Enchanted Hammer of Betrayal

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Type Weapon
Discovered By Dalan Quasath
Discovery Date December 7 2008
Discovery Location Beluaterra
Abilities (unknown)
Current Owner Zul'Jin II Stormreaver

The sixth item of power found by Dalan.

He took it from a powerful beast whose small size tricked many a foe. Lithe and devilishly quick, the small horned creature used the forest to its advantage. Thinking fast, Dalan used nails and rope to eventually trap the lightning devil, and killed it with one sword thrust.

The hammer is exceptionally powerful and in pristine condition. The evil runes that adorn it may frighten the weak, but are an intoxicating lure for the mighty.

Found on 1008/12/07.

Noble Owners

It was seen being used by Zul'Jin II Stormreaver in battle.