams of pain and fear. Peasants scrambled towards the still-locked gates of the city. Panic ensues and many are trampled dead before the gates are opened and the people of Enweilios flee into the countryside. Those who don't flee - and many don't, as they can not see the reason of the panic from their west- or southwards facing windows - disappear into the darkness.

Blight lifting from Enweilieos

The dark clouds that are covering the city of Enweilieos are slowly lifting, drifting out to see or washing away. The city is not yet visible again, but word all around is that the clouds are moving back. (Feb 28th)

Other regions blighted

In addition to the regions listed above, Zuhle, Piwani, Ulallo, and Gorin have all fallen into darkness.