Joppo (Realm)

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The realm of Joppo was a theocracy realm located in the city of Joppo, Beluaterra. Joppo came into being as a result of a Meshian secession, taking three regions neighbouring the duchy with it. Although the realm was founded as a theocracy, the religion Joppo professed to follow was always unclear.

Eventually, Joppo was destroyed not as a result of hostile realms but due to the wrath of the gods in raising massive swarms of Undead and Monsters in the area. It was only after Joppo had been broken by the monsters and undead and over half their population starved and eaten that Mesh could eventually retake control of it's rogue duchy. It is likely that the damage from the secession and subsequent unseemly hordes could see the former Joppon regions take months to recover.

More information is located at The Ravaging Horde of Joppo.