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The High Father's Valentic Order of Knights

Dedicated to the Highfather, Komar, and the freedom of all Souls

The Knights of The Valentic Order are the best trained and disciplined fighters in the world. They are famous and easily recognized, usually wearing a distinct golden cape, with a red crown or cross emblazoned above the heart or on the chest, to signify their devotion to Komar. Joining this Order requires piety, obedience, and courage. For the warriors of The Valentic Order, there is a cardinal rule of never surrendering, with the understanding that if they were to die in battle, their entry into the Vale of the Highfather is assured. Their goal is to free all Souls from the influences of the Betrayers, and restore the World to the way the Highfather wished.

By our hands Culture and Civilization will spread; by our deeds the Souls are freed from the Betrayers. Go forth and make The World as the Highfather wished.

The Religion of the Highfather

The following account has been taken directly from The Scrolls of the Vale, our sacred texts. It describes how our World came into existence, and the initial conflict that caused the Age of Strife to begin.

Deities of The Valentic Order

The Loyal Ancients and The Betrayers, and how they are at work in our world today.

Principles and Teachings of The Valentic Order

All members of this Knightly Order are devoted to the service of The Highfather and the loyal Ancients, and are required to strictly adhere to these beliefs and teachings. Be sure to familiarize yourself with them before joining.

Concerning Other Religions

The Valentic Order's View on Other Religions can be found here.

Current Objectives

  • Priests: If you head into any non-Valentic following lord's region, please ask permission of the lord before you begin preaching to his/her peasants. Also read our temple's internal boards for more information.
  • We are in need of more priests to continue our expansion and bring our faith and help to the entire continent. Speak with Darrin if you are interested in becoming a man/woman of the cloth.

Attention, Region Lords & Rulers of Beluaterra!!

The Valentic Order is committed to the preservation and advancement of humanity. As such, we freely offer the services of our nobles to you. They will gladly assist you with Civil Work, Police Work, and Bureaucratic Work. Having trouble with a religion we consider to be "Evil"? We'll be happy to send Knights & Infiltrators to help fight them off!

Stop by one of our temples and leave a letter for the Senior Members if you are interested. We look forward to helping as many of our fellow Souls as we possibly can!

Decline and Fall

Despite at one point reaching across great swathes of northern and western Beluaterra, holding influence in several realms, the Valentic Order recently disbanded after a long decline. Although once having many great and rich holdings in Heen, Thalmarkin, Melhed, Mesh and Bara'Khur the old heartlands of the Valentic Order were eroded and worn away by other faiths and the loss of committed noble followers in those areas. In the end, the remaining noble followers of the Valentic Order numbered only a dozen or so and they mostly belonged to Bara'Khur. (Its home realm, Valentia, having been destroyed by demons and one of Beluaterra's many invasion events)

Although the Valentic Order retained a vast and impressive infrastructure, even to the end, there was widespread disillusionment within the faith at the disappearance of Archbishop Darrin and the subsequent rise of Bishop Pietro. During the course of a war between Hetland and Bara'Khur, Pietro used the Valentic peasantry to lift himself to lordship in several contested regions during a war human realms faced against Tom's demon controlled realm, succeeding with greater results than most armies accomplished.

When Bishop Pietro eventually disappeared himself during the Hetland-Bara'Khur war, the Order was left bereft of any priestly guidance. By then the Valentic Order had been so highly politicised that none among the remaining nobles cared to take priestly rites for the preservation of the faith. Thus the Valentic Order finally collapsed in quiet ignominy on the 12th January 2010.

(ooc: This sounds all fine and dandy, making a nice story. Not sure who wrote the above, there are some errors. Though I can tell you, as player of Pietro, that I went on leave for one week and could not log on, then the character auto-paused. Since it was the only priest within the order the faith and all its influence auto-disbanded the next turn. Pietro had no lands, and no faith support anywhere, it was wiped from regions, big void. Would have needed to take a region again to reform the faith(unlike a guild where you can instantly resume leadership again). Years of work lost and and so I stopped bothering then shortly after stopped playing as well until a number of years later when I started missing the game again. Found that old Of Arc Family and all characters were lost or deleted for inactivity completely and reformed the Voogt family.)

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The Valentic Order
Continent / Island Beluaterra-based
Main Temple Unger, (closed)
Other Temples

Apokh | small temple (3)
Dyomoque | medium temple (4)
Gaxano | small shack (1)
Hcallow | small shack (1)
Iknopata | primitive temple (2)
Ippetimbal | primitive temple (2)
Latlan | small temple (3)
Ling | small shack (1)
Pel Mark | small shack (1)
Reeds | small temple (3)
Tahgalez | primitive temple (2)
Tindle | small shack (1)
Tor | small temple (3)
Verdomite | small temple (3)
Watersdown | small shack (1)
Wudenkin | large temple (5)

Shrine Numbers ca. ?
Congregation ca. 23 nobles, ca. 83600 peasants