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The Eagles of Hope

Basic Information

  • Sponsor: Dunbor Lorganson
  • Marshal: Red Marlboro
  • Vice-Marshal: Demund Selius
  • Members:


To achieve battlefield supremacy whenever and wherever the King demands it.

Modus Operandi

The Eagles of Hope are known for their rapid deployments and high level of coordination. Eagle-bone whistles sound the cry of a descending bird of prey to signal their charges.


  • The stalwart defense of Unger against the Overlord of the Netherworld, despite bitter losses including two heroic Vice-Marshals and several other legendary figures.
  • The defeat of Melhed in the War of Ice and Sun
  • Lots of other great stuff, you know nothing Jonn Snow!

Previous Commanders

Anita Tyr-Sog (First Marshal), Cataryna Bowker, Annaej Urominiel (KIA), Benedicta Marlboro (KIA), Barbara Thunderwood, Bergelmir Crownguard, Georg Vanyard, Demund Selius, Althalos Lanyon