Имперское військо Феувьна

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Imperskoe Viys'ko iz Fheuv'na
From the shadows of the blight, we are the cleansing light
Continent / Island Beluaterra
Government System
  • Hetman
  • Yesaul
  • Mirovoy Sud'ya
  • Mirovoy Kaznatchey


Capital Iato
State Religion Reformism

The Imperial Host of Fheuv'n was founded by the secession of the duchy of Iato by Guillaume Chénier from Enweil on the 5th of august 2011, briefly following the many declarations of war that followed the fourth invasion.

Officially a theocracy preaching the manifest destiny and supremacy of the Enweili people, it operated as an imperial republic, with the government positions being elected by the lords as representatives of their regions. The doctrine held all realms stemming, directly or indirectly, from Enweilieos as being Enweili, and thus considered many of the continent's current and past realms as being Enweili, such as : Enweil, Nothoi, Avalon, Mesh, Bara'Khur, the new Fronen, Xerolco, Fheuv'n, Plergoth, Khthon, and more.

Although it was intended for Fheuvenem to join the secession, before it occured, Fheuv'n did not acquire it until much later in the invasion, where it took it over from the daimons before having its own capital of Iato taken by the blight.

Hetman Guillaume Chénier ruled the realm for most of its history. In its later days, tensions grew between him and his then right-hand man, Mirovoy Sud'ya Marec, as the later refused to execute the daimon priest that had been captured and indeed started accusing Guillaume of being working for them. As government elections were based on lordships, Marec was then able to take power for himself, as he had bribed his way into dukeship and the daimons had taken away almost all of the rest of the realm's regions, leaving him as one of the few remaining voters and the one with the most weight. Shortly after, the realm crumbled and the daimons took the pieces over.

Ruler Bulletin

Ruler Bulletin last updated by Guillaume on 2011-08-17 22:37:25

The Imperial Host of Fheuv'n is a military republic, where the lords have full control over who will represent them to better lead our people to glory. As a military republic, we have a very strict code by which all of our officials must live by: the Creed of the Cossacks. It can be found below.


  • We will not side with an outsider against an Enweili brother.
  • We will give our lives for the quest of justice.
  • We will never assist an inhuman except if against another inhuman.
  • We will live for the glory of all Enweili people.
  • We will live and die by our oaths.
  • Our ends will justify our means.


Faith played a very important role in the founding of Fheuv'n, but does not govern the politics of the realm. Rather, it is the other way around. The Imperial Host was founded upon the belief that upon the colonization of Beluaterra, the gods have judged the new colonists and deemed the ones of Enweilieos to be the most worthy of their blessings.

They have therefore made it our divine mandate to spread our civilization to all of Beluaterra, in order to bring order and justice to all corners of the land and to lead all men to victory against the inhuman hordes.

As such, any Enweili religion that wishes to act as an agent of the government may chose to do so, for the official doctrine of the Imperial Host of Fheuv'n is Enweili Reformism, the belief that all of the Enweili faiths are facets of the true worship.

As such, one can value the tenants of Enweili Reformism while practicing the rites and traditions of the established Enweili faiths, such as by being a reformist eretz or a reformist druid.


The flag was based off the mother realm's, Enweil. The crescent and star was used to symbolize the Enweili people, and was reproduced on the various banners and flags used throughout the realm. The black bars represented the blight, as Fheuv'n was surrounded by it and always had to fight numberless undead hordes that would keep creeping out of it, and the triangle pointed towards the red band representing the blood that would be spilled in the battles to come.

Central Monument

One of the most notable monuments in Fheuv'n was the one commemorating all of those who died in battle defending their homeland, most of them against the monster hordes of Gilgamesh. A statue for each had been erected.

  • Adair Acies Dux Ducis
  • Adrubal of Carthage
  • Anise Lancastershire
  • Blenessar Arnel +
  • Borian Thierf
  • Callandor Harte +
  • Colin Langdon +
  • Crimson Garant
  • Daniel Gristwood
  • Elladan II Undomiel
  • Eoin Urishkan
  • Golrug Gellander
  • Hunter Julian +
  • Javier Dela Cruz
  • King Bourdeux
  • Masha Blatkovetchkin
  • Nicolas Chénier +
  • Pietr Castillo +
  • Raag LongHi
  • Raphael Ironsides
  • Rild Harkonnen
  • Robin Langdon
  • Theseus Titan
  • Tipa Solacesta
  • Tonkotsu Vanimedle
  • Trigius Sarracenia +
  • Valic Schumacher +

The names followed by a + were those who died in the defense of Enweil's capital against the monstrous hordes of Gilgamesh, and their monuments were particularly prestigious.