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Priests and Council of Eretzism

Founder - screndt2
Council of Air - Lisa
Oracle of the Sky - Detinu
Acolyte of the Sky - Cid

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Eretzism Spread

Avatar Contact

Eretzism is a religion founded by screndt2 Faracan in Fheuvenem. It is actually a millenia-old religion that had all its few followers wiped out. These followers lived in a village by the name of Khistray, just northeast of Fheuvenem city proper. They were wiped out by the forces of Old Grehk when they looted and killed everyone in the village.

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BREAKING NEWS! Detinu Contacted by an Avatar in Ulallo!


Not much is known about the makeup of the higher power(s). At times, avatars are sent to interact with the people and recently Laceus, the avatar who contacted Detinu, has spoken of Mother Nature and her wish to destroy evil. The avatars have never explained if Mother Nature is an actual God in the form of a living being as we would recognize, or if Mother Nature is more a name to symbolize the environment.

Every path set forth for us is, if not always clear, never counteracted by another manifestation of the higher power(s). This has always been the cornerstone of the arguments saying that the higher power(s) is a single being.

Who are the Avatars?

They have been studied and philosophised over for millenia and many ideas have been put forth regarding them. There have been many tomes written about the different possibilities, one of the more interesting ideas is that they are separate entities whose thoughts are shared amongst each other at all times. This then raises the question of whether we would even consider them separate beings at all. Which then brings the question of the importance of the physical vs the mental to the forefront. This text should by no means imply that this is the leading explanation or any closer to the truth than the others. It is simply a statement regarding one of the more interesting and thought-provoking theories.

Although their true composition is unknown, it is known that if they are more than a single entity, there are no battles or strife between them.

Another thing that is known about the Avatars is that they are protective of the World. Throughout the ages, they made their best attempt to protect Mother Nature from the Cataclysms and gave their powers to the realms that agreed with their beliefs, the ones they thought would give the World its best chance at surviving, or even eliminating, the next Cataclysm.

Views of Other Religions

Qyrvaggism - Evil. Their constant harm to the environment, Mother Nature, followers of Eretzism and other religions are harming the ability to eliminate evil in this world.

Omniovoism - Misguided/Variation. The followers of Omniovoism believe in Knowledge and Honour. Great features of life. They also follow the belief that nature must be protected. However, rather than focusing on Mother Nature, they choose to believe in an "egg". They also report seeing 'nymphs' in the forest. These may actually be Avatars across the land, I will try and find out more.

As I continue my research, more will be posted. - Detinu


Prayers must be given at least thrice daily. Once before midday, once between dawn and dusk (and, of course, after first prayers) and once after sundown but before dawn. It is worthy to do things both at their first opportunity and at a time of beauty. As such, it is best to perform first prayers so that they end at the setting of the sun and second prayers can be said at the next breath. The same can be done for second and third prayers (though not on the same day) at the time of sunset.

The prayers themselves consist mostly of hymns and songs lauding the beauty of the world. Some of them are as ancient as the mountains they extoll. Some are as fleeting as the butterflies they praise. Most are variable and change over time. As one becomes more proficient, new prayers seem to erupt from one's mouth no matter one's innate proficiency with poetry. A large part of the prayers is also physical. Using dance to enhance the words has always been a large part of the religion and remains so to this day. One sometimes enters a trance during the prayers which brings one closer to the realm of the higher power(s).

Other prayers, on the other hand, are unchanging. One of these prayers is the Kahl'a. It is a prayer said for the dead. The prayer itself makes no mention of death or of the deceased. It is an affirmation of our faith in the World, the beauty within it and its higher power(s).

Many of the more recent prayers were penned by a member of the religion who lived some three hundred years ago, Malfian. His prayers are recited often and are often changed by the person praying to be more personal and take into account the singer's current situation and surroundings.