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The founding of the Kingdom

The Kingdom of Alluran was formed on December 5, 2006, when Duke Distorted seceded the city of Eno from Luz de Bia. The regions of Brovyl and Xween followed the city in the secession.

After establishing the realm, King Distorted abdicated his throne to dedicate himself to the life of a priest for the religion of Alluran. The following elections raised Dimian Indirik to the throne. His ascension to the throne was marred by the immediate discovery of three spies planted in their midst by their eastern neighbor Irombrozia. The spies were quickly unmasked, resulting in a full confession. The spies were run out of the Kingdom, returning to Irombrozia.

The War Intensifies

After the spies episode was settled, the lands of Alluran were invaded by a force from Luz de Bia and their allies of Enweil. They managed to complete a successful TO of Brovyl before heading back north to battle Riombara and attempt to take back some of their recently lost lands. The army of Alluran quickly moved in and recaptured Brovyl.

The following months resulted in much war and bloodshed. Regions were lost and gained, and many brave soldiers died on all sides. After several campaigns, an informal nonaggression pact was reached with Irombrozia. This allowed the Kingdom to focus fully on the war with Luz de Bia.

A Peace Refused

After the Kingdom of Alluran recaptured and solidified its hold on Brovyl, the realms of the Kingdom of Alluran and Riombara offered a peace treaty to Luz de Bia. They refused, citing a desire to continue to aid their ally Irombrozia, who was specifically excluded from the treaty. With the war prolonged the Kingdom of Alluran rapidly advanced on Luz de Bia. The city of Eylmon, disillusioned with Luz de Bian leadership in refusing the peace treaty, seceded to form the realm of Caras Galadhon. The Kingdom of Alluran took the region of Epinotke from Luz de Bia. After a few bitter batter battles in Elloranaal, on the very doorstep of the capital of Luz de Bia, the armies of the Kingdom of Alluran turned south and captured the region of Ovujemeh from Luz de Bia.

The Coming of the Necromancer

Within days of capturing Ovujemeh a group of enigmatic persons appeared in Mio Dupaki. They claimed to be the Necromancer's Servants and lead bands of several hundred undead creatures. Fearing another massive invasion of undead armies, realms across the island moved to bring about the end of wars to prepare for the coming invasion.



The Kingdom of Alluran has a traditional hierarchy system where knights are sworn to regional lords who are aligned to a duke or duchess. The king sits at the top of the hierarchy with the government positions directly below. No noble may hold more than one position within the hierarchy. In addition all landed nobles are given a seat in the kings outer council.

Duchy of Eno

The Duchy of Eno encompasses the following regions:

Duchy of Jidington

The Duchy of Jidington encompasses the following regions:

Imperial Regions


Terms and conditions of ceasefire agreements and peace treaties are stored here for referral at a future date.


The realm was founded based on the religion of Alluran, as such a great portion of the realm believes in this faith. Other religions are accepted within the realm so long as those religions do the same with ours.


The Armies are lead by the High Marshal along with his advisers. There are currently two main armies in the Kingdom, both of which play an important role, as well as a Buro Corp.

Thorns of the White Rose

Founder:Lady Annaej Urominiel Marshal:Lady Annaej Urominiel
Description: ( this is here as an example, more on army descriptions as the purpose of the armies becomes more defined)

Alluran Guard

Founder:holder Marshal:Lord Arace Grimstone
Description: ( this is here as an example, more on army descriptions as the purpose of the armies becomes more defined)

Bureau of Domestic Affairs

Founder:Lord Distorted Psych Marshal:Lord Distorted Psych
Description: ( this is here as an example, more on army descriptions as the purpose of the armies becomes more defined)

Former Armies


Medals and Ribbons

The Kingdom of Alluran awards medals and ribbons to its nobles in recognition of their service and dedication to the realm.