Grehk (Realm)

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General Location

Grehk is a lost realm which was destroyed in the first undead invasion. It's successor state, Old Grehk, has little in common with her predecessor besides the shared name.


The Discovery of the New World

Beluaterra was discovered by sea navigators. Rumors of endless lands and abundant wealth had attracted colonists from the overcrowded Old Worlds such as East Island and Atamara. Many had arrived on the southeastern tip of the vast continent. The forefathers of Grehk were in a realm located near the city of Grehk.

The Long March

At that time many realms were created in the South and keen competition on land and resources undermined growth of the early settlements. Eno Chia wanted their lands.The people of Grehk had to choose either war or join the warring realms. The Grehkian people finally decided to travel north to the uncharted and uncontested lands. They gave their land to Irombro who was merging with the Rines Republic to form Riombara. The settlers and warriors traveled for weeks. The long march was extremely harsh. Local natives and fierce beasts ambushed the settlers caravans, exposed to weather and prolonged travel has claimed many lives. Finally they arrived in Keffa, an inland city in northwestern Beluaterra. Grehk was refounded after a prolonged takeover due to unrest from the local inhabitants.

Grehkian Era

Grehk slowly expanded to a huge realm, a major power on Beluaterra. Then their first wars began. Ar Agyr was the first target I can remember. They only had Vatrona and Unger left, with Lin Helonon supporting both sides, changing alliance constantly; Grehk never managed to kill Ar Agyr. Old Grehk's creation was why the hostilities ended.

Divided Views leading to Civil War

The reason to leave Grehk was because of divided views on religion. Grehk's king believed in a certain religion and proclaimed it is the state religion. Some of the lords did not wish to follow the religion and being persecuted were forced to leave the realm.

Other reasons were that the ruler was acting as a real tyrant. Grehk was having many unwanted and lame wars against Ar Agyr (see above). When the war was in fact one big failure, some troopleaders decided to restore Grehk back to its old position. When protest wasn't enough, the founders all headed to Gethsemene and created their own realm: Old Grehk.

War with Old Grehk

After the new realm was founded, a war broke out. Old Grehk faced the armies of Fronen, Grehk, Ar Agyr, Marca de Pantera and Ashborn. Due to the spy Dopido, Old Grehk managed to keep an average of four regions. When it was clear that this would be a long war, Ar Agyr stopped sending troops and Ashborn even changed sides! There were now two alliances fighting each other: Fronen, Grehk, Marca de Pantera versus Old Grehk and Ashborn.

Grehk offered Old Grehk a peace agreement at one time. The agreement was:

  • Old Grehk and Grehk would stop hostilities immediately.
  • Old Grehk would help Grehk in their war against Ar Agyr, and later Old Grehk would move to Vatrona and Unger.
  • Grehk would send gold to aid Old Grehk.
  • Old Grehk and Grehk would join into an alliance.

This was great, if Grehk wouldn't have broken the agreement. When Old Grehk organized a tournament to celebrate the end of the war, Grehk mobilized their armies once more. Almost every Old Grehkian was on the tournament, when our spy reported that Grehk was moving their armies fast. Luckily, Tank warned Prins Simon (Duke of Gethsemene) to recruit loads of militia. So he did. It was close, very close. Old Grehk won the battle but trust there was no more. The agreement was canceled and the war continued until the first undead invasion came.

First Invasion

Grehk split up into the realms of Firbalt, Ossmat and Grehk. Only Firbalt survived the monster onslaught.

Refounding in Ancestral Lands

A small excursion headed south after the undead invasion to refound the realm in their ancestral lands. However, they eventually joined Riombara's expedition to refound Riombara and stayed in Riombara.