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The church of Hemaism is dedicated to the worship of Hemaglobe and the Dragons of Jobo. The official religion of the realm of Sint, Hemaism has grown from a minor religion in the northern wastes to one of the largest religions in Belaterra.

The banner of Hemaism is a yellow triskelion, with each branch made of a dragon (Eastern-style, rather than Western-style).


The great god Hemaglobe watches over all of his faithful, leading them to war against heretics and enemies. Under his command are not only the earthly forces of the human faithful, but also his legions of worshippers in his own reality. Leading his forces are the Dragons of Jobo, and above them his dread Lieutenants: Hastur, Nyarlathotep and the Yellow King. These forces continue their millenia-long war in their reality just as the forces of Hemaglobe fight here.

There are some followers that believe there is a hierarchy based on power and understanding of Hemaglobe which everyone must follow, including those from the Netherworld. A simplified version is this:

Followers: Nobles, daimons under the command of a daimon leader
Avatars and physical manifestations: Daimon leaders
Speakers: Elder members of the church
Lieutenants: the 2nd, 3rd, and the 4th
Pontifex of Sint: The direct link to the will of Hemaglobe
Hemaglobe: The one and only true God of Gods

This caste system is designed to ensure that the powerful Hemaglobe can carry out the role of the Great Destroyer.

The Dragons of Jobo

Their home in the far northern region of Jobo's Mouth, the Dragons of Jobo are Hemaglobe's blessed children, carrying out his will in both the Earthly realm and Hemaglobe's own. They have been granted their own powers by Hemaglobe so that they may better bring swift destruction to his enemies.

While undoubtedly many Dragons take the form of a Dragon, the title 'Dragon' simply means Hemaglobe's blessed, and is not a physical description.

The Lieutenants of Hemaglobe


One of the three dread Lieutenants, Hastur commands the armies of Aldebaran in the name of Hemaglobe.

He was the first of the Lieutenants to enter the real world and lead Sint's army for a short term. He was then called back after his military mind could do no more.

The Yellow King

The Yellow King leads the armies of Carcosa in the name of Hemaglobe.


Nyarlathotep has no single place or people to lead as his own. Instead, he takes those that have died in Hemaglobe's service, from any place or reality, so that they may serve Hemaglobe until the end of days. Those that die in our world in the name of Hemaglobe may be brought back by Nyarlathotep to fight again in the name of Hemaglobe in his reality.

History of Hemaism

The year 1006 shall not be forgotten as it was the time when the Prophet who has made the long and dangerous travel to the active volcano Jobo's Mouth heard the voice of Hemaglobe echo out loud over the red lava and hot stone. There it was that those who where driven by an inner fire discovered what it was that gave birth to those flames. Hemaglobe, all mighty god over the Dragons of Jobo, Lord of Destruction, cleaning flame of the volcano exposed His existence and since this time His believers know His name.

Starting in Jobo the believe spread and the few grew to many. Hemaism settled not only as a faith it is the word view that leads those with strong will and dedication to power and destroys those who are unworthy and pray heresy. In the second year after the events in Jobo over sixty thousand follow Hemaglobe in their service for Hemaism and the Theocracy of Sint.

Over the years the faithful grow from Jobo to the South and the East while the armies under the banner of The Destroyer make Hemaglobes name echo over the land of the infidels.

Library of the Order


                      High Priest 
    Petitioner                                 Layman


Layman With the wish to serve Hemaglobe as Priest Followers shall be promoted to this rank. Once they studied the books and know there ways around in the church, they shall advance to Acolyte and the class of Priesthood.
Acolyte Youngest among the priest, Acolytes tend to the local temples, hold their speeches in smaller communities and learn their ways from the settled in Clerics and Priests.
Cleric Members of the Priesthood who showed devotion and dedication advance to this rank to honour their believe and skills. It is their duty to bring the word of Hemaglobe to all people they can reach.
Deacon Settled in and with influence to the local government the Deacons tend to specific regions they call home. This may be a region, a duchy or a whole land. They look after the needs of their believers and shall have an eye on the infidels among the local population.
Priest Forged by the fire of believe, the hammer of the infidels and the power of the word a Priest brings the word to Him to all temples and shrines, small and giant. Masses of believers gather to hear their words once they enter a region. Guidance they provide for the Nobility and their questions they shall answer. Priest of Hemaism may not bring troops, but bloodshed shall follow where ever they are turned down.
Primarch Appointed leader of the Priesthood, chosen to watch over those who bring glory to Hemaglobe by the word this position is a unique one the High Priests govern over.


Petitioner With the wish to serve Hemaglobe this is the first step into the right direction. Devote yourself to Hemaglobe.
Devoted Accepted under the Devoted, prove the strength of your Faith. Do you turn around now, hide in a hole and hope that His anger can't find you or take the sword and carve His name into the boddies of our enemies. Make your actions noted either to the priests or in form of gold and the Faithful will welcome you.
Faithful Strong in will and skilled with the sword you are, but whom do you follow into battle? Hemaglobe or the crown? He doesn't care which infidel you slay, but those loyal to Him shall stand together against the darkness.
Dedicated Devoted towards His might, Faithful in Hemaglobe, Dedicated to the cause.
Continue this path, follow Him into battle and when you don't sway when facing the enemy, not give false promises and bring the light to the world your believe will be undoubted.
Believer True Believer.
Provost This is a position of honour for those under the Believers who impressed with their deeds and shall be a shining example to others.
Lord The duty of the Lord of Hemaism is to ensure that those following the Destroyer in the way of Nobility are strong in will and to lead them to might so all know that Hemaglobe is the only true god.

other Titles

Follower You heard the call and the word about Hemaglobe. Seeing His power and might and after a pilgrimage to the next temple you can become a Follower in faith and believe. Learn about Hemaglobe, fight in His name and choose your path to either bring enlightenment to others by the sword or the word. Choose the path of Nobility and rise to the rank of a Petitioner or state your wishes to become member of the Priesthood and be promoted to Layman till your studies are finished and you can advance.
Engineer Entrusted with the construction of new Temples or sizing existing ones, nobles in are only temporary appointed to this Rank.
Legatus Only true Believers may enter the service of the Church as Legatus and there shall only be three. Their duty is to protect the Church against heresy, infidels and false gods. They are only responsible to the High Priests and shall not be doubted by Believers of Hemaism.
Representative Stepping up to carry the word of Hemaism over the borders of the faithful lands their task is hard and challenging. Still they represent, what we aim for: unshaken believe, loyalty, truthfulness and a sword ready to slice those who oppose Hemaglobe in this plain of existence.