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The Northern Kingdom of Thalmarkin
Flag of Thalmarkin


Largest City


Located on::Beluaterra

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Queen Baelunìataisharà Blue


Skalros Vurkow {{#set: has general::Skalros}}

Athena Leather {{#set: has judge::Athena}}
Anyte Luitolf {{#set: has banker::Anyte}}

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Thalmarkin was formed as a joint colony between Old Grehk and Riombara (26 October 2005).

Located in the far north of Beluaterra, life in Thalmarkin is a harsh one. Our frigid wastelands are not a friendly sight to the wandering traveler, but we still welcome every troopleader that decides to join Thalmarkin.



We are currently have an alliance with Gotland.


We are currently fighting Calent, Nothoi, Angmar, Obia'Syela, and Shattered Vales.

Old History

After returning from the tournament in Athol Margos, Riombara, we have continued to wipe out monsters and undead from our lands with the assistance of Old Grehk, Valentia, and Melhed. Unfortunately, it seems that for every monster we kill, two more spring up in its place. Population levels in our regions are still increasing with new births and arrivals of immigrants, but production is still quite low in the city of Sandefur and the stronghold of Nuzanki. The repair and recruitment centers in Nuzanki have fallen apart, causing Eldo, the Duke of Nuzanki, to build a new infantry recruitment center with gold drawn from the Sungard guildhouse in Nuzanki. In the meantime, we have also managed to take the regions of Oepiud and Coness.

New History

The realm has been greatly reduced by the onslaught of the undead and half of our former lands are within what it is referred to as the Blight. However, the lands remaining are the most fertile and our nobility are gradually adapting to the better climate. In concert with our allies in Melhed we are purging our lands of the last undead army and from our new capital of Unger our armies rally and march out to do battle with the foe. We look forward to the near future when the entire land can be at peace and when the ravages of war can be repaired.

As recounted by Duke Dunbor Lorganson on the 8th december of the year 1015: A Thalmar History



All guild houses have been lost inside the Blight but once peace is restored they will be rebuilt, more glorious than ever. To remind us of what has been lost, a record of the former guild houses and their locations is preserved below:

The Order of the Golden Feather

The Flying Bear

"Chancellors Keep" - A guild to stock money for good purposes.

  • Size 1 Guildhouse in Sandefur

Amulet of Yendor - A guild for the adventurers of Thalmarkin.

  • Guildhouse in Sandefur